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The Grandad


Eight years ago on the 24th of December, close to midnight, my grandad Rolf died of a heart attack... At least that's what I think it was. He died so suddenly and when me and my mom got the text saying that he was in the hospital and just took his last breath, we were so shocked we couldn't sleep all night. After several days we still couldn't believe that he was gone. But did that stop him being around us? Not really.

Just a few years (not sure how many, probably 2-3) after he passed away we all felt that things were different at home. But it was me who he tried to make himself noticed to the most. That's what I think at least. The others in the family didn't talk much about it.

My first experience I had with him (I'm saying him because we've never had any ghost type of experience at home at all and I just know it's him) started very softly as I was sitting at the computer editing videos, when all out of a sudden I feel this cold wind breeze going around my neck and vanishes just as quick. I know there were no air current because it was on a hot summer evening and we don't have an air ventilation that would be that strong. But I knew it was something. It wasn't the first time I've had an experience so I knew what was going on but I was still confused about what happened.

Not much happened for a while until mom told me when she was cleaning the living room and was about to wipe the TV she saw what looked like two fingers removing some dust as if someone wanted to show "Hey! Clean the TV, it's dirty" which my grandad was a bit like. Really nice but wanted to be in control. I had my doubts about it but I still believed her.

Another few years passed after that with no experiences, no feelings, nothing, until a late night when I was home alone just going upstairs to sit down by the computer to finish homework. When I started it I heard this loud male whisper in my ear saying, "What are you doing?" It gave me massive chills and I ran downstairs as fast as I could and refused to go up there the rest of the night... Which ended with me "sleeping" on the couch. And of course when I told everyone I know about it they didn't believe me.

Once again a couple of years passed with no experiences at all. As if grandad is playing with us or just need to store up more energy to do what he's doing. The last thing that happened to me before things began to calm down was that I went down the basement to check the fridge and as I walked down the last steps I could see this figure in the corner of my eye walking into the room where our heat generator is. I completely froze and walked slowly upstairs. Since then I'm always scared to go down there. I know it had to be him but it still makes me nervous.

Since then I told myself that I wanted to try get proof that the people who are dead are still there with us. Not often, but a few times when I feel brave enough, I go to places like the graveyard or any place that is said to have some sort of haunting and to try capture voices on my phone recorder. But my main goal with it is to capture my grandad. (I did capture 2 voices at times so far. Not him sadly...)

And with experiences... There have been some small moments. Knocking on walls, footsteps upstairs, chills and so on but it's not bothering me. Nowadays it's not scaring me unless it's surprising me.

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