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The Girl In The Corner


I've been on this site for some time reading the stories and, like many others, I now feel comfortable enough to share my story. And I would love to hear your input on this matter.

I moved into a one bedroom apartment with my fiancΓ© at the time with a lot of excitement, considering we had been living out of a small bedroom in a 3 bedroom apt prior. At this place we were the second tenants to live there. The man that lived there before us moved out of country and had lived there since they were built.

It was an open floor plan for the most part with a vaulted ceiling and from the front door the kitchen was to the left with the dining table and to the right was the living room with a small door leading to the porch. From the front door looking straight back it splits at the end of a short hallway with the bedroom to the right and bathroom to the left.

We lived there with our new pet cat Taj and he was an odd kitty. He would watch things that weren't there and liked to be around us constantly. At night when we would go to sleep, he would desperately try to get back in to the room, sticking his paws under the doors and sometimes ramming it. We always thought it odd, but he was still pretty young so we paid it no mind.

I was always a night owl and when my fiancΓ© would fall asleep, I always would stay up late and read, work on music, or just lay there until I got tired. However, there was always a weird feeling in this place late at night when all was quiet, for I felt uneasy and had a strong feeling to stay close to my fiancΓ© when in bed as if something was threatening her or she was not welcome.

Four months went by since we moved there and our relationship had depreciated due to us being on different pages in life. She moved out, taking her things as well as Taj, and after this devastating blow to me I became sad. The apartment no longer held any warmth to it as far as I was concerned and, despite being completely alone, it never felt that way. I always felt like at any moment someone was going to walk out the door to my bedroom when I was in the living room or kitchen, and as if someone was in the apt when I was in the bedroom. I tried to rationalize it as paranoia or that the break up was messing with me until it escalated after I began to see another girl a few months later.

Jes and I had been seeing each other for a little while and she was staying over one night for dinner and a movie and things seem to be alright, nothing weird happened, no odd vibes, nothing. Until we went to sleep and she shot up from her slumber and woke me up in a panic saying that she had seen a girl in a black dress standing in the corner of the room by the closet. It was really late at night and I just calmed her down and brushed it off, thinking she had a bad dream and went back to sleep.

All was well for a few days until she stayed over again. Like last time, until we went to sleep and she woke up and sat up straight as an arrow, panicking like before saying that she saw a girl in the corner staring at her with an unpleasant look. At this point I was beginning to worry for her and myself, considering I live there.

I'll never forget the last night she stayed with me. She was sound asleep facing the wall and I had my arms around her. I was awake and it was dark in the room but not dark enough to where you couldn't see everything clearly. I rolled over onto my back, looking up at the ceiling when I noticed a form was there looking over me, right next to the bed. I mean literally inches away. The figure resembled a shadowy woman with short hair and, at first, I didn't register what I was seeing. The more I looked, the more it became clear as to what I was looking at. This didn't happen slowly, even though it felt like a long time. Then the form that was standing right next to me on my side of the bed, turned away and disappeared.

That's when it clicked and I realized what I just saw and had happened. I shot up and woke Jes up, freaking out telling her that I just saw a shadowy woman, she was right there next to the bed looking down at me and then turned and moved away and disappeared! We were both freaked out and she never stayed over again after that and later broke up with me.

Thus the mood returned in the apartment, that unusual feeling once more and again, even though being alone, it never really felt like it. After that occurrence I was beginning to have speculations if perhaps I really was not alone all this time.

So another month or so went by and I began seeing another girl. She was into paranormal things same as I was and said that she felt that there was some kind of mood to the apt whenever she came about.

For a while nothing happened until one night we were trying to have a romantic evening and had candles lit in the room with all the lights off (I know Casanova right;) ). We were on the bed and things were getting a bit heavy when all of a sudden we both, at the same time, clear as day saw the girl standing there in the corner by the closet staring at us with a look of displeased confusion. We were looking right at her, she was about 5'-9" judging from the closet door next to her, with a black Victorian style dress and short straight hair about chin length with a fair face, and was quite clear. She didn't appear to be transparent because we couldn't see the wall behind her. Then just as soon as we saw her, she was gone yet it felt like an eternity looking at her. We were frozen in silence and in the room there was a terrible stillness. We both were very freaked out and didn't say anything or even move for a brief time. We then talked about it, realizing that we both had seen the same thing at the same time, word for word made us full of speculation. Needless to say it killed the mood of the evening for sure, and as you would expect that relationship, same as the others before it, failed. Thus again I was alone and was until I moved out.

