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I Lived In A Haunted House For 2.5 Years


I don't know where to start but I personally believe that I had a series of paranormal experiences over a significant period of time (Dec 2009 - Jun 2012) after which I left the house I was residing in.

A little background about myself. I used to be an avid ghost hunter's fan back in college. Did a significant amount of reading up on paranormal sciences and also wanted to be a ghost hunter. Now the series of incidents that happened with me in the aforementioned house made me feel the place was haunted. With time, issues were getting unbearable and the activities seemingly becoming pronounced.

Now to elaborate on some of the phenomenon. I am just listing out the phenomenon and would love to discuss the detailed incidents over a separate thread.

1. Partial and full bodied apparitions seen by mother and wife at the same location in different time periods and neither knowing about each others incident.

2. I have noticed shadows on the walls myself.

3. Strange noise from within the cupboards.

4. Letters "JD" appearing on my glass dining table which would appear only when the table was cleaned and the water would be drying up. The dried up area within the surrounding water would consistently form the letters. This phenomenon slowly disappeared after several months. And I can't remember correctly but reappeared once towards the end of my tenure.

5. Closed doors opening ajar after minutes. Any amount of attempts to recreate the scenario for debunking did not succeed.

6. Objects shifting locations minutes after keeping them.

7. Objects disappearing and reappearing at the same location minutes apart.

8. TV channels changing by themselves.

9. Beds creaking as if someone is sitting on it while you are the only person in the room.

10. The feeling the pillow underneath your head is moving when you are the only person on the bed.

11. A friend of mine, unaware of any incidents in the house, noticed a silhouette at the end of the bed and remained awake the rest of the night.

12. Woke up one morning to find my entire kitchen, dining hall, and half of my living room covered in thick black smelly water. We never figured where it came from.

13. My mom and wife both had similar bruise marks on their left shin which turned into severe rashes within days. The marks are strikingly similar to the ones showed in the movie "The Conjuring" where the mother in the movie woke up with bruises.

14. The apartment was a serviced apartment which was given off for rent as the software industry was suffering from the recession in 2009. The caretaker of the service apartment, which later became my flat, had a severe freak accident the day I had decided to confront him about all the weird incidents occurring in the house and had a part of his tongue chopped off. After he recovered (and talks with a significant slur), he told me the place was apparently built over a Muslim cemetery. I don't want to attribute this as the primary reason for all the weird occurrences but I needed to understand what on earth was happening to me and my family.

15. I have noticed weird floating orbs in my bedroom too.

16. Distinctive cold spots at certain times.

17. Just another freak coincidence. The caretaker had similar marks on his left shin as my wife and mom. He also mentioned that most people would not want to stay in the serviced apartment for more than a day or two as they would fall ill or seemingly lose things in the rooms. He was surprised I had stayed there for that long and so had never bothered me with the unexplainable occurrences. I sort of attribute this detail of his as a lack of understanding of the service apartment industry and don't want to make this detail a validation point for the entire haunted house hypothesis.

The phenomenon has been experienced by both my parents, wife, and 4 friends who have reported these to me separately at different time intervals.

For 2.5 years now I have moved on but still wonder whether these were just us trying to attribute scientifically explainable phenomenon as hauntings or whether a want to be ghost hunter had the experience of a life time.

Even after so many years it haunts me to find out whether it was for real or just a psychological event for each of us.

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Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)
Ant, Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for telling me more about that black liquid thing. I just can't imagine how it got everywhere. 😊
Ant (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)

Thank you all for taking interest and time to respond to my experiences. I would like to try and answer all the questions you all have posted to the best of my knowledge.

[at] Miracles51031: I completely agree to your point and was actually hoping you would do that while editing the story. It was for reference to the forum admin. Thank you for ensuring the address was taken off. I had written a mail to the bangalore paranormal investigators a while back but did not hear back from them. I had posted the same details for this forum afterwards.

