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My First Unexplained Encounter


My name is Angel and I live in a small town in Kentucky. I guess I should start by saying I don't usually get on sites like this. I believe in spirits and demons but before today I've never experienced anything I couldn't explain. Everything that I'm writing is real. It will seem really small compared to the other sightings and stories on this site but I promise it's real and...I'm scared.

I'm a college student but I'm home for the holidays so I live with my mom and my little brother. I stayed up late last night watching T.V so I slept until about 1:30 pm. My mom's boyfriend works on cars so he had taken my little brother to help him and mom was at work. This has been happening all month so I'm used to being home alone. But after what happened today I don't want to be anymore.

I had been hearing noises all afternoon, creaks and things like that, but I live in an old house and I have a cat so I just ignored it. Still, I went around and made sure all the doors were locked and I checked the house to make sure I was alone. After I got out of the shower, and after checking the house again, I decided to work-out a little bit in my living room.

Before I go on, my living room has a doorway that leads to the dining room in the very corner of it. In the living room, there's a fake tree next to that doorway and on the opposite side, in the dining room, are the stairs that lead to my brothers' bedrooms. Like I said, I have an old house and every stair on that staircase creaks. That's just important to know for later.

I was standing in the middle of the room bent over to touch my toes when I thought I heard something so I stood up really quickly. I looked at the doorway that leads to my dining room but I couldn't see much, just the window and the desk across from the stairs. I wasn't moving, I was trying to listen to see if someone had broken in. I was staring as far into the dining room as I could see when something else grabbed my attention.

I can't tell you exactly what it was because I don't know. It very well could have been a figment of my imagination, something I came up with to try and explain what I was seeing. I thought I saw a hand, not attached to anything, start to pull on the leaves of the fake tree. But I saw it out of my peripheral vision and it was gone when I actually looked. However, the leaves on the tree? They didn't stop moving. They were about halfway down the tree and none of the leaves above them or below them were being moved. They bent down, like something was dripping on them, but there was nothing. Then, they started rearranging themselves, like someone was trying to make the leaves stop touching each other. It only went on for about a minute, then they stopped. This was about 2:30 pm, an hour after I got up.

There was no one in the house except for me. If someone had been, they would've had to reach around the doorway from the stairs, which means I would've heard them coming down and going up. My cat, who I mentioned earlier, was in the dining room playing with a pack of gauze. She came into the living room a few seconds after the leaves stopped moving. Plus, the position of the leaves makes it impossible for her to have moved them without me seeing her. They were too high up. Also, it couldn't have been the heat in my house because the leaves moved down, not up. There is no fan in the living room.

I can't explain this. After they stopped, I grabbed my phone and slowly walked toward the doorway but there was nothing there. No one upstairs, nothing in the tree, it was silent. I left the house as quickly as I could and didn't return until late tonight, after everyone else was home. I know, it's small. No one got hurt and I didn't actually see a ghost but still. I just can't explain it.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-19)
I wouldn't worry too much about this. It seems like a harmless encounter. Animals are extremely sensitive to spirits and since your cat didn't react the spirit is not a threat. It may have just been passing through and just wanted to check out the strange tree.
shhh_im_sleeping (14 stories) (62 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-17)
It could be the beginnings of a haunting or it could be an over active imagination. You should find out who lived in the home before your family or if any deaths occurred in the home. If you do feel like it's a spirit then knowing more about the home and the people who lived or passed in it will give you a little bit of comfort. I have learned to try to deal with spirits by trying to find out who they were and how they lived here in the physical world. Keep us updated on any further occurrences and good luck:)

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