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Does My Grandmother Want Contact?


A year before I was born, my grandmother (father's side) passed away. Before she passed, she would speak about how excited she was to see me. My first experience and earliest memory was when I was about four years old, I remember it very vividly. My father had driven with me and my older brother to my grandfathers house so we could pick him up and take him to the pub. He wasn't entirely ready to go so we decided to step inside his apartment for some time. I was young so I didn't particularly think before I spoke - I asked my father and grandfather where my grandmother was and that she told me she'd be there (I don't remember her telling me this).

Before this, I was obsessive over my grandmother and asked all the time where she was and when we'd see her. We got into the car to drive my grandfather to the pub and I turned around and began waving at what looked like a tall, elderly lady with brown hair (50's kind of styled), tanned skin and wearing a long fitted yellow dress with a purple floral pattern. My brother asked me who I was waving at and I told him it was my grandmother, he turned around and began waving too. To this day, my brother denies doing so but I know what he saw. My father overheard what had been said and asked me about it later that day. He let my mother know about it too.

Months passed and I hadn't stopped speaking about what had happened. One Sunday, my mother decided to look through some old photographs. I stopped her whilst she was looking through them on a photo of my grandmother who I'd never seen before in my life except from in spirit. My mum started to get creeped out and asked me to describe what my grandmother looked like when I saw her. I described what she looked like and she fitted the description perfectly. Turns out she was buried in that dress I described.

More time passed and things began to get a bit weird. I've had conversations with my family about it on occasions but we don't really speak about it. My mother and father get uncomfortable when we do. According to my mother, I'd talk to myself in the mirror and tell her that there was a presence in my room at night.

The weird thing is that I remember barely any of this apart from what I described about seeing her. I'm a lot older now, and nothing associated with her has happened since I was very young. A lot of the time, I do feel as if she's looking over me. I'm not sure of it but I feel a comforting presence now and then, like I'm being protected but how do I know if that's her? I would like to know if it is her presence? Why can't I remember any of this and only some? Why are the things I CAN remember some if my earliest life memories? It all seems complicated to me.

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demonicsheikh (55 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-04)
Sometimes mind play tricks on us...
I am not saying that what you saw was incorrect.
She is dead. Thats that.
Dont remember her too much as strange things will happen if you do so... Best is to forget.
valkricry (49 stories) (3276 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-04-03)
Hi luckynumbereight,
I think that Hotrod is right, you have a karmic link with your grandmother. A special bond. You say she passed a year before you were born, but I believe that it is possible she has kept an eye on you.
It isn't really weird that you don't recall much apart from seeing her at such a young age. Think of your mind as a huge filing cabinet. Every scrap of information,idea,notion, gathered from all of your senses are stored on files there. As time passes, newer files, ones we need for NOW shove the others farther back. Nothing is ever really forgotten, it's all there 'somewhere', waiting until it is needed or something 'triggers' the memory bringing that 'information' to the front of the files.
I really don't know howyou can be sure if what you feel is her looking over you or not. Perhaps someone with more experiance than I can tell you a way. But, I think for most of us, we just 'know'.
Hotrod13 (141 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-03)
You have a karmic link with your grandmother. We in india believe that our ancestors do watch over thier descents and help them. We have a special fortnight every year when we honour them by giving alms and food to needy people. Our ancestors then bless us.

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