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Since I was about 12 years old I have seemed to have a spirit that follows me, despite the fact that I have moved many times since that age. The spirit has never been aggressive and though the encounters I have had with it have left me a little unsettled, I have never feared for my safety. I will list them in chronological order with a brief description of my age at location at the time of the incident. I have some questions at the end maybe someone could shed some light on. Any insight would be appreciated.

12 years old, farmhouse in Copetown, Ontario:

I had just moved in with my Dad and his girlfriend. I shared a room with my sister who had been living there for a few months already. Our room was in the basement which was just concrete walls and floors. The house itself kind of gave me the creeps because it was old and on a very big property with rolling hills and a lot of trees. There was one house on the other side of one of the barns but it felt very isolated.

One day I was in my room and I heard footsteps outside my door, I went and opened the door because I thought it was my sister, but there was no one there. I sat back down on the bed and heard the noise again. I looked up through the open door and I could see a shadow going slowly along the wall and stopping right outside my door. It just stood there for a few seconds and as I stared at it, it slowly faded. I got up, left the room and went upstairs. I didn't tell anyone and that was the only experience I had in the house.

15 years old, 70 year old house in Cambridge, Ontario:

We all moved to Cambridge in a pretty old house in a nice part of Cambridge. My sister and I would often talk about how the house kind of gave us the creeps. It was very outdated so it had an old feel to it, and the basement was the same concrete walls and floors and was very dimly lit. We spent a lot of time down there together but we wouldn't go down there alone.

One day my sister and I decided to watch a movie in my room. I only had a VHS player in my room so we had to pick an old kid's movie, we decided on Alice in Wonderland. I went in the basement to get the movie and my sister made some popcorn. When we got in my room to watch it, I opened the case and it wasn't in there, which was odd because it had been forever since we watched any VHS let alone that one. When we finally picked a different movie and went to put it in there, the tape of Alice and Wonderland was in my VHS player.

24 Years old, Townhouse Complex, Hamilton, Ontario:

I have lived in this house for over 2 years now with my husband and children. There is nothing particularly creepy about this house, it's not very old and I've never got a bad feeling about being here. Since living here I have had two experiences that I find to be odd.

The first was about a year after living here. My husband and I were in the living room watching TV after the kids had gone to bed. We were in the middle of a conversation when all of a sudden there was a blinding light in the room, so much so that we both had to shut our eyes. It was literally just a flash but we could not figure out what it was. It wasn't a power surge or a light blowing out. It was just a bright flash that seemed to come from everywhere and with a blink it was gone.

The second incident happened over a couple nights. I suffer from sleep paralysis and often times when I am having an episode I will think I am awake but really I am still dreaming. One night it happened and I thought I heard my husband talk to me. I rolled over and asked him what he said and he started to mumble but then was sitting straight up howling like a coyote. It was so disturbing that he was just laying down then straight up, I didn't see the transition of him sitting up. I was so startled it woke me right up and I went downstairs to unwind a bit before laying back down.

Then the next night I was putting my daughter to bed I heard the same howling. I was sitting with her, tucking her in and I could hear it and it was unbearably loud but it was like it was in my head. We do have a creek behind us and you will hear coyotes the odd time but never like this. It was so loud and it felt like it was coming from in my brain.

I had been mid-sentence with my daughter and just stopped because of the sound. It lasted maybe 5 seconds and stopped just as abruptly as it started. I looked down at my daughter and she looked so scared and said what was that noise? I don't understand how she heard it to, it was like I was only imagining it. It didn't sound like it came from anything external to me but she described the noise and it was the same as what I heard.

I have ruled out any other explanation in these experiences. I didn't put the movie in the player and forget, the flash wasn't a flash from outside. I have thought and thought about all of these things and I just can't think of a good reason for them happening. So my questions are:

Why would there be something like this that follows me around?

Could it just be that there has been a spirit at 3 of the places I've lived?

Why does it wait so long in between making its presence known?

Thank you in advance for you help.

