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Don't Touch His Stuff


I'm new to this so my story might be a little rough. Ok so when I was about 12 I experienced something. When I was that age, I was very skeptical about spirits and ghosts.

Ever since I lived in my new house I always felt a heavy presence. The man who was selling us the house said, "Don't touch his stuff. If you leave it alone you should be alright." We all thought it was a joke.

So about 11:40 when we got all settled in I decided to go to bed. My room has hardwood floors so you can hear whenever someone walks in. I then heard my door open and someone walking across the room by my bed. I thought it was my brother because he never leaves me alone. Anyway, I felt it crawl onto my bed and I quickly turned around and nothing was there. I looked over at my door, which was closed, and I seen a man with the tall hat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I quickly turned around at the wall and tried to sleep. I stayed up for about 30 minutes laying there and it felt like forever. After that I heard shuffling and I turned around and this time the man was at the foot of my bed. I screamed and my mom ran in but the man disappeared.

After that night I was so terrified but had to sleep in that room. I asked my dad if he seen anything weird and he said, "Oh yes, all the time." He said he seen the same man in the dining room, on the back porch when he came home from work and lots of other places.

My dad told me to not be afraid. He won't do anything to me if I don't do anything to him, I thought. After my dad sat me down, I experienced less paranormal activity in my room.

I have more stories about this man I will post soon.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-17)
[at] querent,yeah I figured as much. Its just seems so selfish to me. Ugh the troubles for money
Querent (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-16)
[at] spiritwaiting He wanted the money, that mattered more to him is why.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-14)
Ghostluver104, This seems a bit crazy to me, not the story. But the man whom sold your parents the home. Why on earth would he sell someone a home, if he new there was potential danger or harm for future owners? And like Lady-glow,I also wonder was the home furnished? Fully or had furnishings here and there?
Because it seems a bit unfair to you all, to literally have to leave these items where there at, for your family to be safe.
CharlaC (6 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-10)
Sounds like the spirit was a past resident. You should research the history of the house, or the property it's on. Might give you some clarity. And it sounds like the spirit isn't harmful. It may have just been curious about you and your family who had moved into his home, but sounds like he's pretty chill about it. So I wouldn't sweat it, because from what you've explained so far, I would assume the spirit is willing to share.
User1690 (12 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-09)
Very interesting story. The man with the hat may have been a shadow/demonic entity trying to freak you out so you become more afraid and thus you emit negative/heavy energies that it can feed on. The fact that when your dad told you about him experiencing this too, and to not be afraid = less activity somewhat proves that.

As with what lady-glow said, I agree, a bit more information does help. Especially if your ever looking for answers/explanations. Otherwise our explanations too could 'be a little rough'.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2954 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-07)
Ghostluver104: welcome to YGS.
There is something I do not understand about your story, when the man that sold your parents the house said: "Don't touch his stuff. If you leave it alone you should be alright". Do you mean they bought the house with all its furnishing?
Do you know who this "man with a tall hat" was and if he died in the house?
Do not take me wrong, but it would be very helpful if in the future you could include more information describing your stories; like you say, this one is a little rough.
I'm looking forwards to read your next submission.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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