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It's Sid again with an update of my husband, Wayne's ghostly stalker. It's not his deceased father as originally thought, it's a woman ghost!

I want to describe my condo so you will have a clearer picture of the place. When you walk in the main door, you walk into a small foray and into the living room. The kitchen is off to the right and the dining area is attached to the living room and is right in front of a pair of patio doors that connect to the balcony. Once you exit the living room, there is a long hallway; on the right side, there's our laundry room, our first washroom and my husband's "War Room" which is in fact, his renovation junk room that we can barely even get into anymore because it's so crammed with his power tools, flooring, baseboards etc. To the left, there's the small guest room and our bedroom which leads to our en suite bathroom.

Wayne's not able to see more than a shadow still, but she's gotten more active and interactive with him and he can now make out her shape. She's definitely a female who stands no taller then me at 5 ft. 2. However, what she wants or needs remains unclear as she never responds when he questions her; she just hangs around him at various places, his work, his friends' places, our home etc. She even once appeared in the passenger seat of his car when he was driving home from work!

This was what happened the Saturday before last; we had some friends stay with us for a weekend visit and after getting stupid the night before, we were all worn out and they opted to go to bed early. Leaving us with nothing to do but softly listen to music as the living room is right beside the guest room in our condo and have a few more drinks.

My husband was in a morose mood as he had just received some bad news about a friend of ours, Lisa who is so close to him that they call each other brother and sister. She's a wonderfully sweet, generous person in her early thirties with two small children that are ages 4 and 8 and she had just been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. This put a damper on the evening for sure and my husband was very depressed that night as was I...and that's when the ghost that I have taken to calling Amy showed up. He was talking to me about it when he suddenly looked up at what seemed to be our dining table and yelled "you! F - ck off, I can't deal with you tonight!"

I knew instantly who was there and asked "is she here?"

"Yes she's been hanging out with me all night, including when we were upstairs at Lisa's place. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to frighten her kids" he explained.

Oddly enough she wouldn't go away, she kept on disappearing or else running around even though he made it clear that he's didn't want her there. Wayne kept me apprised of where she was at all times, which was mainly standing beside or behind him. He even made me wave my hand through where she was supposed to be and I did notice a slight temperature different, not a great one, but there was a definite change.

I was fascinated by this, but he finds his ghostly tag-a-long slightly annoying and is no closer to learning who she is.

He kept on trying to make me squint and tilt my head back and forth (and probably looking like some demented parrot in the process) and asking if I even caught a glimpse of her, nope, still ghost blind as ever lol. I even tried speaking to her, but he reported that she seemed not to be able to see me. See? The paranormal still has no interest in me:)

That night was weird and slightly unsettling, the most disturbing thing was when a strange noise came from nowhere and reportedly startled her and she ran down the hall into our bedroom. However in a condo, strange noises are par of the course, especially in a unit that is in a constant state of renovations.

She's not there all the time but sometimes when he glances up, he'll see her darting around or standing beside him. There is no rhyme or reason for when she appears and there is no harm in her. In fact, I believe that she was there to comfort him for some reason. I asked Wayne if he wanted to cleanse the place using Rook's method and get rid of her, but he feels that she is somehow looking out for him and then countered that he would have to cleanse himself due the fact that she's always shifting around to different places.

He admitted that he first started seeing her when we first moved into our condo five years ago. However he senses that she is personally connected to him in some way but can't think of who she might be; any people who he was close to who died were male and the only female relative he had who died was his grandmother, who moved on a long time ago.

Btw, I named her Amy not because I believe that to be her name, nor does Wayne, I simply refuse to share my husband and home with another woman and not have a name to call her by, lol.

Does anyone have any thoughts on who she might be or what she wants?

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darkassassin92 (119 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-08)
I live in oregon it was in march 2013 first monday my mom said she was leaving she left to pick up my half brother that day fell asleep woke up paralyzed and saw my mom touching my chest was this a spirit disguising as my mom as I said she was not their but saw her when I was paralyzed weird right?
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-17)

My Method will not effect this 'spirit' is she is indeed benevolent/good. The Cleansing and Shielding Method that is posted on my profile helps to exchange negative energy for positive energy and to push away and keep out malevolent/evil/negative spirits/energy.

So if 'Amy' is truly a 'nice' spirit just watching over him then she should remain unaffected.

You mentioned your Husband is Part Mic Mac... Could this be a Tribal Spirit/Ancestor that is watching over him...or...You mentioned he started seeing her when you moved into your Condo... What is the History of the property... Is the Mic Mac Tribe part of the History of the Property... The land itself?

Just a few ideas based on the information you have shared with us...



(Personally I am on the fence... But the O/P is relating her Husbands experiences not her own so I am offering my Opinion based on the details shared.)
Obsidian0666 (3 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-16)
No she's sure not a succubus, no seducing going on. She only seems to show up when he's upset about something.

My husband has 'been' with many women including, friends of mine in the past (goth communities are so incestuous, lol), but hasn't lost any of the significant ones to anything other than break ups. So no, we've talked about that angle and he can't think of anyone. It as I said, he senses that he knows her but can't think how or how he even knows this.

Thanks for your input though 😁
Raftingirl (2 stories) (113 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-16)
Obsidian, I agree it's creepy to share your house and husband to another female, be they dead or alive.

Has your husband lost someone in the past that may not want to let go? Can he recognize her?

There will be other theories here about succubus, I imagine. In any case, take care of you both. ❤

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