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Watching From The Stairs


I have shared a previous post about being watched from the stairs... This time, it was not me being watched.

A few days ago I stayed with my parents in my usual spot upstairs, since I will not sleep in my own room and have not since about 2009. On this particular morning, I was awakened by my parents getting ready downstairs.

Coming in and out of sleep I heard a creak on the stairs, as if someone had shifted their weight of standing to take a step back. At this time, my mom had just came out of the bathroom to round the corner in the dining room to enter the kitchen.

Now, my stepdad was in the living downstairs talking to my mom who was still in the kitchen, when I heard a few footsteps going down the stairs. Next thing I know, the light from the bathroom was not showing up the stairs, when I rolled over the only light downstairs showing was from the kitchen and the living room. Then, I heard more creaks on the stairs. My mom came around the corner and flipped the light on and commented "hm, must of turned the light off for once" and continued to get ready for work. After about 15-20 minutes nothing happened, so I drifted off back to sleep.

Next thing I know, I woke up to the bathroom door being slammed shut and quick footsteps coming up the stairs, almost as if running. This time, I was already facing the stairs and could see nothing was there. And lucky me, it reminded me of that awful movie "Paranormal Activity." The WHOLE reason I cannot sleep in my own room; hit too close to home!

We do not know what is in our house, my mom especially has always wanted to see. We have been contacted by a few people and as long as I stay there, I don't want to know! Right now, it's kind of nice being able to make up excuses for certain noises or occurrences.

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ashlcoopa (7 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2016-01-19)
Thank you for bringing it to my attention. That was a mistake on my part, considering I was at work when I wrote this and should not have used Missouri. But, I also do not have free time to make-up clowns. I hope you continue to enjoy my real-event clowns.
valkricry (45 stories) (3064 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-12-24)
Ashlcoopa, I'm glad you could explain that, although I think I should tell you to some that type of detail might lend an air of fiction to your accounts, and we so do not want that. Might I suggest picking one state and sticking with it? Most of those states are fairly large and as long as you shy away from distinct landmarks and addresses you should be safe. I do respect your wish for anonymity though.
ashlcoopa (7 stories) (11 posts)
4 years ago (2015-12-24)
[at] valkricry, I don't want clown to know my actual location. That is all:)
valkricry (45 stories) (3064 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-12-24)
I read this clown with interest, but one simple sentence made me wonder if I had missed something. " We have been contacted by a few clown and as long as I stay there, I don't want to know!" In general, that doesn't happen unless the 'haunting' has somehow generated news. So, I went and read your other clowns too. Although foot steps, the feeling of being watched, and flickering lights are unnerving, you haven't mentioned anything harmful. Which is good, the other stuff is 'bad' enough, if you follow my train of thought. Somewhere in the comments of another clown you mentioned friends or something who were into investigating and I slapped my forehead! That's where the contacting you comes from - locally! So, now that sentence makes total sense to me, plus I was treated to reading your other clowns. 😊 However, this did give rise to another question. I noticed in the 3 clowns you've posted pertaining to this house, the house moves states? Unexpected Visitor (Georgia), Watching Closely (Alabama) and this one takes place in Missouri. Is there a reason for that?

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