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My Family's Weird And Horrifying House


I and my three little siblings live in an old house in San Fransisco, CA. We've only lived there for a few months now, but I've never slept there before, I live in my own apartment somewhere nearby. Both parents are away in Paris for a couple of weeks so I'm babysitting my two sisters and brother.

This is my first real life story, but I will be posting more soon. These stories are 101% TRUE.

I used my iPhone notes to help put together the story, so it's accurate and not just from memory. I will be keeping a sort of diary on this website to put together my other experiences.

So, this experience was after my parents left on vacation just after New Year.

(Written in my P.O.V) Here it is:

8:30 AM:

I woke up in my dark, cold little room. I wished I could stay in bed but I knew I had to get the kids up. So I stumbled out of bed and go to the shower. After a quick shower, I walked into the girls' room opening the curtains and cheerfully saying "Morning girls, it's a beautiful day. Let's get up now!" like my mom used to wake me up, then left. After doing the same to my brother, Daniel, I went to the kitchen to start breakfast. The kids were still getting ready. Here was where it started getting weird. I was putting eggs on to boil, when I turned around, the kitchen television was on. But it was on some weird channel that we'd never watch. So I turned it on to the news, and washed a couple of dishes. I turned around; it was back on the same channel. I thought it was one of the kids, so I called them all downstairs. Jackie, Rebecca and Daniel appeared downstairs within about five minutes, clean and dressed. They were all sleepy, and I realized it couldn't have been them. Besides, Rebecca's only seven.

We've often thought about the house being haunted, but sometimes doubted it. Haunted, seriously? Did ghosts even exist? I kind of knew they were because when I was six years old, I saw this bright ball of light in my bathroom, in the middle of the night, and in the complete darkness. It slowly floated around my room. Ever since then, I've learned it was an orb, and I always believed in paranormal stuff after that. So, back to the rest of the story.

10:25 AM:

After walking our puppy, Jasper, we came back to a freezing house. The heaters were all off (but we left them on). I entered the kitchen to make some drinks, but there was a dark shadow standing there. I stared. The rest of the kids came in and asked me their childish questions, but by the time I looked back, it was gone. This was only the beginning.

1:00 PM

I went to call the kids to lunch. They were all in the backyard, or so I thought... Jackie and Daniel (who by the way are twelve and ten) appeared, but they had no idea where Becca was. I was absolutely mad at them, and thought for about ten minutes that I had lost her. That was, until I found her again. She was playing in the attic. She said that her friend Ruby who she'd just met had asked her to come play with her. Rebecca must have been talking about another invisible friend. At lunch, I asked her about Ruby. She said she was way older than her, but very nice. Who cares? It's just another bit of imagination.

9:00 PM

It was extremely windy outside. All the kids were in bed. I was alone, watching TV in the living room with my dog, Jasper. My mom called. She wanted to check to see if everyone was okay. I told her about the weird things going on recently, but she said she had to go. I hung up, guessing she didn't believe me. Now comes the weird but true part. About a half hour later, I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. It sounded like voices. Voices of young children. Girls' voices. They were softly whispering. Jasper had his head up, and looked like he was listening, but he didn't bark. "I know exactly who it is!" I thought, triumphant at the thought of finally catching the kids sneaking down at night (which I often suspected them of). I snuck into the kitchen and opened the door suddenly. Nobody was inside. All the windows were shut and locked, and there was only one door in. It was freezing. Okay, I admit, at this point I was a little alarmed, but kept reminding myself, 'there's no such things as ghosts'. I looked around. There were no hiding spots in the kitchen. The kids weren't there. I decided I was over-tired, and went to bed in my room.

