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Growing Up In My Grandparent's House


My last story was about my Mom's house. This one is about her parent's house where I mostly grew up. You see, my mom and dad separated and my mom thought I would have the best chance of being the best person I could be if my Lolo and Lola (they're still alive and I live beside them) raised me.

It was a typical two story house in Banco Filipino Homes in Paranaque except that our house looked like an old fort outside as it was used Adobe stones for its walls. Inside, the furniture was antique wood mixed with a Victorian flavor. Asian and Victorian mixed together. Also, it was FILLED with paintings. Mostly mother and child paintings that seem to look at you wherever you went.

We used to have an intercom. If my Lolo or Lola wanted one thing from downstairs or if the maid needed to tell them something, we could ring each other through the intercom. This was the early 90s so sms wasn't invented yet and cellphones weighed a ton. While my grandparents were at work, the intercom downstairs kept ringing again and again and again. That wasn't the creepy part. There was blackout. We didn't have electricity when this happened. No way intercoms worked without electricity.

We had a maid named Gina when I was young. She was from the province and was nice but Gina also had a strictness and not just because I'm the grandson of her boss meant I can do whatever I want. So one night Gina said something to discipline me and I said something really mean. I probably cursed at her (I was immature back then) and ran up to my Lola's room in the 2nd floor. No one was there but soon as I entered the unlit room, the TV turned on to static. TSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH was all I could hear and there was just pitch black showing on the TV.

Usain Bolt had nothing on me as I ran back downstairs. First thing I did was run to Gina and apologized profusely. She just looked amused and said it was ok. That I was just a kid.

Soon, I was 18 years old and was in college and had a girlfriend. After class we'd go to my grandparent's house to hang before I would bring her home. One afternoon as we were going down the stairs, she suddenly stopped, gripped my arm until it hurt and just stared at the seat on our balcony beside the telephone. I asked her what the problem was and she said we'll talk in the car. While I was driving she confessed that an old lady was seated beside the telephone and was staring at her. The creepy part according to her was that the lady was see-through except for the eyes. The eyes were solid and clear and was aimed at her.

We broke up anyway. So, she probably deserved that. Hehehe.

A few months after that incident, I was sleeping in my room and I woke up at around 3am. It was dark. All I could see was an old lady lying down beside me. Looking at me. I cursed out loud a "PUTANGINA!" and the fear was replaced with anger. Why was I allowing myself to get scared. So I put the blanket on top of my face and went back to sleep.

Now I'm in my 30s and have a family so I've moved out. I now live in the house beside my Grandparents house. It was bought back in the 90s as well and was mostly unoccupied until maybe a few months before my son was born. So from when I was in grade 5 up to just a few years back, nobody really lived in it. I'll tell you guys the stories about this house where I'm in right now in my next story. I hope you enjoyed this one!

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