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Brothers' House And The Scaredy Cat


This story will be shorter than my other stories.

This is about my brothers' house, I will mention what I've experienced there and what he has experienced.

For the sake of this post Brother who owns the house will be called Rufus and my other brother will be called Mingus 😂

Rufus is very sensible and after saving and getting himself a good job was about to save up enough to buy a beautiful detached house in a quite little area, the house isn't really old. Mingus moved in with him too.

They decided to have a housewarming party when he first got the house and I went to help him do food, organize the house and whatnot. Because I was there all day I decided to take my things (makeup, party clothes) to get ready later on instead of dragging me and my two young children home again. I got ready in Rufus' bedroom, he had giant mirrors on his built in wardrobe doors and a plug socket on the left wall for me to plug in my straighteners. His bedroom layout when you walk in was, his bed is on the left and the built in wardrobe takes up the entire back wall, there wasn't much else as he had just moved in.

Anyway, we party, people were having a few drinks and it got close to my daughters' bedtime so I started preparing to leave which involved getting my things from Rufus' bedroom, as I walked into his room a black item of clothing on the end of his bed lifted up into the air and was thrown against the right side wardrobe door with quite a bit of force. I stormed into the room, grabbed my things, walked downstairs and hastily said my goodbyes and went home.

After the party I decided to tell my brother what I had witnessed, he went pale and explained that he never leaves his cupboard doors open and the same door the item of clothing had hit at his party had slammed shut in the early hours of the morning waking him up.

I've been sat at my brothers with him and heard people walking around upstairs when it is just me and my brother in the house.

He told me over Christmas time he was in his room (which he has renovated by this point so he has his work desk in) and he heard someone open Mingus' bedroom door and walk down the stairs, he assumed it was Mingus for a while until he realized he was actually at work that day.

Last event I was "involved in" was a couple of weeks ago, Rufus was messaging me about being laid watching tv on his sofa downstairs, he was about to go up to bed, turned the tv off and his cat ran and jumped on his lap and got comfy, he was sending me pictures laughing about accepting his fate of having to stay put. Then the Cat started staring at the ceiling, then at Rufus, he wouldn't get off his knee either, he said there wasn't anything there and it was starting to creep him out a little bit. Then the cat started trying desperately to get out of the house, at first Rufus didn't want to let him because it was heavily raining and really bad winds outside. In the end he caved and the cat just sat under the porch, preferring there than being in the house. Rufus went upstairs and as he got to the top he heard a gigantic crash and couldn't determine where about it came from, Mingus was fast asleep at this point as he wakes up for work at 4/5am, so it wasn't him (he also sleeps on a mattress on the floor at the moment while he decorates so he hadn't fallen out of bed) nothing was out of place.

The cat is still opting for being outside in the cold and rain than indoors too.

Just odd.

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Rajine (14 stories) (795 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-18)
Hi this sounds creepy and mind boggling because of all the random things happening in a new place, do you know if there were previous owners?. Do you or your brother feel that these incidents feel or have a sort of malevolent undertone to it?, has your brother tried or would he want to do a ritual home cleansing? It would help with the unexplained incidents happening in his home.

What is your other brothers take on this whole incident?

Thank you for sharing your story and I'll look forward to reading from you.
the_0lympians (10 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-17)
I have two cats (Sadie Annabeth Kane and Maxwell Silverhammer Kane) and Max has been really jumpy he sometimes will run for no reason or jump at a wall. I know cats and think you should know that that is not normal cat behavior and advise your brother to take his cat to the Vet and see if that is why (Not that I am a non-believer of Ghosts it is just that I hate it when a cat is harmed or scared my Ghosts).🐈👻👻
MK1 (2 stories) (28 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-10)
Hi, [at] RoseyWren,

Enjoyed the story, thank you for sharing. Definitely very, very odd, indeed. The fact that the story involved a pet creeped me out even more, for this reason:

Since I've been married (21 years), my wife and I have had two Boxer dogs, the first one was named Mingus, and the current one is Rufus. Of all the pseudonymous "names" you could have given your brothers, you gave them these two! Definitely spooky.

Both of my Boxers have been especially sensitive to paranormal/ghosts/etc, as many animals can be. Boxers are especially known (and prized) for their fearless loyalty to their owners, and ours have been no exception.

My Rufus, in particular, has been "following" something around the ceiling in the den of our house, cautiously, and sometimes he will come and stand between me and the "thing" he is watching, either protecting me or making himself feel safer, much like your brother's cat.

Being a musician, my Boxers were named for musicians (Charles) Mingus and Rufus (Thomas). Are you familiar with these two, or did you simply grab names out of the air? Very interesting!

Thanks again for sharing your stories. I've enjoyed reading them. Be well.


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