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This happened to my elder sister many years ago. I was in my early teens then and she in her early 20s. My sister is what we call a hypersensitive personality, she has a natural flair for clairvoyance as I always tell her, but she doesn't like to dwell in territories she knows she doesn't have the heart for.

Anyway so it all began when she went to my grandmother's house for a sleep over. On the way my sister and relatives got stuck in a procession of an Indian deity and she didn't know it then but there's where it began.

The night passed pretty uneventfully for her. When she fell asleep she saw a lady in her dreams and she wanted the money my sister was collecting, well my sister's fiery nature amazes me to no end she fought with her even in her dreams!

After this episode for the next 6 to 7 months my sister would have dreams of this lady all the time. When she would try to sleep she would wake up to the sound of a woman abusing explicitly and loudly. She would always tell me she was in the twilight stage of sleep when your neither awake nor asleep and would hear them. She would hear sounds the sounded like the light switch going on and off. She would feel watched.

She finally told my mother who met an Indian priest and he told her to take a lemon over my sister and then cut it and throw it on each Saturday. And it was to be done so that every Saturday starting from 1 the lemon would increase, this had to be done for 7 Saturdays, so on the 7th Saturday there should be 7 lemons to cut.

Since my mom started this the activity stopped. My sister finally could sleep better.

Now came the month of Ramadhan and all of us would wake up in the morning before sunrise to eat and then would sleep. My house is 3 apartments in a straight line on the ground floor the center one the main house with my room that I shared with my sister and on either side was my mother's room which was the entire apartment and a prayer room.

Dad was out of town so our elder brother and I slept in Mom's room and my sister slept in our room, the maid was sleeping in the hall. Mom, brother and my sister woke up to eat before sunrise and it so happened my brother landed up sleeping in my sisters place and she slept in his place with my mother and I.

My bedroom window is right above the head of my bed and as my brother slipped into sleep he was startled awake by someone banging the door of the house with the hand and kicking it and turning the door handle! He says someone was shouting "khol" again and again that translates to open, he knew it was a lady but she had a manly hoarse voice. He lay there surprised for like a minute or two, he couldn't decide if it were his imagination or was it actually happening to him! He said he just called out to "ya Ali madad" (help me Ali) got up and went and swung the door open. He said there was no one outside and to top it off it was twilight completely.

He told my mom and sister the events of the morning when they woke up and my mom said it so turns out it was the 7th Saturday of the ritual. Anyway the activity has now completely stopped. But it was by far the scariest thing I have heard.

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