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I grew up in a beautiful house with my parents and 2 siblings. I've always been sensitive to spiritual activity and this house definitely had that. It all started when I was about 5 or 6 and I felt drawn to certain areas of the house. I'd spend hours playing by myself, or at least my parents thought I was.

The most vivid memory I have was waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of creaking floorboards, as if someone was sitting on a rocking chair on a bare floor. As I opened my eyes there was a figure in the corner of my room. The figure was of a man, tall, dark and creepy. I remember the feeling of deep fear, and then it vanished.

This may of been the first and last time I saw this being but it wasn't the last time I'd feel it. Me and a couple of friends that are into the paranormal decided to do a Ouija board, being young and stupid. This being came forward when we were asking questions, first pretending to be passed over relatives then changing its story here and there, and not just small details. We soon clicked on that it was playing games with us, and it seemed to be getting stronger and excited. We put an end to the Ouija board. I put up a cross in the corner of the room where I saw this being and the activity seemed to die down to just noises.

Now I believe my nephew sees this being. When I was looking after him when he was around 4 months old, he was in my bedroom and on the monitor I heard a deep voice and a loud bang, so instinctively I ran upstairs and into the bedroom where it felt like I was pushed a side and winded. I looked over at the cot and my nephew's mobile was swinging, and he was just looking up.

Two or so years later I was looking after him again and he was asleep in my bed, when I heard him screaming. When I went into the room he was huddled up in the corner of the bed against the wall staring and pointing to that corner, screaming at something. From what I remember he was saying, "Don't hurt my mummy." When I picked him up he was holding onto me so tight, and he refused to go in that bedroom for a long time afterwards.

I have since moved out of my parents', but when I go back to visit I feel a strong presence that no one else seems to feel. I'm not sure if this being is evil or if it just likes playing games, but there's one thing I know, I will never move back into my parents' house.

Thank you for reading and I'd love to know what you all think this being could be, and why or where it came from.

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forthkind (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-30)
I always feel like there is something there watching me when I visit hate going upstairs on my own its just a horrible feeling, I also feel like its not exactly harmful just mischievous! I have tried talking when I was on my own a couple of years back and I heard a deep growl from behind me (we don't have a dog and no one was in) that scared me so I didn't do it again! My sister has seen it but she's not exactly a believer she woke up one night when we used to share a room, she looked over at me and saw a figure staring down at me, she of course got extremely scared by that! My mum hears breathing and someone walking up the stairs when no ones in and when we went on a girly holiday my dad said he felt like he was being followed around the house and one morning he got up and his slippers where out side his bedroom door set in a position for him to just put them on (he leaves them downstairs all the time)! And we'll my nephew has talked about a little girl he's friends with called Amy who he says has broken some of his favourite toys, he told me he plays hide and seek with her but be doesn't like it because she jumps out and turns into a monster, but he had a look of real fear when he was telling me, which scared me: ( (he was only 4 at this point) he still mentions her now and then. Hope this helps, it's been an experience living at that house!
zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-27)
Interesting recount of events. You say that you will never move back but you do visit. Do you always feel a presence when you visit? Do your parents ever feel anything? Does your nephew still visit and does anything else happen with him? I do believe that you have the ability or insight. Not sure about your nephew as he could have been having a bad dream. Whatever this entity is, does not seem to be harmful. Have you ever tried speaking to it?

Thanks, zeta. (sorry for all the questions. 😊)

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