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Punishment And Ghost Stories In Our School


Before I am going to share my experiences, I want to say that my English is not really good so hope you can understand what I am writing about.

My grandfather died when I was still a baby and my grandmother hanged his photo on the wall of the living room in her home (My grandmother really love my grandfather but the photo should be burnt during the cremation according to the tradition but nothing happened).

2 years ago, my aunt called Ashley (my grand mother has four daughters, my mum is the third daughter and Aunt Ashley is the youngest) suggested to burn the photo of my grandfather and my mother and my aunts agreed (The Chinese always avoid something about death or ghosts etc.). She burnt the photo out of her flat (Aunt Ashley lives with my grandmother and I was not there at that time) and she hanged my painting on the wall (the same place the photo hanged).

But after a few days, I falled down from the bicycle and broke my arm (I am the unique granddaughter of my grandfather). My older aunt broken her leg, my mother fell down from her sit and broke her shoulder and Aunt Ashley and another aunt was sick and always see the doctor.

Aunt Ashley thought that it was strange and it maybe was the punishment to us from our grandfather. So my mother and aunts went to Luckily, Aunt Ashley and another aunt went to worship my grandfather. At last, we recovered.

For the ghost stories, the topic we are learning in our English lesson is about superstitions and ghost stories. Once our teacher asked us to bring some ghost stories in Hong Kong and one of my classmates collected some ghosts stories in our school. The English teacher asked her to tell us about it but when she read the stories, she stopped her.

We are very curious about it and asked her. She told us that there was a headless pastor in the lift in our school (the lift is old and door should open by yourself but students are not allowed to use the lift and our school was once a hospital in WW2 many ghost stories was spread and our school was also located near a haunted house), another classmate said that once there was a teacher using the lift, the lift is out of order and she saw a headless man. It was really strange and I guessed that it may be the reason that the school doesn't allow the student to use the lift.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-25)
You started your story from one point and did end to another point. By the way I liked your second story the Headless man 😨
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-23)
acepoxie193 - I am also of chinese decent and I must say that I do not think the accidents that happened to you and your family had anything to do with your grandfather. I think because you guys always think about it you actually attracted the "idea" of bad htings are going to happen. I'm not sure if you ever read the book "the secret" but it's about "law of attraction".

Example; you wake up and hit your toes on the bed frame and then you think "oh great! Now i'm going to have a bad day!" then you will continue to only notice the bad stuff that happens in your day because you decided it would be.
About your school though, I do believe there are spirits in there, especially if it had been a WW2 hospital. Glad you're ok now. Take care!

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