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Weird Incidents In My House


I would like to tell shortly what things happened to our house when we had just started to live in it. Everyday the light bulbs from the lights were exploding, so we called an electrician, but he told that everything is fine and he couldn't explain it. One vase of crystal cracked vertically in the middle like someone cut it with a laser.

Everyday my parents were hearing noises behind their bed like nails scratching the floor. They dragged it to search but they didn't find anything. Television in the living room was switching on by itself, also the VCR. My mum removed the plug and they were still working.

We heard twice a creepy sound of nails dragging on the balcony bar and often we were hearing whispers and footsteps in the house, but we didn't see anything. These things lasted 4 months, then they suddenly stopped. They were occurring only at night.

After 13 years, we bought a kind of big car with batteries and music for my little sister to get in and play. For two nights, its music suddenly turned on, although the switch was off. One night my mum woke up and saw the small ornament on her bedside cabinet moving like an earthquake was happening, which there wasn't. VCR again was opening itself, lights at the balcony were turning on themselves and one night she woke up because she felt like someone was walking in the living room and, after 30 seconds my sister also woke up (she was sleeping with her that night) and suddenly hugged mum and told her that someone is in the living room. She was really scared.

Ten days later, my mum felt a good presence inside the house following her everywhere. She was feeling that someone is next to her all the time. After that all the other things stopped.

Seven months ago she felt again this good presence around midday and she felt like someone was touching her toes while she was laying. Another time she felt the touch at her back. She didn't scare, instead she felt a joy.

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lydiaa (2 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-27)
hello bantu... We built our house and were and are the first to live in... Neighbours were kind of weird at us at first... They were behaving like they were jealous...don't know if this has to do with anything... They are ok now...
bantu (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-27)
Hello lydia... Your story kind of bit scared. Might it will be helpful if you know the history of the house. Thank for sharing your story.

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