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Unknown Walker Of The Stairs


This account happened on the 23rd of March, I had wanted to update earlier but have been tired from working nights at my new place of work.

I have move into a boarding house that shares rooms with four other guys, most are the shady sort and are either on drugs or alcohol. The atmosphere of the home is mixed, sometimes it is peaceful and quiet but can be loud and hostile due to the other residents who occupy it with me and my partner also.

The boarding house has not much light in the corridor and has an aura of foreboding to it, especially at night. Myself and my partner have experienced an immense sense of dread coming from the opposite end of the corridor across from our room when we are walking back to our room, usually after going from the bathroom.

One night I had to get ready to go to work, so I did so in the usual manor. This night though I was getting ready a little later than normal as the guy who lives next to us was using the bathroom. I knew he had left as I heard his room door slam, as he usually does to our dismay. I had my shower and and had gone back to the room to dress and put cologne on and deodorant and was watching some reality show on TV with my partner for awhile, then decided that I had to go brush my teeth. I was in the bathroom looking into the medicine cabinet brushing my teeth and I had left the bathroom door open as I was only going to be in there about three minutes. While I was brushing I could see the hall out the right side of my peripheral vision.

Before you get to the bathroom from our room you have to walk down a set of three wooden stairs and the floor is floor boards so you can hear when ever anyone walks down them as they are quite noisy and the floor boards creek because they are very old. Anyway I was there brushing my teeth then I heard footsteps walk down the stairs and I thought it was my partner coming down to scare me as sometimes I find it amusing to scare my partner when he comes out of the bathroom, and I assumed that it was him coming down to scare me. I looked and no one was there! I heard no foot steps before the stairs or after and I heard no lock on any door click as they open or any doors slam. My partner had the TV going on but I could barely hear it form inside the bathroom.

I went back to the room after I had brushed my teeth and asked my partner if he had heard the foot steps and he said he did and he thought that it was me coming back from the bathroom. We were both freaked out a bit but I told him that it was probably just the spirit copying me as I had noisy dress shoes on and they sounded like mine.

Was very strange but a lot of strange things happen in that house.

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CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-03)
Hi terranigma, I was going to ask if you are still in the boarding house but see from your last comment that you are. I also wonder if the negative atmosphere and tenants have caused the activity to form? Regardless, it sounds like a cleansing is due.

Stay safe ❤
terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-31)
Hi Jubeele we are still in the same house at Ashfield above the Chinese shops. Also I agree on possible negative energy manifesting as visible and audible energy.

The mood in the house is either quiet and tranquil or hostile and aggressive, There is no in between.

Strange thing is that we don't get those feelings in our room only from the hallway.
Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-31)
Hi terranigma, are you still at Ashfield where you were previously followed to your room? We used to go to a Chinese restaurant in the area. There were a few spots where I found the air rather thick and heavy to wade through.

I'm concerned that both you and your partner are feeling dread and foreboding. You may be picking up on the negative energy generated by the other residents there. The unhealthy atmosphere may also have allowed some entity to manifest as well. It seems to be trying to get your attention. 😨

Perhaps you may wish to take the usual precautions of cleansing and blessing regularly. Plus a good bit of purifying for that troublesome corridor.

Please take care and stay safe. Do keep us updated on your progress. 😟

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