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Haunted House In Davao City, Philippines


My experience happened in Davao City, Philippines and I'm a Filipino (half Spanish). It happened in my first house that I really loved (I will say where that house is located since we don't live there anymore. The house is located in Ecoland Street beside a big white house. Or was it white? Anyway we don't own it and there are new owners that owned that house since 2005) but there's a dark side to it, ghosts, yes ghosts that might scare you. I hadn't remembered very much about my experiences in that house but as far as I can, this is what I remembered:

Our "Ya ya" or in English (I'm not very sure) you call them "helpers" are afraid to go to our backyard especially at night because they say their are "multos" or ghosts in English. According to them a black "man" (facing backwards) is sitting at our swing (our swing has a roof and two metal benches facing each other) and in a blink of an eye he disappeared. Here in the Philippines most of us believe in ghosts (it's no joke) that's why they were afraid because all of my helpers saw it as a very little child I was before. I don't really believe them, but I was afraid that I might see that "man" and I did... While I was looking out at my bedroom window to see if I can see that man and I saw a black figure facing backwards, that means I can't see it's face, and when I blinked it was gone.

I totally got freaked out that day and swore to not look out of the window ever but I broke that promise and days or weeks (or was that months...later?) I found myself looking out at the window again (hehehe sorry I was so curious and I was really small at that time I think I was 4 years old) and saw that figure again and then again I was scared and never ever looked out at that window ever again. Another freak encounter. This time it was a doppelganger (sorry If my spellings are wrong). That doppelganger looked like my sister, Nearra (not real name). It happened a lot of times in that very same spot and guess what? That spot was where the bench is. And she has no idea that there was a black figure there. When I told her about the black figure that I saw a long time ago she never again sit down at that bench and I avoided going to the backyard.

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BlackMurderknot (guest)
10 years ago (2014-04-24)
Actually in english Yaya are maids or nanny 😉
Thanks for posting your great story...

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