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It Was On The Stairs


When I was about 7 years old, my aunt and her partner were looking after a two floor apartment just above a shop in the town highstreet for six months while the owner's wife was away on a business trip and her husband was away doing something for the army (I never found out what). So when my aunt's partner was away working night shifts I would often stay with her to keep her company. The owners had three cats, one had gone missing a couple of weeks previous to the evening in question. The other two would come and go throughout the day and night either through a cat flap or an open window.

I'd stayed in that house once or twice before with my aunt but nothing ever happened. I was a very happy child I liked to chat, laugh and play with dressing-up dolls (you know normal things a seven year old girl does). Back to what I was writing though it was mid-summer about 5'ish so most people would be starting to head home from a day of shopping in the busy high-street. My aunt and I had not long got into the apartment ourselves, my aunt seeing one of the cats sitting on part of the roof of the down-stairs shop asked me to call the cat in, so being a seven year old I'm bound to do as I'm told.

Going to the open window in the hall I tried to call the cat in for it's dinner but the cat looked at me, raised hair on it's back hissing at me. I then heard footsteps coming from up-stairs, thinking it was my aunt I went up to tell her what had just happened. When I was up-stairs I looked in every room (nobody could have walked past because all the doors were on the same upstairs hallway that I was standing in). Not finding my aunt I looked out the window standing with the curtains drawn behind me (They were full length or near floor length) to look at all the people walking past on the highstreet far below, then the curtain moved as if someone was running their hands along it. Thinking it was my aunt messing around I steped out from behind them and shouted 'BOO' but no one was there. I then looked in all the rooms again because I thought it was my aunt playing hide and seek with me but I didn't find her. I called out for my aunt and asked where she was because I had given up she then called up the stairs and told me she'd been in the kitchen the whole time.

I went down to the kitchen and told her everything that had happened from the cat to the footsteps and the moving curtains, my aunt told me not to be silly and that I had scared the cat, imagined the footsteps and I had moved the curtain and gotten scared over nothing. I then being a seven year old went off to sulk in the hall over how my aunt hadn't believed me. For some reason I looked up at the stairs where the owners had placed a collage of pictures on the wall that you had to either be coming down the stairs or to go up the stairs and turn around to see the pictures clearly. There on the stairs was a figure, that after many discussions with my aunt and other members of my family cannot find a reasonable explanation for what I saw. The figure had no obvious body except for the clothes that it appeared to be wearing, (it's going to sound stupid but it looked like the costume that Matthew Broderick wears in the Inspector Gadget film but older in look and style) the place where a head should've been was shadowed as was where the legs should have been. The figure appeared to be looking at the collage. I muffled a cry of shock because there should only be my aunt and I in the apartment. The figure began to turn but as it did it began to fade away so I never saw the front half.

For a full minute after I couldn't move, when I did come to my senses I ran to my aunt who was by then cooking dinner for us both and told her what I'd seen. By this point she's becoming scared at what I've told her, which begins to make me feel worse and furthermore terrified then what I had already been feeling.

10 minutes later my aunt and I were standing on the pavement on the street which runs along the back of the apartment waiting for a taxi to take us back to my Nan's and Grandad's house which was about 7 miles away. Looking back at the house I saw the curtains move back as if someone or something had been watching us looking out of the window.

This isn't the only experience that I have had and it seems to run through my family.

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warby1 (2 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-16)
i think the haunting you experienced was of the residual kind, if a horrible thing happen's like a murder or a death from some illness or accident when all the circumstance's are just right like temprature, the atmosphere, even the weather outside then the haunting is played back like a recording because whatever happened leave's its impression on the atmosphere of the house in this case! You could spend year's waiting to see the same haunting again but until all the circumstance's are the same it just won't happen, I don't think the haunting was an intelligent kind of haunting as there's usually some kind of interaction between ghost and the person seeing it! And you don't mention this in your story, also a haunting of this kind happen's more often and more people would I'm sure of experienced it! I hope this help's or give's you something to think on and maybe you can reach a conclusion of your own!
Miss-Echelon6277 (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-16)
Thank you I was just being curious as to everyones thoughts on what happened seeing as everyone I have spoken to has little, no experience or who are just skeptics, so I came to this sight to share what happened with other people who have also had experience/s with the paranormal who can either give rational everyday solutions to what happened as well as solutions that may not have that everyday rationality.
kingofstrings92 (1 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-16)
I can vouch for the cat seeing something paranormal. My house is extremely haunted (we'll see if my story gets posted), but, on numerous occasions, my cats would freeze, stare intently into a pitch-black room and hiss. Then, suddenly, they would dart around the house as if they were being chased. People may be skeptical, but when you see pure fear in an animal's eyes, you know something is up.

Obviously not a shadowperson. Likely a residual energy of some sort. Entities seem to manifest themselves to children more often than not, so I don't doubt any of this.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-16)
From a paranormal perspective, you could very well be seeing the man who died there in various stages- from the 30s and 40s and also in the elderly version. I do not know how often that sort of haunting happens- which I would guess would be classified as residual.

