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Cowboy Ghost Watching Me When I Sleep?


My mum she said she used to have psychic dreams.

When I was in 6th grade, so 4-5 year ago, my grandfather died. A few weeks after he died I felt like I wasn't alone on my room. I just said I was imagining stuff. My bed sheet was like someone had sat on it. Then I hear some noises like when you turn in your sheets. I knew it was my grandfather. But I wasn't scared, I don't know why. Some nights I'd have weird dreams that would come true.

The first time I saw a man in black just standing at the edge of my bed I wasn't really scared. But that doesn't mean I could sleep. I saw him and 2 seconds later he disappeared. After that for a few months nothing happened. I had the occasional dream that would come true.

So around 3 years passed and my sister told me in the morning saying I was screaming in the middle of the night. I had a blurry memory of a man standing at the edge of my bed again. But I knew he wasn't my grandfather.

So a few weeks later again I was lying in bed when I felt someone stroking my cheek, then it went on stroking my hair. I couldn't move, I froze. He stopped. I couldn't open my eyes because I was scared. Then a few minutes passed and I opened them. This black figure, I could see what he was wearing this time. He had a cowboy hat and this leather fringed jacket that cowboys wear. I could see him wearing jeans too. Again after he disappeared. Nothing has happened since. The last thing that happened was 3-4 weeks ago. I still have those weird feelings like today in class I imagined someone dropping their phone and a few minutes later this girl actually dropped her phone.

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