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The Haunted Moving Dog Statues


My cousins came over 3 years ago from Lowa to visit us and decided to tell us about a story when they caught a ghost on camera and about some dog statues they used to have that moved on their own.

They said that they got them from a sale at a flea market or yard sale, I forget but the original owners of them didn't want them anymore so they started to sell them because something terrified them so bad.

I have been to his house and seen his dog statues and I always felt some odd bad vibe and energy about them, even my siblings felt it too while they were around them. I sometimes felt like they stared at me and even everyone agreed. One of my cousins said that one of them creeped her out because she swears one moved his head to look at her and then back to normal.

Then one day my aunt actually caught one moving whenever she looked away and back. She decided to throw them away in a plastic bag and when my cousin asked what was in the bag, she was like " don't touch them, it's the dog statues, I'm throwing them out now since they scare me and give off a bad vibe."

They also said that they heard barks and growls at night when they had them. I felt really spooked when they told me that. Like those statues were definitely possessed either by a dog or a demon or a ghost that is attached to them but they're gone now. Those statues really looked realistic.

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mikemelda65 (2 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-04)
As close as I am to Iowa (Missouri), I'd loved to had got them just so I could observe them. If by chance they show up again, I'll take them.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-16)
Hi Wandering24Fox

Are you sure that they were just ornamental? Perhaps they served some other purpose.

It's crazy but I just finished watching all of the Annabelle movies and just got me wondering 😅...
The_Real_Rex (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-14)
Maybe they were cremation urns for dogs, or memorial items?
How did they look like?

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