Shortly after that final event, I started taking care of my friend's cat Spooks and after receiving him the mood shifted in the rest of the apt. He never would go into the bedroom, not ever.

I wonder if whatever this woman is, if she's afraid of cats and hates women or perhaps she's bound to me. I still have the cat, and a lot of other stuff has happened at the other places I've lived there after. However, I feel this story is long enough, and I would be very interested in your thoughts on everything.

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ahuff6513 (3 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-24)
Great story! I give you props! I would have moved out after the second failed relationship especially if they both seen the same thing! You must have little to no fear! Good Luck! 😁
Madgurlee (19 posts)
9 years ago (2013-08-01)
aww glas, I get what you mean, id have to move to his parents or something haha
elfstone810 (227 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-17)
Thanks for posting the link! I'm thinking closer to 1900 than 1920. In the very early 20th century women were still wearing tight, restrictive corsets and sometimes even bustles with full skirts. As the decade progressed, corsets gave way to bras, bodices got looser and skirts were straighter. Of course, we also have no way of knowing how fashionable she was, how wealthy she was, or how old her dress might have been. While a rich woman might be horrified at the thought of wearing last year's gown, a less affluent one might expect a dress to last for years.

I'd stick, in your research, to the 1900-1920 time frame, at least to start.
jazzyq (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-16)
great story to read (not for you) I have also seen a woman in olden day clothing its a strange feeling knowing you are sharing your house with someone from so long ago and also that they can see you in the bedroom (if you know what I mean) πŸ˜‰ can't wait to hear what you find out about this woman in the future:)
FallingRain (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-16)
This is an incredible story glas. I have had something similar happen, being that I was in bed, but it was a man. As soon as the story page comes back up, I will post my story in hopes that you and the others from this page will read it.
glas_enaid (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-16)
i shall indeed, and as for the dress it was a long skirt that came up to her waist, then from there to her neck it was tight and form fitting similar to that of a corset it was also tight to her arms all the way down to her wrists its frilled out at her wrists, neck, and the bottom of the skirt had the same styling and was covering her feet. Like I said you could see her plain as day but due her position of the room and the candles being the only light source any additional detail to her attire was lost. I would say it was similar to this, but the skirt was not quite that wide for she was quite petite.
valkricry (47 stories) (3198 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Thanks, guys and gals. It seems like I'm learning something new all he time too.:)
A little known fact (or perhaps I should say overlooked) is Victorians were pretty big on utilization. To them to spend hard earned, hard to come by cash on a dress for single wear was more than foolish. Also 'mourning', depending on the relationship could be anywhere from a month to a year. Except for widows, who were expected to wear mourning for 2 years. An interesting side bit - in Victorian England, it was considered bad luck to keep the mourning clothes after the appropriate time.
Elf is correct, she could have easily been a victim of the influenza epidemic. It will be interesting to see what you turn up, glas. Keep us posted!
elfstone810 (227 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Actually, I meant that the clothes would fit the time frame. Well, she'd be wearing Georgian clothing, but it would be easy to mistake it for Victorian. If you could describe the dress in more detail we could probably pin it down more accurately. Did it have a full skirt? A hoop skirt? A bustle? High-waisted? Low-waisted? Any embellishments like lace or ribbons or fancy buttons?

Good luck and I'll help all I can from a distance. Pretty sure others on here will too. 😁

Oh, and just so you know, I'm not a sir. 😜
glas_enaid (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
agreed the cloths don't fit the time of the epidemic, and those would be good places to look thank you I would never thought of that. I feel like quite the dunce, also where I lived was quite close to ncsu which was founded in 1887 or so if I can find out who owned the land n' that there might be a possibility that she also was a student at the university. *cracks knuckles* it would seem there is a lot of work to be done, thanks elf your a big help my hat is off to you sir. 😁
elfstone810 (227 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Glass_enaid, the flu epidemic would correspond with a period when neither the short hair nor the long dress would be considered outlandish.

If there's a genealogy library near you, I'd start there. First, look at early 20th century plat maps to see who owned the property (I'd note their neighbors' names too). The county courthouse will also have plat maps.

Once you have the owners' names you can look them up on census records and that should tell you everyone who was living there during the census year. I'd try to get at least 1910 and 1920.

