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Visitation From My Brother


I have always believed in ghosts/spirits but had no experiences to back this up until my brother passed away. Dewey died 7/24/05. Dewey, his wife and their 2 children had came up to my parents' house for the weekend, since I was celebrating my 21st birthday on the 23rd. Everything had been fine, I was talking to my brother before going out to celebrate and I remember him distinctly telling me that if anything happened to him, to take care of his wife and kids. I just kind of laughed at him and said, "Oh yeah, of course I will." Well that night he decided to stay at home with my dad and his kids while everyone else went out to get me drunk.

The next morning I get a call early in the morning from my dad. He proceeded to tell me to get to his house now because my brother just passed away. This was a very difficult time for my whole family, especially his wife. No, I will not go into the cause of death, other than to say it was accidental and did happen in my parents' house.

Now, remember, until this point I have had no actual ghostly experiences, just an unexplained faith in their existence. So, one night a few months after he passed away I was talking to my sister-in-law and she told me that right after he passed (somewhere between that night or up to 3 days later) she was laying in bed and crying and then she felt him kiss both of her eyes and then her lips. This is what he would do in life, too. At this point she was still at my parents' house, since we held the funeral here, and she was not ready to return to her home yet, either.

So, fast forward about 3 years to February 2008. My husband and I bought our own house. He was working a night job at this point in time, until about a month to a month and a half after we moved in. So for this period I would be home alone until 2-3 am when he would get home. Well, after about 2-3 weeks I was laying in bed and it was dark. All of a sudden I noticed headlights from a car shining in at me through the window. The part that got me was that we had never touched the blinds to open them, as they weren't put up very well and liked to fall down if touched.

So, the next day I asked my husband why he opened the blinds. He proceeded to tell me that he never touched them. This was strange, but I just said, ok and put the thought away. A few months later I happened to notice that 2 of the floor vents in my living room were suddenly closed off. Now, we lived in a mobile home, and these vents were hard to open and close, meaning, you can't do it unknowingly. I asked everyone who had been there if they closed them, and every person said they hadn't. So this is where I have come to the conclusion that my brother had been playing tricks on me. I never had any feelings good or bad, so I really don't think it was some unknown spirit, as that doesn't make any sense to me.

There are a couple of things that lead me to know without a doubt that our loved ones stay after death to help those who really need it. When I was finally starting to grieve for Dewey, which took a while for me - I am talking months, and it was slowly coming out - I would be crying very hard just missing him. I was to the point where I was crying so hard I couldn't breath easily, just like panting. After a few minutes, I would have this complete calm come over me, just like switch was flipped. One second I was crying uncontrollably and the very next I am no longer crying and am breathing fine. Which, everyone who has cried knows it takes a few minutes to calm your breathing from that point. The only way you would have known I was crying was by the puffy eyes. This happened every time I cried for him for about the first 2 years. I couldn't actually feel my brother with me, just this unbelievable calm. It is something that had never happened to me prior or even since that time.

The only other spiritual encounters have been in my dreams. Every dream has been a different setting, the only one I can clearly recall is at like an airport. I have had multiple dreams with my brother, but they are also basically the same idea. I will see him standing there (wherever it may be) and he will look at me, but there is never any emotion on his face and he will not speak or even try to. I am also fully aware in my dream that he is dead. This was mainly the first 2 years that I would dream with Dewey as the starring role, but it also happened about 6 months ago. No, he hadn't been on my mind at the time, as I have been dealing with health problems and also have a 4 year old son to take care of.

Also, about 3 weeks ago I had the same type of dream, but instead of it being my brother it was a friend who passed away about 13 years ago. And this is a girl that I truly hadn't thought of in many years. But it was the same that I knew she was dead, she wouldn't even try to speak, and she would just stare at me with a blank look on her face. In life, this girl always had a smile, so it is hard to even picture her without one.

I am not asking for any dream interpretations, I just want to know if anyone has any thoughts as to whether this may be a real visit, or just my subconscious. I have read other stories where people have had actual visits in their dreams but, so far, I haven't read any with an experience like mine. I truly want to believe my brother just wants to see me, and let me see him, but I just have no way to know for sure. I am also curious to hear if anyone reading this has ever had that completely calming effect in the middle of an uncontrollable crying session.

Thank you for reading, and commenting, if you should feel the desire to do so.


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niaavea17 (2 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-25)
Your story has gotten the best of me and made me realize that I also and still do miss my dad, he passed on in September 2, 2012 at 9:02 p.m... Even though my dad was a very strong believer in his church LDS, even after his burial Angel came to my mom and told her that he can hear us but he can't leave the place that he is in because " paradise was waiting for him". Point is this, he wanted to tell you that he loves you included your sister-n-law too. He is watching over you making sure that you'll always be safe no matter where you're at.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-03)
amberlynn- I understand exactly how you feel and please believe in your dreams. I am sorry for your loss but he is for sure there with you always. If you are interested in a reading about a similiar feeling, please read my story "Here when needed". I'm confident what derek makes me feel is how your brother consoles you too. I believe the calm feeling you feel is the peace that your brother is with now. God bless.
amberlynn (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-13)
Caralotte, it is still very recent to receive a visit from your brother. I didn't have those dreams or anything for a while after his death. So there's still plenty of chancesto get a visit from your brother.

Granny, yes, I can those are the times that I know I'm dreaming. However, I am unable to control anything I do or say and they only tend to last for a minute.

