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3rd Floor Corner Room Ghost


First off I would like to greet every reader here! Good DAY! I'm new in sharing stories online but I've been motivated lately by reading every post here in YGS! So thanks guys! Anyway here's my story!

It happened about 2 years ago when I was working in one of the BPO company here in Cebu (call center company). We will be having a party that time and there was this contest in which each account should build the most beautiful banners representing the name and logo of each account, to make the story short, I've volunteered in the project. I will make the project in my boarding house.

My boarding house is a three-story building, the 1st floor is for the owner of the house, the 2nd floor is for the tenant with 2 rooms (staircase in front of the 2 rooms going 3rd floor) and the 3rd floor is a veranda with 1 room and an altar with a blind spot just corner of the room.

It was night time around 8 in the evening, I've decided to relax and have a smoke in the 3rd floor and continue working with the project there. I was so busy then, working with my right hand and a cigarette on my left hand, this was the time that I've heard someone was approaching from 2nd floor going up to the 3rd floor.

I was facing sideways where I can see the stairs through my peripheral. The footsteps becoming louder and louder as the person is approaching the last step. I've got a glimpsed of it and turned my head towards it. It was wearing a gray shirt with long hair approaching the blind spot and hiding in the corner of the room. It happened so fast but I am quite sure it was someone from the boarding house. Busy with the project and I don't want any annoyance or interruption, I've asked the person to come out because I knew she/he was hiding in the corner, "Labas kana! Alam ko nandyan ka! (come out already! I knew you're there!) but the person was quite a prankster and doesn't want to reveal their self.

I was becoming furious and angry so I've decided to confront it with my ninja skill (tiptoeing and not making a noise) while approaching the area, to my surprise no one was there! FEAR is what I've felt sending it through my spines! Seconds later, I've felt a cold cold breeze brushing through my face as if it was kissing me or passing through me! I cannot move or run. It was 5 seconds before I can move my entire body and run downstairs! I've asked my boardmates and my landlady if one of them played a prank on me and they all said "NO".

The Boarding house is new and no history of any sorts. Until now, thinking of it send shivers down my spines!

Good day!

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Pinaynay (14 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-22)
I wonder why ghosts/ spirits or other entities like to stay in the corners? Whoever it was may she/he finds peace... Thanks for sharing.

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