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I'm first going to start off by saying this is not exactly a ghost story. I have have always heard whispers of some kind since I was maybe around 4 or 5. I come from, well, let's just say, a troubled childhood. I have never known my biological mother. I know about her and my father has always told me about her when I was little. But I was later to find out, after moving in with my grandparents when I was 11, that there had always been a question to how she died. Weather she overdosed on purpose, or weather the man she was with then... murdered her. I don't really know anything but after I find these things out I began to realize I have always had these problems with what happened.

I hadn't find out that she was dead until I was 11, she had died when I was 4. Not to long after I moved in with my grandparents and started hearing whispers again. I was freaked out. But after I thought about it, I just closed my eyes and wished it away. I hadn't experienced anything since, then a couple years later, I remember I had just turned 13, I was walking down the hall towards the hall door. It was closed and when I went to open it, it wouldn't open. I didn't think anything of it, the door knob often got jammed. But then it seemed like there was a force on the other side pulling so I couldn't open it, then I heard my name whispered and I screamed. My grandma came and I started crying.

I was totally freaked out so I had my two dogs come in my room and sleep with me. My dogs know not to get on top of my bed but they did anyway. My room is the front room that has two windows that overlook the front yard and across the street, which is a coldy sac, I guess you could call it, and the houses. There is a house directly across the street and they wouldn't stop barking at it. Finally I got them off my bed, and they would just lay on the floor whining. I didn't know what was wrong, it had to do with that house but as far as I had known, that house was abandonned. I scolded them and got into bed.

I had just dozed off when I heard a scream, and I was sure it had come from across the street, from the house they were barking at. I started crying and went into my grandparents bedroom, my grandpa asked me what was wrong, but I just kept crying.

My dad later told me when I was just a baby, the three of us used to live in the house before he took me away from her. We owned the house but there was too many bad memories, so eventually he was going to sell it but he didn't know how. I was scared. I had never felt so scared in my life. I am now 15. I haven't heard anything since.

I really don't really know what went on that night. Maybe it was just my imagination. Or me trying to deal with the fact my mom was really dead. Or was my mom trying to tell me something? I don't know.

I hope I never experience anything like that again.

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Lenalaney (2 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-17)
Hi Juliya,

To me it was obvious, but that's not saying everyone would recognize it. You gotta remember that people are my business and I'm trained in recognizing not just the paranormal, but behavior patterns that reflect trauma. Your fear of the house is indicative of repressed memories. Some people believe that personality development begins at the moment of conception and the manner in which a child is conceived will reflect in their personality development. A child that is conceived in love has a much better chance of being a happy, well adjusted child than one conceived when drunk or through rape or any number of other situations. Consider "hot house" babies whose parents talk to them, read to them, play music and other loving cultural things while still in the womb. Many geniouses have been born that way. We now know that babies can hear sounds while in the womb. You indicated a fearful, painful attitude with respect to your mom. Had she been the loving supportive mom, you would not feel such anxiety "opening the door" to the past. Your desire to run, to escape indicates you were seriously traumatized, that is abused. It's a lifelong struggle to rectify that insecurity which can and does spill over into your romantic relationships. Lack of trust is one indicator. I hope I have answered your question and if I can help you in any way, please feel free to call upon me. Hugs! Lena
Abby (710 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-15)
Dear juliya,

I read your story, but thought the previous comments left here would help, and it is impossible to comment on each story (especially if one does not keep up on the stories frequently). Since I am retired, I can stop in and out more often.

From your story, a person might conclude that the reason you were taken away from your mother and that your father was raising you was most likely due to social and parental skill issues. Having exposure to social work and the system, the system or people do not generally take a child away from their mother unless there has been some type of neglect, physical and sexual abuse (should also include emotional, but often the system overlooks this) and/or the mother shows parental incompetence and is incapable due to addictions, mental and emotional instabilities, and other mental, physical and/or emotional inabilities and/or disabilities. Financial stability is also not overlooked. In the best interest of the child, the child will generally and hopefully be put into a nuturing, safe environment and home of the parent or guardian adult(s) who is best suited to care for the child or children at the time.

I appreciate you taking your time to write your story and sharing your own personal experience with myself and others here.

With Appreciation, Thanks & Many Blessings, -- Abby
juliya (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-15)
i really just have one question for lena;
is it really that obvious I was abused?
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-14)
you have been through some trials and tribulations in your young life, thnak the Lord for your father and grand parents.
it is possible you heard and saw things as a young child, even a toddler that your mind could not and would not process. Now, you are wanting to know the truth and these occurances are haopoening, I am nt saying that you did not hear a scream, you probably did. Whether or not it was repressed memories or paranormal, it was real to you and it is obviously helping to surface memories and more questions. Continue to confide in you father and grandparents.

God Bless!
Lenalaney (2 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-14)
Hi Juliva, Sorry about your negative experiences, but I think you have many repressed memories that are too painful for you to recall, but are surfacing any way. That's not to say that you and your dogs didn't hear something coming from the house that could be like an imprint on the environment due to the severity of the abuse. And, by the way, it's well known that many psychics, myself included, were abused children. Trauma forces us into areas of the brain that we would not normally use. The brain is phenomenally complex and gives us capacities that to many are inconceiveable. Your own energy could be telekinetic and projecting into that house of horror across the street. It's a sad situation and there is no easy solution. Your mom obviously had some serious emotional issues. It's not that she didn't love you; she didn't love herself and drowned in her own mental illness. As far as the door not opening, once again I feel that is very symbolic of your fear of opening the door into a horrific past that you have yet to come to terms with. You need a mantra or a prayer like the 23rd Psalm to recite during one of these episodes. I think you are summoning these energies up because you've got unresolved issues as related to your mom. Our own capabilities can be terrifying and it might seem like an outside source but is your own life force. That is just as freaky as a ghost from the past. You have to come to terms with yourself first and accept your own capacity to conjur things up. Remember "like attracts like" and I feel you would benefit from counseling, but NOT from a traditional source like at school. You need an astute metapysician that can help you distinguish between you and your projections and the ghosts of the past that haunt you. It's tough, kiddo, and I sympathize. Hugs! Lena

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