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The Glowing Orb And Talking To A Dead Family Member


This is my first story on this site. I have had a few weird experiences I my adult life, but they are not concentrated around one period or one place, so I hope you don't find them to mixed-up. They are not the most crazy or wild accounts, but here goes.

The first time I really experienced something "supernatural" was around 2007, when I lived with my then boyfriend in an apartment in a small city in Jutland. The building was from around the 1970's, so not very old or anything. I personally don't think that the building's age has much to do with it being haunted or not, but that's just my view.

The first episode takes place in our bedroom, at night, where we were both asleep. It was summer, so not totally dark outside as, it rarely is in Scandinavia in the summertime. Because of the light, we had some pretty long and very dark curtains that covered the whole window. The only small light that came through them was at the sides. Between the window and the opposite wall was our bed in the middle of the room.

I remember waking up one night - out of nothing - not something I normally do. I turned toward my boyfriend and above him hovered a glowing circle of light. It looked like a ball of fire with white and orange light. It made me really scared, though it did nothing but just hover there. It was about the size of a small handball. I just looked at it, for some reason not being able to look away. After what seemed like 5-7 seconds (I'm not sure) it simply disappeared. There is no way the light came from the window or anywhere else. My feeling at the time was that it was in some way "alive". It was a very strange experience, but it never happened again after that.

My ex-boyfriend was never the kind to believe in things like ghosts or orbs. But he told me that one night (in aforementioned apartment) he was up and on the computer one night after I had gone to bed. Suddenly he heard a banging sound and then the door to the living room (which definitely was closed) opened. He thought it was me getting up for something, but when he looked again there was nothing. He had a very eerie feeling and went to close the door again. The door was not one to simply open, so it was very strange, but far from the most scary "ghost story" I have ever heard.

The strangest thing I have ever experienced was my ex and I playing the Ouija board. I know you are not supposed to do that sort of thing, but we did and we did indeed get contact. My boyfriend again didn't believe these sort of things, but humored me in playing it. I hoped to have contact with my grandfather who had died over 10 years earlier, so all my focus was on that.

We asked if anyone was there and after a while the board said "yes". We then asked who was there and was surprised to see the board spelling out the name of my boyfriend's father who had committed suicide when my boyfriend was about 10. I could see my boyfriend was a little shaken, but we went on with it.

I don't remember the exact words from that session, though I wrote it down at the time, but the spirit was concerned with my boyfriend's mother (his ex-wife) and told us that she should "live her life". His mother had not had a man in her life for at least 20 years and we knew that he was her "one true love", despite the fact that they were divorced when he died.

We asked the spirit other things I don't remember (it being some years back) but I do remember asking him why he chose to take his own life and he simply replied, "couldn't anymore" and to say hello to "ex-wife's name" - after that there was nothing.

I was convinced that we had had contact with his father, and so was my boyfriend that night. Later on he said that we probably just subconsciously played tricks on each other. I still don't believe that.

It was in a way very moving, that the spirit (if it was indeed his father) was, still after death, so concerned for the ones he left behind, but is was also chilling, because it made us wonder what happens to us when we go.

We never told my boyfriend's mother what we had experienced because it would only have broken her heart.

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