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Fall Down The Stairs


This is the only encounter I can think of that I have been physically pushed by a ghost. It's actually a very strange story. My family had only lived in our new house for about 2 years. My father and sister had stayed home from shopping that day while my mother and I ran to Wal-mart (in a city about a half hour drive from out country house). I was around 11 or 12. At the time my mother would park in the garage and we would walk up and down our staircase with the loads of groceries. Well, my mother was upstairs unpacking the sacks while I carried them up the stairs then ran down to retrieve more from the car. On my third or fourth trip I got about two thirds of the way up the stairs before I felt something...dark. Like something was on my shoulders. I just felt so heavy and tired...

This is where the story gets fuzzy. I guess I passed out from the push or something, I honestly can't remember. I do remember feeling like I was clinging to the side of the staircase (I fell off the side, not straight down). But it was all so fuzzy and weird. Then it gets a little clearer. I remember feeling something catch me as I fell. It didn't stop the fall but it slowed it down just slightly. I think I closed my eyes because I don't remember anything after that. I might have passed out...It's just so fuzzy and hard to remember.

When I woke up my mother and father were hovering above me, crying and worried. According to my mother I had been lying there unconscious for almost 10 minutes. She was worried I had cracked my head on the concrete (our basement floor is concrete yes) or that I had snapped my neck. Ironically, I realized from the way I was pushed I should have fallen straight on to the concrete and possibly fractured my skull or broken my neck. Whatever had caught me had slowed my fall partially and made sure my head landed on the rug at the foot of the stairs.

From that experience I am still terrified of my stairs. Not nearly as bad now as I was back then but it was still scarring. I walked away with a bad headache and some scratches on my right elbow from it hitting the first stair by the floor. Honestly from the time I opened my eyes the only pain I felt was my headache. I didn't feel any soreness from the neck down even thought I landed on my back/head.

The only other detail I can add to the story is right after I opened my eyes I remember there being a vague black misted figure standing on my stairs and it vanished just after I saw it when my sister appeared at the top of the stairs. Again, this is one of my weirdest encounters and the only one I have had where a ghost physically touched me.

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Searching_Stars (guest)
10 years ago (2014-10-23)
[elnoraemily] It is entirely possible about the fainting thing. I don't have a thing in my family and I honestly have never fainted before. I hadn't had a lot to eat and drink that day so it is possible. But whatever caught me I do remember. It was a very warm presence. Even in half unconciousness I can remember that. And none of my family was even in the area when it happened. My mother came running from upstairs when she heard the sound of me hitting the ground.
Griff84 (5 stories) (289 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-22)
Hi Searching_Stars. I was thinking the exact same things as elnoraemily when reading this. The obvious question to ask is have you experienced similar before or since? Also, it could be worth asking the question to see if there is a history of faintness in your family.

Perhaps the fact that you were running up and down the stairs with heavy shopping bags didn't help the situation either.

Thanks for sharing 😊
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-10-21)
To me, this one sounds more like a medical issue. As someone who has blood sugar issues, I know the feeling of fainting and this is perfect description of it. I also would advise you to not trust your eyes after having passed out, especially if that involves hitting your head.

I love your stories, but I think this one may be a case of being overheated/low blood sugar or even vertigo.

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