Testoli, yes I am sure it's not depression. I suffer from this daily and have dealt with it for many years, so I do know the difference.

Jade, I have heard of stories similar to yours and I just find the end result so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your stories, I just am thankful to hear other experiences and thoughts and opinions.
Jademalika84 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-13)
Hi I thought your story was really nice, it's always nice to think loved ones are trying to connect with us and let us know they are there, I have had a similar experience with my grandmother, I had some real bad relationship problems with my ex we would fight all the time and anyway in this house I was in it started off with my kids toys continuously going off at night not just one toy but many, and than it got worse we than had pictures fly off the walls at the time I had a 2month old baby asleep in a basinett next to me and a picture went flying from one wall over to were the baby was, when me and my partner would fight I had a big picture down stairs suddenly fall and smash right when he was packing his bag, I don't know if that was to stop us from fighting or what but anyway one night when I was asleep I had a real calm feeling and in my dream I seen my nan sitting on my bed in the cloths she had passed in, she was patting my hair like she use to when she was here and telling me everything is going to be ok she keept repeating it I awoke and it felt so real so so so real, anyway a couple of weeks later me and my partner separated we have two boys, for months and months after I had that dream I had the hardest times of my life so hard that I felt like ending it but I keept strong because of that dream and my boys and now I have found the happiness I was looking for I believe my nan was there and she was warning me and protecting me keeping me strong and she has been there every step of the way
Testoli456 (7 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-12)
I usually feel better after a hard core crying session, you sure it wasn't depression?
Aurora123 (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-10)
Cool story I always know I'm dreaming anyway so idont know I never get visits but I do know I'm dreaming when I sleep. Well idont know if you're getting visits but just think you are, it's more calming like that. And sometimes I cry uncontrollably them randomly stop but not about death cause I haven't had a close one die
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
11 years ago (2014-01-09)
amberlynn: First of all, sorry for your loss.
A lot of the visits I receive are while dreaming. I feel it's the easiest way for them to come through. How do you feel during your dream? I mean, do you realize at any point that you're dreaming? It's this kind of realization that convinces me that it's a true visitation. If you have any kind of control (ie: you know you're dreaming) try asking some questions, or just a simple "hi, I miss you". I think most of us have experienced the "calm". It's awesome.

Caralotte: Your brother may be sending you small signs that you're missing. His favorite song pops on the radio while you're thinking of him; you get a craving for his favorite food even though you may not like it (LOL); you get a slight whiff of his cologne. But, even if you never experience these things just know that it doesn't mean he isn't near. ❤
Caralotte (3 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-09)
I just lost my little Brother, age 28, last month and I would give anything for a visit from him. That is the only thing I didn't recieve from my Grandmother, Family visitors that have passed. I get visitors and feelings, just no Family. My condolences on your loss, I feel your pain. I miss my Bubby so much.
spiritwolfdancer (6 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-07)
So sorry for your loss, I lost my mother some years ago very suddenly so I know what you mean. Even now when I get those moments when I miss her so much I can feel her with me, it's an amazing feeling. Your brother will always be near you. God Bless x
amberlynn (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-02)
Thank you all for your comments. I am sorry for all of your losses. It is never easy to lose someone we care about. It is nice to know that I am not alone with the calming effect. Mine wasn't at the time of my brothers death, but I know it was him comforting me. It is a wonderful feeling, and I am just glad to know I am not alone in feeling it. Thank you, again.
glesgaboy (24 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-02)
Hello amberlynn, so sorry for you loss.
Yes I have experienced calm but in a different way.
A very good friend and co-worker of mine died of a heart attack at work some years ago.
On the day he died (he was working outside), I was sitting inside with another co-worker.he said to me, "Is it me, or have things gone really quiet around here"?
I stopped for a moment and listened, and sure enough not sound could we hear anywhere, it was literally dead silence for about at least 5 solid minutes as we sat there.
Then as if someone had turned a switch, all of life's normal noises started filling our ears again.
It happened at 2 in the afternoon the time of my friends untimely death.
Spotandangel (7 posts)
11 years ago (2014-01-02)
I'm sorry for your loss. Yes, I've experienced the CALM you described. Years ago, while I sat clipping coupons, I was abruptly overcome with grief and began to cry really hard. All I could think is that my dear grandfather, who lived thousands of miles away, had died. I must have cried for 10 minutes when suddenly a total peace and calm came over me; I felt like Grandpa was saying, "Don't cry, I'm just fine!" When I contacted my parents, Grandpa had indeed passed away at that time, and I believe he wanted me to know he was OK now.
Argette (guest)
11 years ago (2013-12-31)
I just lost a brother, too, so I have an idea of what you are going through. So sorry. Thanks for taking the time to share.
amberlynn (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-30)
Thank you for your sweet words, ngute. I am very sorry for your loss, as well. It is very difficult losing anybody we love. I have always heard "time heals all wounds" but I don't believe it. What I have found to be true is that time makes all things more bearable. As long as it has been since we lost my brother, I still miss him like crazy, but the hurt and pain aren't quite as bad as they used to be. And it always helps to believe that I will see him again one day.
ngute801 (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-30)
I am very sorry for your loss. I truly believe that it is the easiest for them to come to us in our dreams. I am speaking from expierence of course. A man that I considered and loved like a brither passed away a year ago. I think the way he died is the hardest to deal with (he was a halo jumper in the Army and both of his chutes failed on a jump). Thank you for sharing and God bless.

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