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Since about the age of fourteen there have been many significant events that have seemed 'paranormal', though some were in a house I used to live in and then more in the house I live in now. I sometimes wonder whether it was a coincidence that we live in two houses with activity or whether perhaps something followed us over, as I have heard that to be something that can happen.

In the house before the one we now live (we being my mum, myself and my three other siblings) there wasn't as many experiences as there has been in the house I live in now, however I always felt that house had a very negative feeling to it. I never liked it there, and I got that 'vibe' about it even from the day we moved in. Also many unlucky things have happened while we lived there, like my mum getting fired from her job and my brother being mugged. I don't know if this is a part of the activity, but it did add to the negativity and bad memories of that place.

There was one event that my mum experienced in that house though. At that time my siblings and I would go to my dad's house one weekend every fortnight and on those weekends my mum would be in the house alone. On one of these weekends she was up late on the computer which was set up on a dining table. While she was on the computer she thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye, a young blonde boy with a blue shirt/jumper on standing at the end of the table, she has since then nicknamed him The Blue Boy. When she turned her head to look the boy was gone, however at the end of the table was a blue aerosol can of fly spray.

Seeing the can she figured it was just her mind playing tricks, as many people would do. Though later she told some friends about the experience, friends who were believers of paranormal things and the like, and they said that she in fact did see a young ghost boy, and her mind was just trying to rationalise the situation by saying it had to be the blue can she saw. I am not 100% sure I believe that theory though.

We later moved because there was such a negative feeling about the place and we didn't really like it there. The house we live in now is much better and I do not feel a negative aurora, I actually really like it here. However in this house there has been far more experiences.

In this house my mum set up a doorbell and after a while it would start to go off on its own at three in the morning sometimes. Later on the batteries died and mum never changed them, however even with dead batteries the bell would go off! Again on its own, never from anyone ringing it.

Since my mum had lost her job she never got a new one, instead she did bookkeeping from home for some businesses of friends. Because she always got to stay home she would sleep in a lot and so my siblings and I got ourselves up and to school and my mum would wake up a few hours later. Sometimes when alone she would hear footsteps walking around the other end of the house, down the hallway where our rooms were and she would often just think one of us stayed home and skipped school, however when she went to check no one was home but her. Doors would also slam down that end of the house with no obvious reason, like a draft of wind etc.

It has been over a year, close to two since my grandmother died of complications from dementia. When she passed away my mum got a few of her belongings (a recliner chair, a lamp, walking stick and a shillelagh). The lamp was one I remember from when I was young and I am sure my nana had it from before I was even born. It was a gold colour with a stain glass lamp shade and was one of those tap lamps that you tapped the top or base to turn on and it had three brightness settings.

One night we were all in bed besides my mum who was up on her computer, she had the lamp on beside her and she messaged us on facebook out of the blue saying "The lamp turned itself up!" and then a few minutes later she messaged us again: "The lamp just turned itself off!" A few days after this the lamp stopped working altogether for no apparent reason.

Now these next few events happened to me personally and only me and all happened in my room at night. They happened after my nana passed away, however unlike with the lamp where I could believe it was her, these didn't seem like it was her, nor could I see her doing anything like what happened.

The first thing that happened I didn't notice right away, however I did have a lot of little ornaments sitting on my tallboy by my window and on a few occasions when dusting or cleaning I would notice that they were all turned around. When they would normally face forward sometimes they were all facing a different direction. The first time it happened I wasn't too fazed, but it happened more than once. Someone in my family could have done it but I don't know why they would have.

The second thing was when I was laying in bed one night, trying to sleep I felt someone lay down behind me. At first I didn't find it weird, but then I realised I was alone and became uncomfortable. I didn't want to move or turn around. The presence didn't seem negative or evil. I half thought it could be my nana, but I really don't see her doing something like that at all.

The third and final thing happened when I was at my computer in my room. I was sitting up just surfing the net when I heard one of my ornaments fall of my tallboy. I thought that the wind might of blown the curtain and knocked it over but my window was closed and there was nothing I could suggest that would of made it fall. Once I had set it back in its place, I looked back at my computer to head over there when I saw a shadow on the wall. It looked like a person waving its arms around. It wasn't a black figure or anything; it looked just like a regular dull shadow, but of someone my height waving their arms around above their head. It didn't make much sense to me, but it gave me the creeps.

After that I had my room blessed with pray and holy water. My family is atheist besides myself who is Christian and so my mum wouldn't have the whole house blessed, but I had my room done and nothing has happened in there since.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-05)
I think by having your room blessed you told whatever spirits are around, they arent allowed in your space.

Was your grandmother whom passed, a sentimental person before she had dementia? The reason I ask is because, spirits can try to make up the time they couldn't do such things, by doing them in our physical plane.
In spirit, they can do more, maybe it was her, laying next to you, and when you realised it wasn't anyone of your family you became uncomfortable.

Have you or your mom tried looking into the history of the house before your current?
Maybe try to figure out whom the little blue boy could have been.
And why he came to your mom.

Thanks for sharing

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