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Getting This Off My Chest


My name is Ashley and ever since I could remember I have had paranormal experiences. I will try to put all on one post for your perusing.

History: My grandfather helped build my childhood house in the 1930s. He raised his kids there and my father raised us there. My grandfather died of a heart attack within the house. My father's first wife also passed away in this house. Before the building of the neighborhood, this was the site of a 4 block cemetery that was moved.

1996: I was six when I had my first experience. I was home with my grandmother and older sister (10) Leslie. We were playing in the bedroom that we shared. She told me I had to stay in the room and not come out. She left to go speak with Nanny (grandmother). I decided I was going to scare my sister for being mean to me. I hid behind the open door of the bedroom. I hid for nearly two minutes (long time for a 6 year old), I was getting restless. As I stood there, the light in the room began to brighten. My ears started ringing and I could hear bells or harps playing low beautiful music the like I had never heard before. I was frozen. I closed my eyes and heard a woman's voice faintly call Leslie, about three times. I thought my sister was playing with me. I ran from the room to my nanny's room and saw Leslie still sitting on her bed. I was terrified. I told them and they both thought I was lying.

About a year after, all four of us sisters were told that Ruby (15), and Leslie (11) had a different mother than me (7) and Rebecca (2). Their mother passed away within the house on Christmas Eve, Leslie's birthday in 1985.

1998: My nanny passed away in May of 1998. We came home from the funeral and all went to our rooms, we had school the next day and it was late. I laid in bed and cried. I finally fell asleep. About 3 am I was woken up by a cold touch to my face. I opened my eyes and never saw a thing. The next day I told my sisters and they said they had the same feeling also, then the song that was played at my nanny's funeral came on the radio. We were stunned.

1999: My sister Leslie and I shared rooms still. We had bunk beds and she had the top bunk. She had a friend over for the weekend who ended up on the bottom bunk with me. After staying up late I finally fell asleep. I was awoken around 5 am. I heard a noise outside (my room was in the front of the house). Before I could get out of bed to look out the window, I heard another noise from the hallway to which I looked towards the door thinking my father was up for work. There at the door I see this white mist like a lady's upper torso. I could make out her head, shoulders, and I could tell her hair was in a bun. She walked straight from the bedroom door to the window at the foot of the bed facing the side of the house. I was captivated by this figure and couldn't take my eyes off her. I stared at her so long I eventually fell asleep watching the mist swirl and lighten up then become dense again.

The next afternoon I had told everyone but my dad about what I saw. Of course no one believed me. My dad came home for lunch at 11 am, and I told him what I saw. He looked at my mom and told us that around that same time he also heard a noise from the front yard. He grabbed his gun and walked towards the front yard from the back door. A man was looking through my bedroom window with a crowbar ready to break in. My dad said it was strange that he was just standing there looking in, not moving. My dad started to call the cops but the man just turned and ran. Never even knowing my dad was there. He said he probably lost his nerve. They didn't believe what I told them about the lady in my room.

2008: I had just had my son and moved back in with my mom at the childhood home. My mom has been going through mental breakdowns since I was 7. I moved in to help take care of her since my dad needed the help. I was laying in bed with my infant son in the same room on the other wall farthest from the door. I worked nights so he was on my schedule and we were sleeping. It was about 11 am and my dad came home for lunch. I was prepared to get up and talk with him as I usually do and start my day. I was aware of being awake but my body would not move. My eyes wouldn't open and I could barely breath. I tried to scream for my dad but I couldn't get the words out. I struggled within myself to make my muscles move to get to my child, anything. I was frozen for 15 minutes before my dad entered the room and said, "Wake up, sleepy head", thinking I had overslept. I started crying and told him what happened and he tried to say I was sleeping. I argued and said no I was fully awake. Something held me down. I moved out soon after that day. I still help take care of my mom but as for ever staying in that house, I will never sleep there again.

I needed to let my stories be told. My family doesn't believe me, although they have had things happen to them also. They say it's nothing, it can all be explained. I think otherwise. I needed to know someone would believe me, that they could understand what has happened to me. I have more experiences but will add them in another post. What do ya'll think? Am I imagining this? Could it just be my mind playing tricks? You decide.

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ashleymp (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-06)
I have finally gotten 2 of my sisters to admit they have experienced things within the old house. The family no longer owns this house and I do not talk about my experiences that often with anyone. I have another story that is far more scarier than anything I have ever experienced in my life. However, every time I go to submit the story I get side tracked and don't visit this site for long periods of time.
ashleymp (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
Thanks y'all. Every time I search for the cemetery records I find different locations and cemeteries where they have been placed. They moved the cemetery I want to say in the 1920-1930s. The plots were sold in the 40s the house was built in 1940s not 30s I had to go back and check. I'm still trying to find where all of them were moved to. Ill let you know when I find out all the details.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-13)
Ashley: Thanks for sharing such an interesting story.
I agree with Val about you experiencing SP, specially considering that you were working at night, had a baby and were helping to take care of your mother, that would be enough to make anyone exhausted!
I'm sure your family members are still around taking care of their loved ones.
Do you know the new location of the cemetery and when did this take place?
CrystalLeo (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-13)
Hey Ashley, I agree with Val.

I've also been held down in my bed once, and I knew for a fact that it wasn't sleep paralysis. I've never had it before and I felt threatened, while it looked like a dark mass was getting closer and closer. My eyesight is really bad but I can still make out shapes to a certain point. I haven't told my mom about it 'cause I know it'll freak her out and she'll try to deny it.
Trust me, you are not crazy. You are most likely also a sensitive like most of us on this site.
I believe that the lady that you saw in the house might be your father's first wife looking out for her family. Making sure that you are all safe. Like a guardian.
I hope this helped. Oh, also, some spirits have been known to put people under paralysis because they are curious at what they could do, and also curious about the person they paralyse.
All my best wishes to you! And congrats with your son!
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-02-11)
First off, let me assure you I believe you that these things happened. Many of us here know the feeling of no one believing us: it's all in our head, we just want attention, we're crazy, etc. I bet if we took a poll, and asked if we had ever experienced others disbelief, most if not all would mark the yes box.
Now having said that, I also have to say that it is possible that not everything you experienced was of a paranormal origin. Your 2008 experience could have been sleep paralysis. But, I'm not 100% sure it was.
Nothing else sounds terribly bad. The woman at your window sounds more like a guardian than anything else.
It isn't uncommon for some to have experiences and deny them. For them, it's easier just to say, I'm sure there's a logical explanation (even if nothing explains it) then to even entertain the notion of the paranormal. To be honest, it is just too scary for them to admit the possibility. On the other hand, some are far too paranormal happy to look for mundane causes. 😉 In my opinion it's a big world and a bigger universe where anything is possible.

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