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The Myrtles Plantation: File #1 (the Electric Touch)


This was one of my first investigations that I conducted at the Myrtles Plantation back in Fall of 2011.

One particularly chilly night in October of 2011, myself and my crew (two others, not going to name names) were investigating the grounds towards the back of the property. It was this particular area that we dubbed "The Dark Area" because the very first time we went back there, we could not shake the feeling of being watched intensely, and the presence we all felt seemed to not want us there, because we all felt unnatural and unnerved every time we went back there. On this particular night, however, I would be reminded that some spirits do more than just watch.

Me and my team had been traversing the grounds of the entire property, conducting EVP sessions and trying to catch visual evidence on our camcorder, and we were not having any luck whatsoever. Finally, one of my team members suggested that we go to The Dark Area to try to get some EVPs, having previously caught an EVP of chains rattling; the same chains that slaves would have been wearing.

As we neared The Dark Area, we all felt that same presence locking its eyes on us. I immediately began to feel anxious as we entered the center of The Dark Area. My fellow lead investigator began doing an EVP session near the edge of the treeline, and that was when I felt it. A single icy cold, electrical touch that started at the top of my spine that quickly followed my spine down to the small of my back. As I said it was icy cold to the touch, but it also stung like I was being shocked by an electrical current. I screamed and fell to the ground clutching my back, and my team members came to my aid. I told them that it felt like I was shocked all through my spine. They lifted up my shirt and they discovered that I had one singular scratch going down my back. We decided right then to end the investigation and we got out of there. We ran to our vehicle and got out of Dodge.

The next morning, my team called me to make sure I was alright, and by then the scratch was mostly gone, although I did have a nasty dream about a cranky man constantly telling me to "Go away and never come back!" The only thing that we are not sure about, is what exactly did we encounter? What scratched me? Was it a human spirit? Was it the spirit of an overseer or an old caretaker? These questions still puzzle us, and we still are no closer to finding the truth.

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db (13 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-10)
J M-Yikes! If that happened to me I would have done the same thing. The other commenters here sound very wise in what they are saying.
If I were to ghost hunt/or hunt for anything 'paranormal' I would think going in that firstly my thoughts would be to think in terms of wanting to help whatever or whomever may be 'stuck' in a location that makes them want to be mean and once arriving I would mentally be sending off a message of peace along with the intent of helping them to realize that there is a way to a better place and that they really can come to a place of forgiving themselves of whatever it is that may be tormenting them (if that's the case) so they can 'let go'
Maybe if you had gone in with a peaceful and respectful mission this may not have happened to you? I don't know.
Anyway, The Myrtles Plantation has had several documentaries but none mention anyone getting scratched!
Take care!
J_M_Shepard (3 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-11)
Hey everyone. I appreciate the input given for this conversation and I thank y'all for participating in this conversation. More files from the Myrtles Plantation will be coming soon. I have a lot of experiences to share, and I hope that I can get input on those experiences, too.
J_M_Shepard (3 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-30)
Tweed, Manafon, CountingCoups:

Thank y'all for the input! Mana, I have seen The St. Francisville Experiment, and I thought it was fun, as well. The last few minutes were quite startling. And no I do not know where the actual house they used is.

Tweed: The interesting thing about the Chains EVP is that we heard it very faintly with our own ears, but the recorder sounded much closer, almost right beside us. Since the encounter we have been very cautious in The Dark Area and do not enter it without prayers and blessings of protection first.

Counting: I have actually just started work at a chemical plant so investigations are at a moments notice now, sorry. But you can find my email on my profile, I believe, if you wish to talk more on a personal level. As for the 3 story building in Jackson, LA? I live just a few minutes away from Jackson. It may be possible with the right permissions and any available history on the building.

UPDATE: The Dark Area has been converted to living spaces for guests. It is now virtually impossible for investigations to happen in that spot anymore. However, the activity in that sector has died down a lot, even so much that we do not even receive EVPs or warnings... Not even the sensation of being watched.
CountingCoups (5 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-30)
I'm from St. Helena Parish and I'm always skeptical of experiences from the Myrtles' plantation. The whole "extreme haunting" and the classic stories of normal cursed plantation lore didn't really appear until somewhat recently. However, your story is very different from the usual. I would like to know more about your investigative group. Please message me. There is an abandoned 3 story building I glanced in Jackson, LA one day and wonder what might be there. Just driving past it gave me that feeling I get when things are around. I always wanted to get in on a real investigation and would like to know more if you are willing and your group is nearby the area.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-30)
Hi J M,

Wow, obviously not nice things going on in The Dark Area! Given the history of the area I wondered if whoever you encountered was some kind of land spirit, like a protector of that patch, The Dark Area. Maybe the events through history, the energy/emotions/moods/vibes created from those events, linger and drew a protective spirit to that area. That this in turn created even more weird/similar energy in a sort of feedback loop. Perhaps a reasoning for all this would be to simply 'keep out' anyone who ventured into this territory. The same as many animals are territorial.
Capturing chains on an EVP reminded me of the warning of a rattlesnake before it sees fit to strike. Maybe there's enough energy in these types of places and enough collective memory attached to them that this energy can be manipulated AND interpreted by an entity to express warning with a sense of context to it's recipients (hearing chains on EVP). Unfortunately for ghost hunters (and curious members of the public) these 'warnings' are not always understood and up amps the entity's defence (the rattlesnake strikes)

Recently the topic of ghost hunting has been fascinating me, completely due to reading things on YGS, of course.
There's something about your experiences in The Dark Area, the timing of everything, the feeling there and the electric shock sensation, which screams 'awareness', 'intelligent', 'deliberate', 'non-human' and above all 'territorial'.

Thanks for sharing, but sorry you got stung, eek!
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-29)
J_M_--Very interesting account. It would be difficult to really know whether it was the spirit of a one time resident, such as an overseer or a slave, or something else. Must have been quite intense to feel what you did and to recieve an obvious scratch. The Myrtles is well known as a haunted locale--by any chance are you aware of any particular reports from that corner of the plantation? Are the slave quarters nearby or was it an area where a known lynching took place?

On another subject altogether I see that you are from St. Francisville, Louisiana. I might be one of five or so people who found the movie The St. Francisville Experiment good fun. Yeah it was an obvious bid to ride the coat tails of The Blair Witch Project but it was a rather creepy and inventive little film. Are you familiar with the house from the movie? The credits do indeed suggest that the movie was shot completely on location in your town.

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