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Some Of My Paranormal Experiences


Here are some small stories of experiences that I would like to bundle in one message.

When we (my older and younger brother) were young, we went to Italy every year. As we were kids we were capable of entertaining ourselves. We liked to make our room completely dark and put my younger brother inside a very old closet. When we did that, we heard him screaming and crying. We opened the closet right away and he jumped out. There was a mirror in the closet, and he could see an old man, looking at him. He never knew if it was him at a older age or that it was a completely different man.

A few years ago, our dog died. The death of our dog had made a enormous impact on the both of us especially me. She was like a child to me which I lost. Half year later, me and my wife were sitting on the couch, we both have our own couch next to each other, and we were talking to each other and facing each other. Suddenly I saw something floating in the corner of my eye, something white and foggy (if that is the exact word) was floating from the right to the left, and then outside the balcony door. Just when I opened my mouth to tell my wife (who was talking to me), she stopped talking and looked at me, and said she saw something flowing in the room... She saw the exact same thing.

At that time we were trying to have a kid. We were really obsessed because she wouldn't get pregnant, but at the same time we were sad about the dog. We could sometimes hear her bark while we were outside the house or in our bedroom. After that experience I started to feel less sad and more happy, like she was in a good place, and that she was with us all those months but that she left... Shortly after that my wife got pregnant.

Somewhere in the 90's a good friend of mine told me this strange experience, it was raining and storming, and she was sleeping in bed.

She woke up because someone was in her room. She screamed but then that someone told her "Be careful, in a few moments you can hear a loud explosion." She hid under her blanket, and right after that she heard the lightning strike. It was in the neigbour's house and all the electronic devices in the house were broken or on fire. Her house had only a power failure.

My mother-in-law also has her share of unexplained things. A man visiting in her dreams, to say hi to her mother. When she described this man, it turned out her grandfather who was dead for many years.

She also had a picture of her mother next the her bed (her mother died a few months back). She was looking at the picture, and suddenly a hand emerged from the picture, but she couldn't move her arms or legs. At the moment she had strange electrical problems, lights that go on in her bedroom.

Last experience: again my younger brother saw something that he couldn't understand, and still frightens him when he thinks about it.

He woke up one night at the age 15 and saw someone standing in the garden looking at him. He closed his curtains and went to bed. A while later, he again saw someone standing in the garden but a little bit closer to the house. And again after that he looked in the garden and that someone was right in front of his window (on the first floor), putting his hands and his face against the window.

I asked him about this, a few days okay, and along with the face he saw in the closet, this was the scariest thing he ever saw.

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JennZ (72 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-13)
Great stories! I think the one that sounded the scariest was the man in the garden...
GreyFeather (44 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-29)
That is great how you worked all those experiences in short and clear. Good job!
Putting your brother in a closet-LOL, we used to play in our closet (it was big) as kids too. My kids used to also. It was probably something attached to the mirror that you saw. Closets are fun mysterious hideaways when we're kids, but they did get creepy after staying in awhile. It might have something to do with our brains reaction to the lack of light. Maybe since closets are usually dark they're already places for spirits to hideaway.

You having your dog around in spirit is beautiful. She probably was protecting you. Dogs are so faithful-Gotta love 'em.

Your brother seeing someone in the garden, well who wouldn't love gardens? Try to plant some lavender or jasmin by the window-keeps good in and evil out. It sounds like it was just looking.

Your family is probably predisposed to seeing spirits. You probably have more ability than that. Just use all your gifts for good. It's good you can see spirits, so they can't lurk around you and your family. Don't want bad ones causing problems. The spirits are probably attracted to your light (inside you). Just send them happiness and joy, and send them to the light above. Your family must be like a lightbug in a black sky. Spirits can't help but see you and find you. They're just being curious-new to death and all. Send them upward.

You sound like you have a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing your stories. Wishing you and yours peace and happiness.
zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-28)
Wow...a lot of stories rolled up into one. First off; I don't like the way that you boys entertained yourselves by putting the younger brother in a dark closet. Come on man, you're in Italy... Must be another way to entertain yourself. Anyway, no disrespect intended I just thought that was a bit odd however I am of the female gender and grew up with a bunch of sisters so maybe I just don't know.

As far as the dog barking, I do believe that our loved animals can make a presence just as our loved ones can. I am glad you found comfort in that and even though it might have been another dog barking, I'd like to think it was your deceased animal.

As far as your younger brother again seeing something in his window, maybe so. But could be also he has the heebie jeebie's from all the time spent in a dark closet. 😊

Good luck, zeta.

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