I do think that you are quite safe. However unsettling, nothing here seems to indicate a reason to fear this apparition from your past.

I usually don't like settling for just a paranormal option, but I think this would be the most helpful here.

Thank you for your detailed history!

I think understanding why is something that you are going to have to reflect. Maybe it was not even aware you are there at all and was simply curious about the photos.
valkricry (47 stories) (3197 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-07-15)
As elnora suggests, on the surface much could have been a child's imaginings. But, on the other hand - who can really say 100% for sure what it was? Yes, you may have seen a spirit, it may have been intelligent, it may have been residual. A partial apparition is not that unusual. The theory being that it takes energy to materialize, and the 'intensity' of the image you see can vary. I would also think the "viewer's" sensitivity would need to be taken into account. A spirit might belong to the house, or to the land, or just be passing through. Perhaps looking for someone who use to live, or stay there. The scenarios are nearly endless. But, this is what is for sure - your experience was benign, you were not harmed in any way. So, that's a good thing.
Miss-Echelon6277 (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-15)
Reading your posts I can understand your sceptisism seeing as I was 7 at the time this took place and I have read your posts with as an open mind as possible seeing as i'm asking for your help on shedding some form of light on what I saw. Well, it was in the Berkshire area of England.

The footsteps were clearly distinguised heavy footfalls (A sound i'll never forget as it still sends shivers down my spine to this day (if I didn't also mention before the other cat was in the kitchen/dining room with my aunt already eating). I can understand your idea about the wind might have caught the curtain but I have spoken to my aunt who said that she and her partner were told to never open the top floor windows as their was some sort of problem with them.

As for the Appartment I believe that it was built around the 1900's possibly earlier because the street that it over looks dates back to medieval times, it looks straight up towards the castle. The name of the street (if it's any help) is 'Peascod street' which comes from 'pes croft' which in medieval times ment that is were the peas were grown (or something like that). As for the photos I thinking it was the property owners and some friends so it's possible that it could be some being that is some how linked to them.

As for my family it all mainly happened in my Nan's and Grandad's house which was built just after World War 2. Before my nan and grandad moved into the house over 20 years ago now, an elderly gentleman had lived there before and had died in the house. One night it was quite late (when my uncle, mum and aunt were young) my nan thought she herd movement downstairs as if someone was out of bed, so she shouted down the stairs and told them to go to bed. Hearing no movement she went intoeach of the bed rooms to find that everyone was in bed asleep, So thinking it was a burgler she took something that she could defend herself with if she needed too. Going down the stairs she told me it began to get slightly colder then warmer after she had felt a slight breeze shoot past her going up the stairs. When my nan reached te hall she shouted out to tell whoever was in the house to leave or she would call the police. Then coming down the stairs she heard footsteps thinking it was my grandad she rushed to the stairs only to find there was no one there. My nan who is very skeptic tries to find rationable explanations for what happened but when you look at her facial expression it tells a different story as if she doesn't know what to believe.

When I was about Nine when I stayed at my Nan's and Grandad's I liked to sit and watch my Grandad and talk to him when he went on the computer. One time when I went to do this I saw what appeared to be an elderely gentleman standing behind my Grandad watching what he was doing. Being a 9year old I was curious to know who the man was and to my grandad's confusion at what I was asking he turned on his swivel chair and saw nobody standing there, This left my Grandad worried so he sent me out of the room.
jwarren (1 stories) (23 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-15)
It is difficult to really shed light on something like this without knowing more about the specific location and people associated with your experience.

That aside I wouldn't be worried, both of these experiences seem rather benign, although I am sure they would be quiet frightening at the time.

Do you know if your aunt had any similar experiences?
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-15)
From a skeptical perspective: The curtains have explanations- such as drafts. A cat moving about could have caused the footsteps (as a child, I had a cat who was hefty and my mother used to think it was my sister and I walking around, when really it was just the cat:D).
When it comes to the figure- I don't mean to belittle you or your experience in any way, but it could have been a child's imagination running wild, especially since you had already been scared by other experiences in the house.

From a paranormal perspective:

The figure you saw it very detailed- which is pretty rare from what I have read, it typically seems to usually be shadows or humanoid forms.
You say that it was looking at the photos- do you happen to know if anyone who has passed would have a connection to anyone in the photos? Or seen a photo of anyone in that house that happened to be dressed similarly (I am guessing by Gadget that you mean a period trench coat and hat, 30's ish)?

Also, you mentioned family experiences. What sort of things has your family seen/heard and are they similar to yours?
Miss-Echelon6277 (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-15)
Can anyone please help me 2 understand what happened? Because I have spoken 2 my friends and family about it but nobody can shed any light on what happened so I've to this website to see if anyone can give any suggestions as to what I saw

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