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Haunted Bungalow In Hill Country


We don't have 4 seasons here in Sri Lanka, If we want to enjoy a cold climate we have to visit Hill Country, so me and my family used to visit 'Nuwara Eliya (NE) 'every year. So this happened in December, 2012.

We visited NE in December 2011 too and accommodated in a Bungalow which was owned by a famous company in Sri Lanka which is my uncle work for, It is the No 1 Beverage and Ice Cream Company in Sri Lanka. That is the first time me and my family visited there with my uncle's family. It was a nice Bungalow with comfortable Bed Rooms. So in 2012 we went there and me, my sister and my cousin sister selected a one Big Room for 3 of us. In the first night all the adults except our grandma and aunt went to the NE town to buy some food and etc. So me, my sister and my cousin was laying in bed and watching a movie. My aunt, her daughter (kid) and our grandma was in the other room. After about 30 minutes we heard someone knocking the Main Door. We were in the upstairs (All the rooms were in the upstairs and its a 2 storied bungalow). So we thought that our parents had come and we called our aunt (they had fallen asleep) and went downstairs to open the door but before that we asked "who's there?" No response, so we slowly opened the door and there was no one. 3 of us (me, my sister and cousin) heard the knocking sound, its like "Knock Knock" 2 times. But my aunt said it might be the movie, but 3 of us was so sure we heard that. My sister and my cousin got bit scared after that 1st incident. Our parents came after about 45 minutes and we told them about that but they just ignored it.

2nd incident was happened to my mom in the 2nd night. She was sleeping and suddenly wanted to use the Bathroom so she has gone in and when she was in there she had heard my father calling my uncle by his name. So she had thought that my father has got up and she had said my father that she is in the bathroom and wait near the door until she come. She was surprised that no one was there outside the bathroom and my father was in a deep sleep and there is no way that he had been awake. So my mom got bit upset about this thing and she asked my father about this in the morning and he said that he didn't got up even a once that night and even my uncle said that no one called him by his name. My mom was so sure that she heard that.

3rd incident happened 3rd night. Me, my sister and my cousin we knew that there is something haunted in this bungalow and were scared even to go to the Bathroom. So 2 of us were waiting outside the Bathroom until one person use it LOL. So my cousin was waiting outside the bathroom facing me and my sister who was inside the bathroom, brushing teeth after meals. I was looking at my cousin, and she suddenly looked at the right side of her and I clearly saw that her face was changing (like she has seen something scary) She looked at me with eyes full of tears. I asked her why? (I was the eldest of 3 and we were alone in the upstairs) She said "No...Nothing, let's go downstairs, brush your teeth quickly". She didn't tell us what she saw but I know she saw something scary.

Next day morning I got up early because we were going back to colombo that day my sister was in downstairs but my cousin was sleeping I asked her to wake up but she said she can't she feel sick, then I touched her head and it was so hot and she has fever. I called my mom and her mom and they gave her medicine but she was not in a position to travel. She was vomiting and had a bad headache. I knew this was because of what she saw last night I told my mom about it. They asked her what she saw and she said that she saw something black in colour round in shape moving from my parent's room to her parent's room. Its like a shadow but round in shape.

Few hours later and few minutes before we were leaving I went upstairs to use the bathroom with my sister and we both alone in there. My sister was waiting for me outside the bathroom and I was washing my hands, my sister suddenly told me "come out quickly we need to go downstairs right now" So I came out and she grabbed my hand and ran to the downstairs. I asked her "what happened?" she said,"i saw the same thing, black colour round shape thing moving from on room to the other". My cousin started to cry saying that she want to leave right now. So we left the bungalow thinking that we will never come back to that place.

Later we got to know that the company is going to build a new bungalow in another place.

Me and my boyfriend planning to visit NE in May this year after our Registration, with our family to the same place but to a private bungalow. I hope that the Haunted Bungalow is still there so I can show it to my Boyfriend.

Sorry for the lengthy story.


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ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-15)
A thrilling experience. You are getting the first comment and that too very late 😆. The story is quite interesting and different from the other stories you posted here, thanks for sharing.

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