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Hair Getting Tugged


For about 2 or 3 years is how long I've really noticed this happening. It will start and then it will stop for a while but I haven't really noticed a pattern. Today I felt my hair being pulled again. I normally experience this only in my house. It especially happens in my room, home office, and kitchen, and it always seems to happen when I'm alone.

Today I felt 2 tugs at my hair while I was in my room. I had been listening to music for awhile and then out of nowhere I felt a tug. I have pretty long hair so at one point I thought it was just static or my hair getting caught on something. But then I noticed it happening more often.

There was one time when I was alone, listening to music in my room and I felt a tug. Whatever was tugging at my hair pulled my hair so hard that a strand broke off. I felt and also heard the strand break. Not to mention I was definitely spooked after that. What was odd was that I wasn't wearing any jewelry (normally necklaces and earrings get caught in my hair) and I also hadn't done anything with my hair that day.

As far as the history on my house, I wasn't made aware that anyone has passed away here or anything like that (doesn't mean that it might have happened). I was informed that the house was built in the 60's. Only being a couple decades ago, it does show its age from time to time with creaks and weird sounds. I do have family members who have passed on (most before I was born). I'm not sure if that's their way of saying hello or trying to tell me something. Or even if it's a different spirit.

Have any of you had a similar experience? Do you know what this might mean?

Thank you!

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roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2017-08-09)
That kind of reminds me of the first experience that I had ages ago! I was touched on my hair by an orb, weird hey? Nothing too special about it though. My case, that happened only once and it never did happen again.

Hmm, if it made you uncomfortable, try changing your room's atmosphere or like lady-glow had suggested, try doing a cleansing! Cheers and no fears!

Blessing from São Paulo
lady-glow (13 stories) (2984 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-09)
"...the house was built in the 60's. Only being a couple decades ago, it does show its age from time to time with creaks and weird sounds..."

Msecrose: you made my day!
I was born in the 60's and, like your house, my body shows my age with creaks and weird sounds on the joints. But after reading your story I'll start telling myself that I am still in my 20's! 😆

As for your experience, I suggest for you to ask to whatever it is to stop pulling your hair or touching you in any other way. And you could cleanse your house according to your beliefs or use Rookdygin's cleansing method that you can find in the following link:


Thanks for sharing.

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