Finally, you can search for any female residents who seem like they might be your ghost in obituaries and cemetery listings. You also might be able to locate pictures in old school yearbooks or in the old class pictures some schools keep on display. The local library might have copies of old yearbooks. If not, the school library probably does. The school secretary would probably be the one to ask, though I'd tell her I was doing genealogy instead of a ghost hunt if it was me. πŸ˜†

Hope these suggestions help! Good luck and let us know what you find? 😁
glas_enaid (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
so far all I have found was between 1914 - 1917 288 people died of a influenza epidemic but as far as the history of that particular hill the apt is built on I have yet to find anything sadly, guess I'm going to have to go into public records or something of the sort 😒

[at] kiego, that girl left due to our relationship being an extremely complicated situation on her end, not do to the ghost.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Sounds like a spirit that needs some sage. When they start watching you in bed, they need to go on to the light!
Kiego (2 stories) (52 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
I always try and give the best advice but it seems that Val beats me to it every time lol. I agree with marine. Val is an intelligent individual and I too learn something new every time.
Also, I can see the other relationships not working out but the last one with the girl who was into the paranormal? Seemed like she wouldn't have run away from something like this, more like she would be interested in helping you get to the bottom of the ghostly girl. Anyway I hope everything is going good for you now.

Good Luck
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Hi glas. Thank you for sharing your experience. Very creepy. Definitely search the history of the location. I would be interested in hearing about the results of that.

Shelby 😊
glas_enaid (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
[at] madgurlee, oddly enough ghosts being about does not bother me as long as I don't feel threatened that is, also i'm quite the poor fellow so I didn't have anywhere else to go 😜
glas_enaid (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Thank you guys for reading i'm glad you enjoyed it, I shall post some others here in a fair bit.

[at] lady-glow, I didn't think to look into that that's a great idea! Far better than my first thought that, the apartment complex are atop a rather large hill I could see that area having a manor home or something of the sort there, ill look into it for sure.

[at] lilady4, sadly I have moved from that apt, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to see if the new residences have had anything strange going on, I suppose that would determine if it was attached to me or the place.

[at] marine, that would make since and it would be my luck I tend to have poor luck attracting "normal girls"

[at] valkricry, I never knew that, for that's quite clever yet in a morbid way quite sad to have both a happy and sad day be shared by the same dress. And indeed, I shall look into it I feel silly I didn't think to put two and two together on that.

Also sorry for the late response guys I was on vacation:/
Madgurlee (19 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
omg I would have moved out the night she was staring at me in bed! Your brave lol
Marine (6 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
valkricry - it never cease to amaze me how you know so much 😁. I learn something new today!
elfstone810 (227 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Perhaps a spirit from the late nineteen-teens? The haircut sounds like a Castle Bob and the dress wouldn't be too outdated yet.

The "Castle Bob" is named after Irene Castle. She and her husband were internationally famous dancers. There's an old Fred Astaire movie based on their life story. Back about the start of the first world war, Irene got tired of messing with her long hair and had it cut short, starting a fad that lasted through the roaring twenties.

A ghost from the twenties would more likely be in a flapper gown.
valkricry (47 stories) (3198 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
I guess it's trivia time. Until 1840, when Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg, many brides were married in black. Store bought material was expensive, and wedding gowns like all other apparel was expected to do double duty, so quite often the dress you married in, served for funerals - even your own. Very poor brides were married in their Sunday best. Saying that... The color isn't so significant as the style. Intriguing is the dress style was Victorian, however her hair length was short. Quite uncommon in the days when her hair was a woman's crowning glory and cutting it was simply not done. One exception I can think of to this is sometimes due to illness the hair might be cut short or shorn. It was believed it would reduce fever, as in Scarlett fever.
It's possible if she were from the Victorian times, she just highly disapproved of the premarital relations. By their standards, the woman involved was considered quite the harlot.
As lady_glow points out, she could be attached to the land and not the apartments.
Marine (6 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-14)
Wow!I had goosebumps reading this. Perhaps this ghost had a really bad romantic experience when she was alive, hence her issues with people getting intimate?

Can't wait to read more of your experiences. Please keep 'em coming.
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-14)
Very interesting story here, glas_enaid. I'm curious as to why she was wearing Black (a colour of Mourning). I personally think that she may be disappointed in your first relationship ending. I would suggest talking to a Medium, who may be able to help you even further.
Love & Light, Rachel ❀
lady-glow (13 stories) (2930 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-13)
Welcome to YGS!
Your story is very interesting and well written.
Do you know the history of the land where the apartments are built or if a woman died there?
She could be a ghost from a time prior to the era when the apartments were built.
Perhaps you remind her of someone she's been waiting since a long time ago.

I'm looking forwards to read more of your stories.
Thanks for sharing.

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