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This is a story I do not often tell. I promise, sincerely, that this has scarred me for life and although I have looked into psychological explanations for what I heard and natural explanations for what occurred, they remain unsatisfactory.

When I was a child, I was scared of the dark. I swore to my mother I heard voices in it. They were not evil, but they were not familiar and so they scared me. It was not uncommon in the middle of the night for me to wake up and hear "whispers" as I would call them when asking my mom. She figured they were just "bumps in the night" and typical kids nightmare material. I tried often to explain to her that it was more than that, that they sounded different from one another the way people's voices do.

On some nights I would get so scared from these "whispers" that I would sleep in my mom's bed with her. It was an added bonus that the bathroom was directly outside of her bedroom door for my late-night tinkles.

I should add at this point that when walking out into the hall to go to the bathroom, you looked directly down the stairs that would lead you into my living room on the first floor (as my mom's bedroom was on the second floor).

On one such night, around Christmas, I awoke and felt the need to relieve myself. I walked out from the door and distinctly heard the phrase "Look!" and to my astonishment, a red light, almost like a spotlight, was cast upon the wall at the very bottom of the stairs. The light had no other source, it was by itself, and I was transfixed by it.

Being a little kid, and it only being a few days from Christmas, I KNEW what this light was. IT WAS SANTA! How else could he get into my house to know I was being a good boy. I was so excited I began walking down the stairs to greet him, picking up my pace after the second step as it began to creep off the wall and fade into the darkness in my living room.

That's when I heard him. A very strong, masculine voice. Different from the first. Not at all like my father's (not to say he isn't masculine, it was just distinctly different). It said "Stop! Right now. Go back up those stairs."

I listened, turned around, and what happened next I am not sure I would believe if someone had told me this same story. After reaching the top of the stairs, I heard a very loud CRASH that sent me running back to my mother's bed where I jumped straight under the covers and stayed there the whole night.

When we awoke the next morning, the poinsettia lights (little Christmas flower lights that glowed red) my mother had put on the railing down the stairs were pulled straight down to the bottom of the stairs, some broken from what seemed like a forceful tear, laying in a single pile. The dry sink in my living room had fallen from the wall. My mother could not explain it! My father was worried we had been the victims of a home invasion. My sister was crying.

There was nothing missing, nobody had broken in, there did not seem to be any reason this had happened. And then I saw it, and I kept quiet about it because I was so afraid that I could not force words out of my mouth. There, on the edge of the wooden dry sink which had been facing up, were three indentations where the finish on the wood had been worn, almost as if in a forceful grip. Something down there had GRABBED IT AND THREW IT DOWN. That was what the bang was.

I was mortified. After that day I never heard a single voice again. I do not like to imagine what was waiting downstairs for me that night, if it was anything at all, but I can tell you that the reality was that something had physically acted upon two things in my house near the bottom of that stairwell.

After this, I had never heard another whisper again. Which is sad, because in some ways I would have liked to thank the man (masculine energy?) that had stopped me from going down those stairs. This happened when I was 7 (or 7 and a half! As I liked to say at the time).

I am 20 years old now, and because of this incident I am still afraid of the dark. ESPECIALLY shadowy stairwells.

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notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-17)
what a wonderful story... Could it be your grandpa? For some reason, that was my first thought 😁
4d (15 stories) (167 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
Great story, thanks for the goose bumps! 😆

Hope to see more experiences from you if you have any more!

Aloha - 4d
GamerZ (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
Really? A good force... Hmm...
Maybe that force was friendly enough or it was one of my family members (dead)... I don't really know thank you guyz 😉
Lunahenry (2 stories) (50 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
This story gives me the creeps. Fortunately for you, a good force was watching your back.
twelveam (74 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
Hey Gamerz, welcome to YGS!
Boy! That certainly would "stick" with me throughout my adulthood as well! What catches my curiosity is that before this happened, you said you often heard the whispers in the night, and then after this episode you "never heard another whisper again". It sounds almost like some sort of activity may have been going on in the house before that happened. Have you ever told your family about your WHOLE experience that night besides what they already saw? Maybe one of them (your Mother, Father, or your sister, if she was old enough to remember it at all) remembers a missing detail. You were 7 at the time and maybe just MAYBE, there could be some detail that someone other than yourself caught about the scene that may help to figure this out. I do not mean to imply that you are making anything up by any means, just that when a 7 year old has an emotional experience such as this, it could freak them out to the point of failing to notice other details that others not directly involved might. I mean that as a consideration. IF you feel comfortable about discussing it with either of your parents or sister, it could help you find some sort of answer. Either way, it's probably a very good thing that you didn't go all the way to the living room at the time! It seems that SOMETHING was trying to keep you out of harms way, THAT'S AWESOME! Thank you for sharing and I would be very interested to know if you found out anymore about what happened that you could share with us. Best wishes! 😊 😁

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