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Objects Moving Near Me And Voices


A couple quick stories:

A couple years ago around 11pm, I was walking past my laundry room to go into another room heading out my back door. Laundry room light was off, hallway light was on. We have a hanger rack in there with a few metal hangers on it, with no clothes on any. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the hangers fly off and land about 3-4 feet away. Once it took off I was looking when it was in midair.

I looked around the house for my cat just to be sure he wasn't involved, and he was asleep on a window sill a couple rooms away. And I tried to pull a hanger off by just pulling on it, but there's a bar in the way so there's no way to get the hanger off without lifting it up and pulling sideways. I was 16 when this happened and I was the only one awake in the house. My dad would be home from work in a couple hours.

A few days ago I was in my sister's room around 3pm. The only people home was me and my little brother's friend who was waiting for him to get back. (He was at the store with my mom getting his birthday cake). His friend was sitting watching TV in the next room. My sister was at swim team at her high school around the block and she had called to be picked up because she was sick. I informed her mom was gone and should be back soon.

I was looking for one of our cats who was lightly sleeping under my sister's big round chair loaded with folded clothes she hadn't put away and I shot him in the back with my double barreled Nerf gun. (I do all the time just to mess with him, he just meows and sits there) And my sister was calling a third and fourth time just to be like "Where's mom!" but I didn't answer because I know that's just the way she is. And the fourth time she was calling I got up really fast, took a step and a small candle in a glass cup on her 5 foot tall dresser flew off landing four feet away, a foot from my feet. The cup upside down and the candle an inch away, not broken. If I was a step closer it probably would've hit me in the stomach softly. It got around 8 inches from the top of the dresser. And the cat started meowing oddly for a few seconds with his eyes still closed.

That night around 9pm I was on the computer in the downstairs living room and I heard a laugh behind me from a young man. I thought it was my older brother whose room was down the hall but his door was closed and no one else was downstairs. It really sounded like it was a few feet behind me. I swear it sounded like my older brother's friend Matt who died at 16 over 5 years ago. Not saying it was suicide but would like to think it was an accident.

I didn't feel threatened at all during these events.

Also would like to add a story my mom told me when I was 2.

My aunt and uncle were visiting from Montana. I was asleep downstairs with my aunt and my older brother who was 4 was sleeping upstairs with my mom. Aunt and mom were both awake watching TV. It was 11pm and my uncle and dad were just walking in the front door when all of the lights and electrical items turned off. The light switches were turned to the off position.

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Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-22)
Interesting story here, Jasonh12345678. I would think that this is a friendly Spirit so to speak. You don't have to necessarily acknowledge its presence, but you can say "Please stop startling me" like sds said.
Love & Light, Rachel ❤
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-19)
Hello Jasonh12345678, welcome to YGS. Strange experiences indeed. A couple of years ago, when you were 16, you saw the hanger fall down and a few days ago, the candle in your sister's room flew and fell down. And you heard a laugh, supposedly from a young man, when you were on computer. Leaving the first incident that happened a couple of years ago, I feel that there is something trying to draw your attention. You said that you didn't feel threatened at these incidents. Then my suggestion would be to talk to the spirit and I just feel that it wanted to draw your attention. It might be your brother's friend, who died or it might not. But you can talk to the spirit, if you experience anything in future and say in a polite manner that you acknowledge its presence and you can also request it not to startle you and to respect your privacy and space. May be that could work out.

In the meantime, please try to maintain a journal if it recurs. Try to investigate about the history of the house. Talk to your family members if they experienced anything other than what you have told them. Ask your neighbours about it. You might get some more information. Please share it with us. I do not think that whatever is present in the house is harmful or evil.

Please keep us updated.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Regards and respects to you.


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