3:42 AM

I woke up with a jump. Jasper was still asleep. What woke me up? I turned my bedside light on and listened. I soon heard the sound of crying. I thought one of the kids were hurt or had a bad dream, so I ran out. It was coming from the bathroom, and what sounded like the cries of a little girl were getting louder. I knocked and opened the door slightly. "Jackie? Becca"?" I called through softly. The light was off. I turned it on. No-one was there! The cries were gone. This time I was really shaken up. I went back to my room to call my parents, but decided against it. I didn't and don't want them to think I'm irresponsible or seeing and hearing things. All my friends were asleep, and wouldn't answer. My boyfriend was asleep, and wouldn't answer. My cousins wouldn't answer. I had no-one to talk to, except Jasper but what good would that do? I never felt more alone and confused than on that night. So, putting my headphones on and listening to some quiet music, I fell asleep.

5:20 AM

I woke up and remembered my horrible experience a few hours ago. My phone's battery completely ran out by then of course. I put it on charge and thought about it. Within fifteen minutes, I heard a tapping on my window. I thought it was the branches of a tree, but it kept going, very gently but quickly. Then something that sounded like nails scratched across the window. As you can guess, being alone in a dark, old house, being in charge of three little kids and a dog, almost no sleep, and these weird experiences made me actually very scared. What if I was going crazy? What if it was real and one of the kids were hurt? What if it was a poltergeist and it threw things. I didn't go back to sleep, but the scratching died down.

-Today - 7:20 AM - In my Room

It's currently 7:20 AM here at the moment, but I can't sleep, but nothing happened last night except some lights flickering in the corridor. In case you're wondering, this happened yesterday night and yesterday.

I want your feedback! This is a true story and it's absolutely horrifying. I can't tell my parents; they think I'm crazy. I think my friends will think the same. Jackie and Daniel stare at me sometimes like I'm crazy, but all the kids are scared. What should I do? Do you guys think we should move? I can't move alone, my parents have to come back.

Is it ghosts or am I going crazy? I'll keep updating!

Thanks so much for your support and for reading this, it means a lot!



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Shlain (13 stories) (246 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-16)
Hey there Ally,

First of all it would be wise to share this with someone. Someone you know you can confide in and won't judge you negatively. You should google some mediums in your area. Just make sure she's a reputable one.

You should also ask Rebecca more about Ruby. Where Ruby came from? What she tells Rebecca etc.

Since you don't live there full time, would it be possible to sleep over once more, but with a boyfriend/friend along to see if they experience anything?

The 'quick to get off the phone' attitude your Mom had could be 1) because she was truly in a hurry, but I would think her daughter's concerns would have come first, or 2) Perhaps she's experienced things in the house too and didn't want to speak about it. Will be good to confront her and repeat to her your ordeal and see what she says.

To do a cleansing in a house where you no longer live is a bit forward I think. I understand you love your family and want them to be safe, but ask your folks if it will be ok to go ahead with it.

Lastly, did you experience anything after returning to your own apartment?

Thanks for sharing and good luck ❤
emma_2485 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-14)
Hey Ally...,such things happen beyond our imagination... It depends on us whether to believe such paranormal act happens. But I think your not going crazy... I guess you have to move out or if you can't, just see to it that you should bless your house...

Have a good day... God Bless U.
becky-lenton (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-14)
I really don't think you are crazy in the slightest; I have to admit I have had a similar experience before now at a friend's house when I stopped over there in her parent's bed while her parents were on holiday. I would recommend talking to someone about it, someone you can trust and who knows you are the last kind of person to come out with "crazy" notions.

The fact that something has started to make contact with Becca was it? Maybe it might be worth asking what this Ruby is like and what she looks like, maybe do some research in to the history of the house/area? Was there anyone who lived there or nearby who was called Ruby? Main thing you can focus on is keeping an eye on the children and making sure nothing unnerves or scares them as much as it has unnerved yourself.