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Icreatedyou (3 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-18)
I don't think a lot of these things have much to do with spirits. Mostly the VHS thing, you watched it a lot right? Maybe it was just in the VHS player the entire time? But all these experiences are really small to begin with... So I don't thinks its something following you. If they are paranormal I think they were random little incidents that had nothing to do with one another.
Jaiicee (3 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-14)
Hmm the VCR incident is very interesting. I am quite into psychology and it is very surprising the way our memories can trick us into thinking something totally different to what actually happened. I am not saying that the VCR incident was definitely an oversight but if it was I think it is just as fascinating how your mind can work like that! When I was younger I was convinced I owned a magic purse. I remember putting a toy car into and pulling it out the next day to find it had changed colour. Still do this day I know if it was paranormal or simply an oversight!
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-13)

I will agree with ifIhadyoux on a lot of these.

Thinking that a house is creepy or haunted can cause you to have an experience, even if that experience is created in your mind. When you are not used to a place, your mind can even create noise that it thinks fits there- like when you hear a buzzing when it's dead silent. It's your mind trying to get data from the world around it, even if there is nothing there. If you never had another experience while living there, it could be the initial creepy feeling acting itself out.

The VHS in the VCR could be just an oversight. If you had not watched anything in a while, it could have been left there and forgotten about. It sounds like a strange coincidence that the VHS was in there when you decided to watch it. You say you could not have forgotten putting it in there, but you also said it had been a while. It could have just been confusion.

Did you research your area to confirm there was no power surge on that day? A cop driving by with the searchlight on and accidentally shining it in your direction would be blinding, as well.

I have coyotes near my house often (I live in the edge of a residential area where it meets the Mesa) and sometimes they do get very loud. I've had packs run down my street before. If there was one by a window, it would be extremely loud.

Just my opinions, but these experiences strike me as having many explanations.
notjustme (19 stories) (850 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-13)
GABS - I may be confused at your comment, but if you think people are being rude to the author, I can assure you that is not what's happening.
No one is bashing the author, they are simply giving their input and insight on it. The author has agreed she needs help with the experience. We are here to discuss, and be open minded. Most of us here are believers, especially the ones that comment often 😁

Eetanam - I'm sorry I don't have any valuable suggestions to add, as I agree with the IFI on the howling and movie part. Except for the flashing light. That does sound very interesting, I believe that could have been a spirit.

I do have a few questions about your husband, does he have a habit of sleep talking? And how long did that last with him howling? Thanks for your time.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-13)
Gabs, on this site, all opinions (when presented maturely and kindly) are pretty much welcomed. You don't have to believe in a certain thing to have a valid opinion that you wish to share with the author.

This comment from GABSSoldier is hidden due to low rating. Show comment

ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-13)
12 years - could just be seeing things that your mind made up. You said the house gave you the creeps prior to living there so understandably you would begin to imagine things.

15 years - eh I think you just forgot that alice was in the vcr. You said so yourself it had been a while and you just moved, maybe you forgot.

24 years - if you have a lot of windows in your living room, even if blinds and curtains are down, you can still see a light coming from outside. Maybe someone was turning around and used your driveway to do the k turn. Or maybe your children were using a flashlight and ran away before they got into trouble.
For the whole wolf/coyote thing, perhaps they were closer to your house then previously since they don't tend to stay in one spot.

I honestly think these are just all coincidences and you're psyching yourself out. I don't mean to come off as harsh by the way, just trying to give you answers.
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-13)
eetanam- Interesting experiences. There are several possibilities of these. To answer your questions as I see them,
1. IF something is following you I think you might attract them. I say this only from personal experiences.
2. Yes there very well could be 3 different spirits at the 3 different locations. Hence, see answer 1.
3. My experiences have times that absolutely nothing happens for a period of time. I kept a journal and realized that there are dormant times. However, I have new, unexpected guest from time to time. Most are short visits but they do happen.
There are more experienced folks with YGS that will be able to give you some more options.
Hope you find what your looking for.
Thanks for sharing.

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