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Something Doesn't Want Me To Eat My Skittles


A background for my experiences:

The house was built in 1902. It was constructed by the same man who built the house next door. The house next door was the man's personal home. Before our home was built, the family next door used our lot as a dumping ground. If you dig down a foot, you'll come across a layer of the ash from their fireplace. Dig below that, and shards of porcelain, so well preserved that you can still see the gold and silver details, will start to come up.

When we first moved in, there was an old carriage (complete with feed trough) barn in our backyard. Unfortunately, the barn had not been maintained, and had become too dangerous to enter. My Father was forced to demolish it.

We have also had to do a lot of work on our home. We had to remove all the horsehair plaster we found in our walls, because it created too many drafts. We've also had to replace most of the windows, as well as all of the original wallpaper. Most of my "being watched" feeling, is around my Dad's office (the former front parlor), the upstairs bathroom along the wall shared by the toilet and shower, in front of the door leading to the basement, and in front of my bedroom door. Sometimes the feeling of being watched gets so bad, I can't turn my back on the area of the house the feeling seems to be the origin of the feeling.

It's also important to note, that my town was the site of two military encampments. One during the French and Indian War, and the second during the War of 1812. The land itself was purchased from the local tribe of Native Americans in the 17th century. There are stories, and physical evidence of Native American raids, throughout the town. The nearby city (I could literally walk to it if I wanted to), is known for it's haunted locations. It sits on the original location of a 16th century outpost. There was one winter when the French came down from Canada and attacked the outpost.

They killed or captured more then half the population. Then, while trekking to the nearest colony, the population was halved again, as the settlers were forced to walk through the wilderness in their nightclothes. The people who died in this attack are buried in a nearby cemetery. There are even stories of statues in the cemetery moving on their own.

There are also at least three other cemeteries near my home. One that is quite large, I often walked past on my way to Elementary school. Another is incredibly old and quite small (there can't be more then ten headstones total), this one is located a few blocks from the center of town, which is just behind my house. The third, is so close that I can see it from my front porch. It's just in front of an old church. This is the one that causes me the most concern. Every now and then, as I'm about to go upstairs, I find myself looking out the window in the front door and "checking" the entrance of the church parking lot. I've never really been able to walk through it, and I will actively avoid it if I find myself walking home after sun down.

So, I'm going to keep this short. I know I haven't posted in a while. That's because things around my house have died down.

This past Easter, my Mother gave me several bags of Easter candy. One of these is a bag of skittles, my favorite candy. Well, tonight, I've been thinking about opening up that bag of skittles; but every time that thought passes through my head, I get the image of me eating a skittle, and choking on it. The image is vivid enough to stop me from even reaching for the bag of candy.

I should note, that up until these past few years, my house was paranormally active. Several of my past experiences have already been posted here.

However what I haven't posted is that sometimes I will go to open a door, only to get the feeling that I shouldn't open that door quite yet, because there was something "not so nice" on the other side. Alongside that feeling would be an image of a tall black shadow, standing on the other side.

I get the feeling that something is trying to protect me. But from what, and why?

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MrsRamsay (guest)
4 years ago (2020-05-12)
Hi Cole.
I'm a history nut. Can you divulge the name of your town or county? It sounds familiar!

Your description of sometimes hesitating to open a door because of what you might find on the other side really brought back a memory for me. I realize I used to do that as a kid, but have never had a second thought about it in all my years as a grownup! To this day, however, I sometimes announce myself when I go down into my basement storage room and wait for the florescent light to pop all the way on before looking into the depths of the darkness.:) At the least, I say hello and I ALWAYS say excuse me if I burp or something, even when I'm alone. I know how weird that sounds, but if there's someone there, I don't want them to think I'm rude and not like me. I know. Now, THAT's crazy!
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-10)
I am reminded of the old saying. "don't look a gift horse in the mouth". In other words, if something is trying to protect you, then I would let it - it may not be as important to wonder why or from what. It appears that you not have only chosen to live in a haunted location, but that you have also inherited a guardian.

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