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Sorry, this is quite long. I'm 19 from Australia. What I'm going to talk about are experiences I've had over many years.

For as long as I remember I've been afraid of the dark because growing up, I never felt alone. I always feel as though someone else is around, even when I'm in a house by myself. My parents have told me that when I was very young I would watch and speak to something they couldn't see. At my current age, I am sceptical of ghosts. I don't jump to conclusions and like to take a more logical approach to strange things that happen, though have had experiences I can't explain.

The first experience I found incredibly odd occurred when I was only about 8 and I still remember it so clearly. I was sitting out the back with my pet dog, just relaxing and having cuddles, when clear as day I heard someone say my name. It sounded as if they were right next to me, though it was only me and my dog. A similar event happened when I was 11 and sitting in class. We were having 'free-time', so everyone was being quite loud. While I was sitting and drawing, I remember all the voices around me suddenly dimming and becoming muffled, as if I had placed my hands over my ears, followed by a clear voice saying my name a couple of times, before everything returning to normal. I was quite alarmed by this experience but kept it to myself.

Much later and in a new house, when I was about 15, I was unplugging something from a power point. Not thinking, I pulled the plug out without switching the power off. When I went to plug in my new appliance, right in front of my eyes, the switch flicked itself off, so as to stop me plugging it into the running power point.

In this same house, I had a pet dog who would frequently bark frantically at something at the end of our hallway. I would go and check if she was alright, and would never find anything there. My mother and sister also both recall being woken from their sleep by something grabbing them on the arm. Most significantly, this happened to my mother when she had accidentally fallen asleep with a lit cigarette in her hand.

A couple of years later I moved 21 hours away from my mother and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen for a while. While I was away, my mum visited a clairvoyant. As soon as she walked in, before my mother telling her anything about herself, the clairvoyant informed her that there was a presence attached to her searching for someone whose name begins with a 'H'. I forgot to mention, my name is Hayley.

Later that year Mum came to visit. About a week after she left I was washing the dishes when I heard a bang on the bench next to me. I looked over and saw nothing odd, so I ignored it and continued washing. Seconds later I heard a second bang. Looking back, I saw one of the cups on the bench rocking back and forwards as though it had been picked and put down again. I say 'picked up and put down again' as we have a bump on our bench in the place the cup was sitting, where if you place cups down roughly they will rock for about 10 seconds. After these events I was left thinking perhaps my life-long friend traveled with my mother and has found me again.

Most recently, within the last couple of days, I have heard the guitar that sits on the lounge next to me play a single 'g' string and then mute itself quickly, seen a white 'orb' float around my doorway, and heard footsteps on my carpet so clear, I actually looked up to say hello because I thought it was my boyfriend walking in.

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TalonWalt (3 stories) (69 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-09)
One night I was out on my front porch smoking, and started dancing. Then I heard a female voice say, "What are you doing? Stop clowning around!" I was shocked! I looked all around, but no one was there. So I just finished my cigarette, and went back inside.
dieknowsore (guest)
10 years ago (2013-02-28)
Thanks for the reply, Christine_Pandora. It's nice to hear of someone with similar stories. My experiences do seem a lot simpler than a lot I've heard of or read on here, and most people I tell assume it's all my imagination, which can be a bit disheartening when I'm certain of what I've just seen/heard.
I'm sure that if I do have a spirit in my life, they're quite friendly. I've only once felt very bad vibes, and it was after my most intense sense of 'knowing something was around' that I've ever had. I felt as though I knew exactly where it was and what it was doing. The feeling was so intense, that I ended up speaking aloud to whatever I felt was there, which lead to this all of a sudden sense of panic and claustrophobia. It only lasted a few seconds, but when I snapped out of it I was curled up on my chair without really knowing how I'd gotten like that. This wasn't the only time I'd spoken aloud to something, as I have quite a habit of it, but it was definitely the most strange and unsettling.
Christine_Pandora (1 stories) (80 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-28)
Hi there Hayley,

Like you not only am I 19 and from Australia and am a believer but also a skeptic first, but I've experienced a few of those things too.

I constantly will hear my name whether it's dead quiet or if I happen to just have a song or a TV show on and even when I used to work at the shops and all the background noise would be muffled i'd hear this clear voice saying my name and i'd look up to see if there was a customer, and even check with anyone around if they said anything... I felt a bit weird and figured in the shops it's only a combination of the background noises making something my brain recognizes as a similar sound to my name...

My house doesn't have any weird feelings about it except that I get the obvious creeps at night when I turn the kitchen light off and run to my room; and about a week ago my dog was asleep on my bed then woke up and wouldn't stop barking and growling at the wall (Which is not like him as he is very timid and has very rarely growled except if a stranger comes into the home)...

It's good that what ever is there hasn't really done anything violent (and hopefully won't ever).


PS: Sorry for the long message I guess I just got a little excited that I came across someone my age and also from the same country!


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