[at] sds: Hi I lived in bangalore, within city limits, but slightly off from the main road, about a 1.5-2 kms inside. Yes I had briefly asked the residents in the floor below and I had got to know a weird incident that had happened with them. There were 3 guys who shared a 3bhk apartment, out of which one would often travel on business. They complained of a strange sounds of footsteps in their hall/ kitchen in the night, after they went to sleep. This is something I had experienced briefly but did not pay much heed to it. Another incident they told me was one night the
When the third guy was out of town, the two guys went to sleep after watching a match. The two went back to their respective bedrooms and were half asleep when one of them heard the sound of running water (which is something even I have experienced). On waking up and checking the bathroom he could not find anything. So went out to check the kitchen sink. On stepping out of the room he claims to see the living room light on even though he remembers shutting the lights off before going to sleep. He checked the kitchen and even that did not solve the issue of running water. So he woke his roommate up and asked to help him. While checking for the weird incident he asked his roommate if he had come out to switch the living room lights on? His roommate answered in the negative but mentioned that even he had heard weird sounds from the living room a couple of times but could never figure out the issue, so would just ignore it now.

I had talked to them in end may 2012 and moved houses in end June. Haven't crosschecked with them thereafter.

[at] outofboxthinker: I completely agree with you in terms of having alternate theories. I had been doing the same for a long time while I stayed there. Tried explaining most of the incidents as scientifically explainable circumstances. One of the reasons I posted here is also because deep down I still believe that whatever happened was basically my mind playing tricks while being colluded with a bias from all the horror movies I love watching. I genuinely want to know if the things I experienced are just mind games or something way more than that.

I would like to answer some of the debunking theories you provided and would like to have your opinion about it.

"doors can move depending on moments air flow" - I had thought the same. I had mentioned I tried debunking the incident but failed in my earlier post. Here is the entire story of what actually happened. One night I came back from dinner. I was filling out the water bottles, when my wife insisted I close the guest room door since she said she felt creepy. I went and closed the door tightly and even jokingly showed her that now it won't open no matter what. We went back to the bedroom and were preparing to go to bed. My wife had a habit of combing her hair right out side our bedroom door as it was easier for the maid to clean up in the morning. She opened the door and was combing when she suddenly noticed the guest room door (which was furthest from my bedroom and was across a long hall) was ajar. She called me to go and check. I go and see that everything was exactly the way it was. None of the windows were open, the adjacent bathroom door was closed shut. There was no way an external draft of air could open the guest room door ajar the way it was. I tried closing the guest room door and opening it by opening and closing the adjacent bathroom door, my bedroom door, even the main entrance door. Tried to do it by opening and closing each of these doors so vigorously it would practically close with a bang. But none of them had any effect in even slightly opening the properly locked door. Finally went back to sleep perplexed.

Another incident I had: My main entrance was right infront of the lift. One day I came back from work with my wife to find my main entrance completely ajar. We were in total shock and fear that we might have been robbed. We ran in and found everything exactly as we had left it. Did not find one thing that was misplaced. We went down to the security to ask if anyone had come to my apartment or floor that day. They answered that no one had any visitors that day. I even checked the visitor register to confirm. It was one of those 'click' locks that close behind you and you need a key to open it. Simply turning the knob would not help. Then I decided to change the main door locks.

"there could be some weird bug whose bite inspired the movie" - Let me explain in detail how it happened with my wife, since I was traveling when the bruise marks first appeared on my mother left shin. I know my wife's incident first hand and was there to witness the event with my own eyes. One night while asleep my wife started screaming in her sleep around 3:30 am. I woke up hastily and was fumbling for the light switch while still trying to make sense of what was happening. When I turned the lights on I saw red finger marks on her shin. The kind of marks that you get if you press your fingers against your other forearm really hard, where your forearm has distinct outline of each finger. The disturbing part was the prints on her shin were extremely distinct and were not either her or my finger size. It seemed as if it were imprinted with some sort of metal arm. They were long and thin. I have really fat fingers and my wife has small hands. The mark seemed fresh and did not match our hands in any manner possible. My wife complained of the skin under the shin area burning like crazy. I tried putting some ice on it only to look like a fool. Neither of us could sleep the night in peace. The next morning when we woke up for work, my wife called me to the bathroom and showed me a huge 2 inch long elliptical bruise over the area where there were finger marks last night. We tried talking about how it could have come, but since I was sleeping turning away from her when she experienced it and her hands could never possible leave prints like that we were confused. In a few days the bruise started to turn into a weird rash and puss started oozing out of it. It took her 2 years to get rid of the wretched marks. The marks are still there but are much lighter and not very noticeable unless you focus on seeing it. My mom and the housekeeper had the exact same mark in their shins and don't know about the house keeper but my mom also took the same amount of time to recover from it.

