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My New Old Home


My wife and I bought a run-down house about two years ago. It had a nice large yard and established garden with a swimming pool and a one bedroom flat at the back of the yard.

For the first year we stayed in the flat while fixing the home. We had quite a few strange occurrences happening in the new home, including a strange photograph my wife took before we had started doing any work on the house. The photograph showed what looked like a bright white silhouette of a female with shoulder length hair. It was showing only half of the head and about quarter of the torso. I posted it on a forum and someone mentioned that it looked like part of a finger in front of the smartphone's lens. We were comfortable with the explanation as it seemed very logical.

As time passed and we got acquainted with the house and its history we started to understand. One of the previous owners, around the early '90s, used to own a few trucks and did the transportation of earthmoving equipment for the numerous mines around town. He did a lot of improvements to the home at the time and seemed to really love the home and the area.

My New Old Home

One day around December month he was transporting a bulldozer on a low-bed trailer when he fell asleep behind the wheel, the truck left the road and hit a culvert. The force of the impact caused the chains holding the bulldozer in place to break, causing the bulldozer to run over the cab of the truck and cut his body in two just below his shoulders. His wife continued to stay on in the house until she passed from cancer around the mid-2000's.

The new owners, who then bought the house, boarded a room to a young guy in his twenties. As is the custom in small towns where there's little to do, the boarder usually went out with friends to the local watering hole over weekends. One night in particular while heavily under the influence he picked a fight with the owner of the bar and got beaten really bad. Afterwards he went home and got in bed never to wake up again...

We had bought the home without knowing the tragic history of the home but I guess we would still have done it even if we did know it beforehand as we got the house for an absolute bargain. In hindsight we now understand why the property was abandoned with accounts from neighbours of the sound of dishes being washed in the kitchen at night, people walking around the house and the barking of a phantom bulldog in the garden. That said, we have become comfortable with the paranormal after having stayed in a house with poltergeist activity and me being sensitive to the spirit world since I was born.

The house became liveable in April 2013 as we had finished most of the kitchen and bathroom and moved in at the same time. The first night in the house we heard boxes being moved around and the furniture, which was not in place yet, being dragged across the floor. I grabbed pepperspray and went to investigate after my wife woke me up to the noises as I'm a fairly heavy sleeper.

This went on for the first few nights and also included the rustling of cutlery in the kitchen at night and movement in ones' peripheral vision. Activity then quieted down quite a bit, it seemed as if they were just checking us out! After that we would could still hear the odd footstep on the fixed wooden parquet floors and the sounds of doors being closed while all were actually open and when no-one else was around. My mother-in-law is a complete sceptic but actually once saw a cupboard door that is very hard to open, open and close on its own accord. It never really bothered us as the home had a good, relaxed feeling about it.

After the first week it quieted down quite a bit with the occasional sound of doors closing or the odd footsteps here and there. What we did still see regularly, though, is a small white Jack Russell terrier similar to the two we own. We would see what we think is one of our dogs in the house when they should be outside. When we go after it to take the dog out, no dog is to be found inside with both of our dogs outside and both outside doors closed!

The past couple of week's things are seeming to liven up though! There would be some of the usual activity associated with haunted homes we are quite fine with such as cold drafts, footsteps etc. Some, like the cold drafts, could have logical explanations but they are occurring during high summer on a 38 degrees Celsius day when all doors, windows and curtains are closed to keep the heat out.

What is less common to us is that we have now seen the bright white silhouette of the woman as photographed passing from the kitchen into the living room on two occasions. I have also heard what sounds like a large dog growling right by our bedroom window at night while all of our dogs are inside at night. Our closest neighbour is about 100m from our house and they only own poodles which would not be able to growl like that. Our yard is also fenced off so no stray would have access.

Lately we would be awakened at night for no reason at all while a very bright blueish-white, perfectly round sphere of light would be hovering above me and my wife. It is completely silent and stationary. Is this what people actually refer to as orbs or is it another type of phenomenon? I was sitting in the living room about a week ago when I saw what I thought to be a bat as it was a similar size, black but with a silver static type colour in between, swooping down from the sealing in an arc moving underneath a couch. It was completely silent and just seemed out of place, although we get a bat visit at least once a week. I immediately got up and looked under and around the couch only to find nothing. I am familiar to the effects of high EMF's but our wiring is new and was done using shielded power cord. I have also tested the EMF's within the home with my Samsung Note (exactly how accurate it is I do not know) and do not get any high readings.

I must mention that my wife is now 6 months pregnant, could it be that it is acting as a catalyst? I have also become interested in the occult, not to the point of doing any spell work or playing with a Ouija board but only by reading a lot about the subject. I guess I just have a deep interest in the paranormal! Otherwise it could be the time of the year or just be our imaginations? I highly doubt it, however, as we both independently experienced the same events! Maybe it is time for me to hold my own little investigation?

I would appreciate any feedback, especially with regards to the hovering lights, the "bat" and the escalation of activity just as we found out that my wife is pregnant.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
5 years ago (2017-01-14)
While there may be 'activity' in your home I have to admit that what I (personal opinion here) see in the picture is what others (on the 'other forum') have stated...

It looks like a finger right up beside the lens and the flash... You can 'trace' the line of the fingernail back... My guess is its the left index finger of who ever snapped this pic.


