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Grandma Visits While In A Coma 10 Miles Away


I was 5 or 6 years old. I woke up one night hearing voices in the room and it woke me up. I looked over and it was my sister and grandma talking. I got up and asked what they were still doing awake.

Grandma asked if mom had done laundry because she needed her shawl. Mom had brought it home to wash because she said it was dirty. I told them I would go check. I went to the back porch to the washing machine and checked the basket on top.

I went back in house and told them both it was still dirty. I asked why she needed it she said that she was going on a long journey and she needed it.

Grandma told both my sister and I things that would happen to my sister. She would have a hard life and the Drs would tell her that she wouldn't be able to have kids, but my grandma would make sure that she had 1 boy and 1 girl. In that order. She told her not the worry. And she would watch out for both of us.

She said she ran out of time and needed to go but she would be back in a couple of days to get her shawl. And to make sure mom washed it.

So the next day I remember telling mom that she needed to wash grandma's shawl. But she was too busy that day. The next day it rained all day long. The third day it was humid but dry. No rain. So mom washed laundry all morning. By lunch time she was done. By 4:00 that afternoon it starting raining big fat drops of rain. Everybody raced outside to get all the laundry before it got wet. We folded it and put it away.

That night I heard voices again. It was grandma and my sister whispering to each other. I got up and asked what they were whispering about and my sister said it was between her and grandma. Then she asked me if I would go get grandma's shawl. So I did.

When I came back grandma said she had to talk to both of us about some things. She said that she was going on a very long journey and that was why she needed her shawl. Mom and dad would be sad but it wouldn't be for very long.

Things would be hard but it would all work out in the end the way it was supposed to.

Then she looked at me and said that I would be handful but she would take care of me and make sure that nothing bad happened to me.

I asked where she was going and she said she was going a long trip. When she was leaving I walked outside on the porch with her and asked her again where she was going.

She said that she had make some bad decisions in her life and she had to pay for those decisions. She said see those stairs? And I said yes. I have to follow them to that far away star that is way over there. When I get there, my penance will be paid and I can be in peace.

I asked if I could go with her to keep her company and she said no, I had to stay here to keep mom happy.

I then said who's going to keep you company Grandma? You're going to be lonely on your journey. And she told me that was the way it needed to be.

She kissed me and I watched her climb the stairs until I couldn't see her no more. I went back inside and went to bed.

The next morning I heard the phone ring. Mom answered, then called my dad to the phone. I heard crying and then I heard my sister and mom and dad talking. It woke me up so I got out of bed and asked what was going on.

My sister said to tell mom and dad that grandma had picked up her shawl last night and she wasn't lying. I told them she did and they looked at each other and then my mom said never to tell anyone because they wouldn't believe us.

Come to find out years later grandma had been in a care home 10 miles away. She had been in a coma the 3 days before she passed away. So her talking to us and picking up her shawl is quite a feat for a spirit to do. But it happened.

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DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-01)
Adore the name x

This is a fascinating memory you have, and I'm glad you decided to share it with us! Like others, I'm really interested in whether or not her predictions have come true yet?
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-29)
Hi CuranderaMujer -

Thanks for sharing your story, very fascinating. Has your grandma ever appeared to anyone else in your family?

I find your profile name very interesting. May I ask why you chose this name? Just curious...
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-28)
Greetings, CuranderaMujer.

Like Caz, I was wondering if your Grandmother's predictions were accurate. Were you a handful (I'm thinking "rebellious teen years")? Do you have a nephew and a niece (I presume that your sister was the older sibling)? What happened when "things worked out" for your family?

I enjoyed your easily approachable narrative, but I did have one question about your memory of the experience: When you did see the stairs, what did they look like?

Interesting narrative.

Caz (342 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-28)
Hi CM... What a wonderful story and well written too. Thank you for sharing in with us.
I just wondered if everything worked out he way Grandma said it would? Did your sister have her boy and girl?
Kindly_refrain (16 stories) (196 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-27)
Hi CuranderaMujer, I don't have anything to add but that was a great account. I really enjoyed your story, thanks for the telling of it.

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