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When Freinds Become Lost They Let You Know


Today marks the 2 year mark of my best friend's death. I thought I might share a little experience on what has been happening the past few weeks. My friend's name was Natalie she had a goofy, bubbly personality, never wanted to hurt anyone, when she passed away on March, 3 2012. I didn't know how to feel. I lost my best friend there was no way to feel, but these past few nights have been very strange.

When I was in my room a couple weeks ago I have a picture of my best friend sitting on my dresser with flowers and a rest in peace sign on it. Out of nowhere the picture falls down and when I get up to pick it up the picture is warm (I know sounds weird) but yes it was warm. I wasn't really freaked out cause I knew what it was so I didn't care but things had started getting a little crazy a few nights ago.

I was dreaming about her death, about the car crash and everything and its weird because I wasn't even there. When I woke up I was all sweaty and I look to the corner and I see a figure and it looked like her. Don't get me wrong I said I wasn't scared of her but it caught me by surprise. She started walking towards me and for some reason I felt her touch but it didn't feel right. I had a feeling she was scared and I look over to the other side of my bed and there is this big man. His eyes were a very white color without the pupils in it.

I'm freaking out, I felt he was trying to hurt her so I told her not to go with him, and then he walked over to the other side where we were and he grabbed her and they faded away. I cried that night cause I felt she was hurt and I haven't seen her since that night and I'm stressing out cause I'm wondering if shes ok. You know how they say spirits are still around cause they have unfinished business, but I don't know if her unfinished business is done or has just begun.

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Waterhammer (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-15)
Very sorry for your loss. Doubtful the author will see this so I will be frank in my comment: Big guy was somebody else, maybe someone who passed on the road near her death or in the local area near where the author was staying. Big man may have passed in a more violent fashion than an accident. Colombia's history is complex and full of untimely passings, perhaps the man was one of those who latched upon her friends spirit or even mimicked it in order to contact the author and elicit a response which was succsefful in this instance.

It'd be nice to know if that continued, or what city it occurred in. Either way, I'm sad she lost her friend, and that she may be being held ransom by a big man who's still in the game even after death.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-30)
First I want to give my deepest sympathy for your loss.
Your friend may have been visiting you to let you know shes there with you, and the dream sounds like a visitation from her. When the man came in and took her it could be, that he manifested from your sudden loss from her death. Losing your friend suddenly, may have caused thefear. And her visiting you, she most likely wanted you to see what she went through, and that shes ok now. I hope this helps.

Deepest Sympathy Spiritwaiting

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