Martin (602 posts) mod
5 years ago (2017-01-14)
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published.
glesgaboy (24 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-15)
Hamrammr, an interesting story.
Before you "play with fire" (venture into the occult) may I suggest a little test for you.
Evil hates good yet cannot exist without it but good can certainly exist without evil.
Therefore, "truth" which ultimately is the foundation of good, cannot be denied.
Go to the place in your house that you feel is the most active and place a Holy Bible in a prominent place.
Open it randomly and take a note of which passage you have come upon.
Leave it open and make sure there are no windows or draft interferences surrounding it which could potentially blow the pages.
Leave it for a while and check on it every now and then.
This is a much safer and more definitive way to get answers... Way better than "the occult".
shhh_im_sleeping (14 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-13)
I find your story interesting. The tragic deaths along with the renovation of the home could be "stirring up" the spirits.
H2olily (5 stories) (157 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-11)
Would be nice to see the photograph in question. I'm just saying...
Hamrammr (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-10)
Thanks for all the replies guys I'm taking your advice to heart! What I meant by doing an investigation I meant by means of evp's, photos etc. I have read a little about the subject and have come to the conlusion that Ouija sessions usually makes matters much worse! Sorry Lady-Glow I should have expressed myself better! The reports of the dishes etc. By neighbours was accounts related to them by the previous owners, the only exception being the sounds of the bulldogs that they were told about but which they also heard for themselves. Writing in English is a bit hard for me as it's not my first language and things might get lost in translationšŸ˜³
Skeptic_not_Sceptic (19 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-10)
"My mother-in-law is a complete sceptic..." - I knew this story was calling my name, and now I know why.

Anyway, I wouldn't give any credence to your EMF app. An app is just software; it does not give your tablet/phone the necessary hardware and components to actually measure EMFs. As for the rest of your story, it seems to me that there is nothing out to harm you or anyone in the home.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2922 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-09)
There is something I do not understand about your story:" understand why the property was abandoned with accounts from neighbours of the sound of dishes being washed in the kitchen at night, people walking around the house and the barking of a phantom bulldog in the garden..." Did anybody ever check if there were any squatters staying in the property?

And then:"...Our closest neighbour is about 100m from our house and they only own poodles..."
Isn't it 100 m a little too far a distance to hear the sound of dishes being washed? Do you mean they heard these sound while walking by the house?... Otherwise I would be concern for the privacy of the place!
Has any of the neighbors told you if at some time any of the previous owners had a bulldog or a Jack Russell?
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-09)
Dig a little deeper on the house. My guess is that the woman wearing white with blonde hair is the wife of the man who died tragically and she died of cancer in the mid 2000's. Any neighbor that was around when they both lived there can answer that question.
Any time you do renovations on an older house you are going to have activity. The sound of slamming doors or the sound of footsteps are not necessarily residual like a recording as infiltrating_sun suggested it could be but I think you have an intelligent h1aunting going on. As I said whenever you do renovations on an older home you get activity. A tool you just put down can be moved or go missing. My feeling on this is that a past owner ex. Probably the man and wife you know about want you to put the love into that house that they did.
You need a medium to come and do a reading on your house. The common thought on orbs is that they are spirits that don't have the energy to manifest. I'm talking about the large one you saw, I can't say what the small black one was. After you get the medium to do a reading ask him/her if they do cleansings. Even though I don't feel your wife is in any danger a cleansing will put both you and your wife at ease. There is also a wise poter on thi site named Rookdygin who has a cleansing method on his home page that works quite well.
Don't play with a Ouija Board or anything attached to the occult it could come back to bite you in the butt.
kitfoxpup (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-07)
Honestly, my first and most important advice: Do NOT use the Ouija board. It is incredibly dangerous and can often incite spirits, or even attract a spirit you aren't even trying to contact. I would suggest a medium, as they have a little more control, or something of the sort. DEfinitely be careful when trying to communicate though, as that could go super poorly. O.o

At any rate, until something terrible goes wrong, I'd probably just make sure your wife isn't near anything dangerous while pregnant, just in case the ghosts decide to get angry. Pay attention and take a log of the activity happening on what date and time, so that if you do need the help of an investigator you have dates and times set up so they can see a pattern you might not be able to. Look up the history of the house, and see if you can find that woman. Seems like she might be the center of it, or at least that's my feeling. You may have several ghosts, you may only have on.

As well, for apparitions, a lot of the time when you see them moving they're subconsciously (so I hear) going through the motions of the life they once had. Oftentimes when a ghost is going through a wall that's becuase it wasn't always a wall; there was once a door there. They tend to be on a sort of repeat loop of the things they do.

Also remember to take everyone's, including my own, advice with a grain of salt. If we knew everything about the paranormal it wouldn't be so scary or dangerous!
infiltrating_sun (1 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-07)
Well this is an interesting case. It seems to me you have two components here: A residual component (Doors opening when they are closed, footsteps- anything that could be like a tape player playing back recorded events. Maybe even that big dog growling as well.)

Now as for the things you have seen in your house to diagnose it more i'd need to know if this woman has tried to communicate with you, does she seem to know you are there?

This Orb you have seen is actually a common phenomena and is widely believed to be a spirit trying to communicate and manifest itself to you without having enough power to do so. This is the active component in your haunting.

This is different than "orbs" Those are the often debunked balls of light you see in photos. They usually turn out to be dust particals or stray insects. Hope I was helpful.

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