Another thing I would suggest is invite your boyfriend of a friend over to stay over the night and see if anything occurs when you have guests. If so you at least then have an ally you can turn to for advice and guidance. Just a thought but stay strong and do keep us posted with any further activity.:)
othershadows101 (14 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
i don't really know once my uncle went into my room and thought that it was my friends over he said hi and blinked they were gone so I have no idea that was 10 years ago though I was 8 I never slept in my room again I really have no idea but maybe it was a hallucination from something that maybe happened before and your just making yourself think that something is there 😕
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
Tell someone about it. We don't think your crazy and I'm sure at lease someone else around won't. Ask the kids what is going on, they sleep there every night, and ask your sister about Ruby, like why is she there. Don't be afried, I'm sure they're not there to hurt you, they just want to make themsevles know.
It's okay.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
AllysonSummers, that is nice of you to have kept your journal and record of events. It always helps. But, be vigilant about the kids, especially the youngest. As Rozo told you have to be on guard until your mom comes back. Then discuss with them and try cleansing method. If there is negative energy, it would go off. Rook has an excellent method of cleansing. Advise them to go for cleansing. I think you can also start doing it right away. It is mentioned elsewhere in this site. But don't panic and that is most important with the kids around. Keep updating.

Regards and respects to you.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)

Great Job, Keep the Journal Going... Ask the kids if they have had any 'strange experiences' in the home and add them to your notes.

A few things to point out...

The TV in the Kitchen... Does it have a remote and just how close are any neighbors... The channel changing may very well have been 'interference' from a neighbors remote.

The crying in the bathroom may have been a residual type Haunting.

'Ruby' may be a just a make believe friend... BUT make believe friends are normally the same age... Give or take a year... Of the person who has 'made them up'. So she may be a good person to start asking questions of...

Thank you for sharing, rest assured you are note crazy and please keep us updated.


Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
Hi Ally,

I think 1st and foremost, and more for the kids sake than anything else, you have to at best keep it together... I know its easier said than done... But try stay positive and upbeat about everything... Play music loud in the house and get the kids to dance with you and laugh and keep the feelings in the house one of positive energy. Dont freak out... From being involved in this community... I have learnt a great deal... That more often than not, it is an explainable situation, that it can be debunked quite logically. Please stay clear of trying to envoke any spirits or look for answers. If a friend suggests this, tell them it aint going to happen!

1st priority is the kids and their well being... As for the attic, lock it and do not let her go up there again until mom and dad are back... Just say mom told you that they are coming to fix a problem up there so its not safe.

The Journal idea you have going is excellent to keep track and when mom and dad come home you can sit with them and review... You have to speak to them about this when they back. Do you know if they are believers in the paranormal? Maybe they can shed some light...

Ally, keep us updated and take it easy. Go about your business as usual. All the best!

jerryhend1 (3 stories) (136 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
Keep your hope and all things good, It sounds like its trying to mess with you but its not going far with it. Just keep control and you will be fine 😊
nikkikki (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
It sounds as though you have some residual energies paired with one intelligent spirit i.e. 'Ruby'. Talk to your parents calmly about the situation. Chances are they've exprienced things as well and not said anything for the same reasons you fear saying anything. Also, keep an eye on the little one who talks with this 'Ruby'. It doesn't sound as if it's malevolent, but keep vigilant just in case. Note any changes in attitude or behavior. I look forward to an update! -Nikki
webbie (4 stories) (23 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-10)
Wow. Sounds scary. Keeping notes with the time of occurrences is a good idea.

Just because these things are happening doesn't make you irresponsible but it does make the situation out of your control. You had to pass a very bad night in that house but next time, thanks to these experiences, you might be more prepared.

I think you should at least ask your parents if they have encountered strange happenings in the house. If they haven't, I still think you should let them know that you have.

It could also be possible that maybe you ARE the only one that can hear and see them, or are the most disturbed by them.

I know many believe in a house blessing but to do that I do think your parents should be involved. It's their house and they are the ones that are ultimately responsible for it.
H2olily (5 stories) (157 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-10)
Leave the TV or the radio on to a christian station to see if that helps, is my suggestion.

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