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The Boy In The Mirror And The Woman In The House


I'm 17 years old, and throughout my life, many strange happenings have been going on in my house, in family members' houses and in abandoned places I've visited. This submission is going to be long so be patient.

Let's start with the earliest happening I can remember! Since my older brother has been little, he's been able to see spirits like my grandad and our great grandmother. He's a soldier and has wanted to be a soldier since he was a little boy so not many things scare him, he's been able to cope with seeing ghost a lot better than I have! This is why I find this story the most chilling and it still sends shivers down my spine whenever I think or tell of it. One night, when I was younger, let's say about 10 years old (I am now 17), my father was working night and me, my mother, brother and sister were all sat in the living room watching the telly. My mother stood up to do her hair in the mirror, she sat back down and my brother thought it'd be funny to get up in the mirror and imitate her. All of a sudden my brother fell back on to the couch, his face turned white and he was speechless. Instantly my mum knew something was wrong and asked several times what was wrong, finally my brother told her that in the mirror he had seen a boy around his age (15) with blonde spiked up hair and blue eyes staring back at him, but he said he's never seen anyone look at him so evil. This scared my brother and in turn scared me because of how I thought nothing of the sort could scare him.

I had never really experienced things happen in my house, until one night last year when I was home alone. My family were out at a party and I wasn't old enough so I couldn't go, instead I had a few friends round and we played Xbox, but around 11pm they left and I went to bed with my dog and shut the door behind me leaving my dog on the landing (a small westie.) Around 1am I was awoken by my dog barking, I shouted his name and told him to be quiet, my door was still closed. I nodded off back to sleep and about 1:30am I was awoken by a huge bang. I shot up out of bed and seen my door was opened, I seen a shadow dart past the door and down the landing, (me being a wuss I brought my dog in my room, closed my door and waited until my family were home to get to sleep.)

After this I started to hate my house. I was petrified of walking round in the dark, I'd always have the torch on my phone switched on if it was, and one morning I was walking downstairs with my torch on, it was early and dark and as I shone the torch at the bottom of my stairs I seen what looked like an old woman staring back at me. I dropped my phone and when I picked it back up I looked up to see nothing or nobody there.

Another experience I had was when I was playing on my Xbox online with my cousin, my microphone was broke so I had to call him to talk, during the game I heard a massive bang above my head and footsteps which followed afterwards. I dropped my controller and ran downstairs leaving my cousin on the phone, I made my dad go in the loft and check nobody or nothing was up there. When I got back to my phone my cousin told me he heard the bang, and heard me go downstairs, but then told me he could head whispering in my room but couldn't make out what was being said.

The latest thing that has happened in my house to me is I was in my room listening to music, and I got this strange feeling someone was staring at me. About half an hour later I went to take some rubbish downstairs to the bin. I left my light and television on but closed the door, when I got downstairs the bin in the kitchen was full so I took it outside to empty it. As I was walking towards my door I glanced up at my room as the light had switched out, as I looked in my window I seen an old woman similar looked to the one I seen at the bottom of my stairs. I darted up to my mum's room and was almost in tears from shock, my mum started laughing but then took me serious and let the dog sleep at the end of my bed for the night.

Since that last incident a couple of months ago not much has happened apart from my mum seeing the woman at the end of her bed looking out the window. I have many more stories to tell and I intend on posting them on here, sorry for the length of this submission but if you managed to get to the end, could there be any suggestion to what could be in my house?


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Shady4u (2 stories) (188 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-24)
You should try to find out some history about the house you live in. Who knows what answers would possibly turn out? Keep posting.
johnnycashmuse (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-24)
Youve had some interesting interactions with these ghosts in your house hauent you?
The one you saw, the old woman. I think means you no harm, she is just trying to get someone to notice her and pay her attention. I don't think that she means to scare you either. Maybe you could try talking to her and ask her to not to do things that scare you.
The ghost in the mirror your brother saw was probably only upset because he saw your brother copying your mom and thought he may have been teasing her. I don't think the ghost is intentionally evil looking but I'm guessing it made your brother think twice about doing it again and so he hasnt been bothered again.

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