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I lived with my Nan and Pop for years while I was little. The house they live in has two parts, the original part that has the dining room, lounge room, bathroom, hallway and two bedrooms, the extension has the laundry, office, kitchen, living room, games area, a small bedroom, master bedroom and an en-suit. There is a door that connects the original part to the extension.

When I was a little kid, I always hated going into the original part of the house, I felt like I was constantly being watched, I was especially terrified of using the bathroom. I thought the original part of the house was scary and "had a different feeling". I wasn't as scared during the day but as soon as it got dark, I was terrified of the original part. My grandparents thought I was just scared of the dark, so they put night lights through the house, this didn't fix my problem.

When I was at the house a few weeks ago, I had the same feeling that I always had about the old part of the house, this time I thought the weird feeling was just mind over matter from remembering that I found that part of the house scary. A few days went past and I was sitting in the living room, the door that connects the two parts of the house was at about 10 o'clock to where I was sitting. As I was sitting, I noticed a shape looking like a man, so I looked at it properly. He looked to be 5'6" and was completely black with no facial features or hair. He stayed still for about a second, then he ran so fast it looked like more of a blur to the dining room, looked back at me for half a second then ran just as quick, into the hallway where the bathroom and two bedrooms are, when he entered the hallway he was no longer in my view.

No one else in my family is sensitive to spirits apart from my sister who says the original part of the house is "spooky at night." The house is located between the town's old hospital and the current hospital; they are both on the same street as my grandparent's house.

I believe the figure was watching me, but I don't know why. It has never harmed anyone in the 30 years my family has owned the house. I was wondering what you guys think of this?

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