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Me and my hubby were working in Chennai where we rented a house. The house was very big and in the middle of city. When we moved in I could sense something ghostly in that house. I have never seen anyone but I could feel someone's presence only when I was alone at home.

My hubby worked on Saturdays so I would have an afternoon siesta. Whist napping I used to feel someone walking to and fro in hall. Sometimes when I would be asleep I used to hear voices like my hubby is voice calling me by my name.

One day when I was asleep I felt as if a young lady had tied me to the bed and was warning me saying that if I tell about her to anyone she will kick me in my stomach and abort my child. I was pregnant then. She was laughing heavily. I tried to get up but I couldn't as I felt I have been tied.

After my delivery and on arrival back to the house, when me and our baby used to sleep I used to hear sounds of someone washing clothes or taking bath. I told my hubby about this but he used to say that I was daydreaming.

One day I felt her telling me that she will take away my child. A week later my child got a fever which did not cease and finally she was hospitalized. From that incident I went to my hometown and asked my hubby to look for another house. Within a month we shifted to another house. Since moving I have had not more experiences and I am able to sleep peacefully.

Later we came to know that there was a lady who died at a very young age due to some about 10 years back. She was very fond of children but she was unable to conceive, so her husband left her and married another woman. May be tats why she disturbed me a lot.

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ghoststory2014 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-30)
hi. Thanks for your comments... People said she died of heart attack. I am not very sure of how she died. But I struggled a lot until I was living there. Whenever I was alone it always used to happen. Had we known about this incident before we would not have moved there.
Anyways past is past. May her soul rest in peace.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-30)
This is going to be a mix of a earthly/paranormal perspective:

The tied down feeling when you were waking up was likely sleep paralysis. It happens when your mind is still dreamed, yet you are conscious. You are essentially stuck in a half reality/half dream with no control. It's terrifying, and with you being pregnant at the time, I can imagine that made it even worse. It does happen to many people and it's usually never a nice experience.

Your baby getting sick may not be a direct correlation to what you heard. It could be a coincidence, especially with the worry of a new parent. That does not mean that what you heard did not happen and that your experience is not valid, just that your child's sickness could have been natural, but because of the circumstances, felt very unnatural.

You could also be very sensitive to electric fields, which causes hallucinated noises/paranoia and feelings of helplessness. Being pregnant at that time could not have helped that at all.

From a paranormal origin, it is a very tragic story. The young lady seems very jealous that you got what she always wanted. Because of this, I think it is very good that you left the house before anything escalated. Do you have any information on the young woman who passed?

Regardless of what happened and why, I am very happy that you and your child are safe.

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