"there could have been a weird dent in the table" - It was a clear glass table and there was nothing that was noticeable or that could be felt. I thought it could have been a change in the density in the glassware or something that caused it. But can't say anything with surety. The "JD" sign had disappeared for a few months in between but then reappeared about a month before I finally vacated the apartment.

[at] SAM222: Will try to provide some detail to the your questions

4) I thought so too. But could not find any clear evidence stating the same.

12) It was the 1st of May 2012. My wife and I were sitting in the bedroom watching tv around 10:30 pm. My wife got a call and was busy talking, this is when I realized there were an impending storm outside. There was thunder and lightning. I hadn't realized it had started raining outside all this time. Suddenly I notice the bulbs in my bedroom start flickering. My wife was so into the conversation on the phone, she was completely oblivious of the flickering bulbs. The weird part being the TV, fan, and AC were working smoothly until then. I tapped my wife'e arm and showed her the flickering lights, and almost instantly the power went out. My wife hung up and said I guess its just the rain that caused the power cut. We had 24 hours power backup and generally the power came back within a minute or two. But that night we waited for almost 25-30 mins, but there was no sign of it coming back, all of this happening when I could see the all the buildings from my window had power. Generally when we had a power cut all of the adjacent ones I just mentioned would also experience a power failure. Honestly speaking I had already started feeling spooky in that house and had this weird fear of stepping out of the bedroom out of some unknown fear. I am generally not like this and am a very avid adventure enthusiast and tend to jump at the idea of a thrill. But staying in this house I started becoming very weird and scared.
I refused to step out of the room even after my wife asked me to go check outside. Don't know when we fell asleep. The next morning I got dressed for office and walked out of the bedroom. Since all the curtains were drawn it was dark in the hall. I heard a strange noise with every step I took. I went and opened the curtains to turn and see the entire hall, kitchen and dining room was full of black water. The windows were sealed shut, the kitchen door which had an adjacent balcony was sealed shut. When I started cleaning the water the awful stench started emanating. I just could not find the source of the water or why it was black and smelt like sewage.

Hope I could answer all your questions. Do let me know in case you want more details about any incidents. I have a lot more to talk about, but maybe some other day.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-13)
Ant, I would say that THIS is your typical haunted house, (maybe a bit more haunted than the typical haunted house).
(Numbers correspond to your story)
4.) I'd say that JD is probably the initials of a man that died (most likely in the house or on the property)
12.) This is very weird, I've never heard of something like this happening, it's got me very curious, if you could tell me more about this that would be great.
12.) & 17.) There must be some reason that they all got similar looking bruises, though I'm not sure what that reason is. Did these bruises look like anything in particular?
Thank your for sharing your experiences! 😁
outofboxthinker (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
I would like to point out a few thing that I noticed I say this respectfully but its good to look at things that point in the opposite direntions since some incedent are coincedence, doors can move depending on moments air flow, there could be some weird bug whos bite inspired the movie, there could have been a weird dent in the table, again I say this respectfully and don't mean to upset anyone I just like to see from multiple angles
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
Hi Ant, welcome to YGS. I agree with Miracles. The actual address should definitely be avoided.

I want to ask you Ant, in which part of the country, city or town you lived? Apart from the care-taker, did you enquire with any body else? And you have any information about the present residents like whether they also have similar experiences? If what you said that the apartment was built over a Muslim cemetery, then what about the experiences of your neighbours?

Except for the bruises, the rest of the phenomena could not be attributed to anything harmful. But still, I would like to reserve my comments until I get more details from you.

Kindly do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
Ant - when editing your story, I deleted the address. We discourage sharing the actual physical address of an experience as the potential is there for the people who may currently be residing at that address to have their lives interrupted by someone wanting to investigate their home.

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