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First, I want to thank you for choosing this experience to read! Okay, so it was the Summer of May 2011 and my Uncle was very sick and had to have open heart surgery. We weren't sure he would make it, and he did through the first one. They had to go back and do another one but he didn't want them to, but he should have.

One day, I was at school and my mom said around maybe 10:00am or so she heard something run like my little nephew which is four, and she was alone. My nephew was not here. She heard it loud and clear. Something had ran from the hallway into my room. She swore to me it did actually happen. So, she thought, "Well, I hope anything doesn't happen to Meghan, it could be a warning." And so it was.

My uncle had died about a week after. My mom was cleaning house one day when she heard sirens going toward my uncle's house. She got a call about it about five minutes after she heard the sirens. I think this WAS a warning! What about you? What are your thoughts on it?

My mom also said when she was a young girl about nine and ten she and her mother heard a lot of warnings and stuff. So she does believe these are real. I'm not a big believer of Ghosts or Spirits but, these stories on here have really got me thinking maybe there is such thing. But, what do you think it was?

I haven't heard any "warnings" myself in this house or seen anything. I am 13 now, then, I was 12 and I have lived in this house all my life. I need to know what this was. If you can relate or if you know what or who it was please let me know.

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othershadows101 (14 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
well um I'm 13 too so I know where your coming from I only have one fear and that's ghost and my old house was haunted my parents lived there for 10 years and we would hear footsteps coming up the stairs and then my dog have a obsession with going in the bathroom one way but not coming back out the same what then well my room is the only room upstairs I slept on my couch for many years because my uncle say 3 girls in my room once and blinked they were gone he thought they were my friends and my dog barked down my hallway would not go down the hallway at all it was scary so it may be your uncles ghost I don't know 😕
MsWrestlersGhost (guest)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
Its an intersting warning, the footsteps that sound like a four year olds when your uncle was an adult. How did she connect the two?
Was it just a feeling she got when she heard the footsteps?
Is it from something that's happened to her previously that she came to the conclusion?
As you have said she has had experiences in the past.
Just interested that's. As warnings come to us sometimes in the most unusual ways.
Kind Regards,
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
Hello grace01, you said that your mom saw someone like your little nephew, when he was not there. Did she actually see the figure of your little nephew or just she heard someone run like a 4 year old? If she had, it could be a doppelganger. I agree that these are paranormal experiences but I don't understand as to how it could be taken as a warning for your uncle dying a week later. But warnings are given by spirits and that is totally different. I don't think that your mom hearing footsteps of a 4 year old can be related to the sad demise of your uncle. Well, to my knowledge, it can't be related. But, others might explain in a different way.

Nice narration and thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

webbie (4 stories) (23 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-10)
Hi Grace01 - I can relate to warnings a little bit and I definitely believe them to be possible. I have received warning about death and/or tragic events through dreams.

I have learned that it only happens (to me) when it is someone I am close to or connected with. I don't see spirits (outside of dreams). So for me if I were to see one, I wouldn't take that as a warning. I do hear them but that is common for me, so I don't take those as warnings either.

I think the point I am trying to make is - each to their own. If something happens every time you hear phantom footsteps running down a hall, then maybe it is your warning system, but I can't say for sure. Only you would know that.

Thanks for sharing your story. I am sure someone more experienced (than me) will come along and post some insights for you.

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