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Time Traveling Clown


I was preparing for another trip to the dream land, Thailand, with my friend. The last trip we had was joyful though we both still remember that something spooky happened. We shop for some cheap seasonal clothing and sandals to wear on the beach. (No, this time is not the shopping mall that I used to go where the "boy in blue shirt" spirit is around).

The shopping mall is located at Rio de Janeiro, the city my mother is from. There is an ice skate rink where children can play while waiting for their mothers to finish wandering in the mall. (Sorry, until these days I still find parents should make a check list on what they should buy instead of wandering around the mall for no reason, time and money wasting...)

I was waiting for my friend nearby the ice skate rink, like kids around, I had an ice cream cone in hand so I can stop whining and moaning while waiting for the "Woman's long toilet adventure" to finish. (Like they always will tell you to wait for them while they go to the toilet, but during the trip to toilet and the way back, they have to check every single shop around... Any readers nodding? Lol)

While I was enjoying my ice cream, I saw a clown from a distance surrounded by some children and people. He waved and smiled and entertained the kids making balloon dolls and toys. I walked towards him and watched his performance. People are clapping and taking pictures but then I realize that the scene seemed a little not modern. I looked around and saw that people still had their big cameras like in the old days. No one was taking pictures with their cell phone, and no trace of any smart phones. The clown handed me a balloon sword but it poped.

All the sudden I was back lining up to buy an ice cream cone, I was looking around and there is no clown. My close friend came back and told me that my eyes were closed while waiting in the line. I felt dizziness but I know I will be OK, so I shook it off.

My friend told me to sit down while she will buy the ice cream cone, I told her I am OK, and I felt that I will see the clown again if I will close my eyes in any chance, so we gave up buying the ice cream cone and continued went to shop for our stuff.

No, I was not that tired that I will drop sleeping during that day and I was healthy, no illness and no pills. I did not drive either since the car park is always full.

Now, did I travel time and came back real quick? Was that what people call as "out of body experience"? Does anyone have had a similar experience? Or did I simply just day dreamed? Strange dream if that was a dream.

Oh, by the way, I had enough sleep that day and I was not feeling sleepy at all in case I did not mention. Was it really just simply a health issue?

Love from São Paulo


PS. I will be going out of my home, so I might not be able to see the comments. I will get right back once I can access to the internet. I apologize for my late replies first.

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roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2017-12-24)
Merry Christmas guys and gals! Best wish for all!

Jubeele and Rex-T, Sure clowns are creepy and had deep meaning, that's why Stephen King has made "It" a clown.

Well, in the world of Tarot, the Clown have 2 meanings, the ending and the starting, other thoughts are death and alive, people then cut short the meaning and they had a thought of giving it the meaning of the end and changed the Clown into the Grim Ripper.

Yup, Grim Ripper was actually is an evolution of the meaning of the tarot card, and so the Clown, sometime will represent "death" as well. Strange hey?

Well, think of the "Jokers" in our stacks of playing cards, there are 2 jokers right? Red and black, see any coincidence now? Just like Ying and Yang, that is Death and Live, you realize the similarities now?;-)

Err... But speaking of the clown in my "dream?" I have no idea at all, it was meaningless and nothing really happened relating to the clown. Hmm... At least nothing bad happened so... I don't know, maybe something will be ending or something is starting?

Rex-T, Psst, thanks for the tip but we shall whisper next time, "they" are reading our comments (worrying)

Lady-glow, Well as a kid back then I seldom will go to that mall, I remember there were street performers outside the mall, not clowns. Inside the shopping mall there were always lots to tourists, I don't remember any clowns really.

lady-glow (14 stories) (3078 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-23)
Roylynx - do you remember been to that mall like a kid? I wonder if you had a deja Vu of a previous experience with a clown in a mall.

Thanks for sharing.
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-23)

Tip No. 1 - how to cut short the adventure.

If a female friend needs to visit the 'Ladies Room' you escort them and wait outside.

You might get some strange looks from the ladies but you know that you have done your manly duty in ensuring their safety and their handbag's safety.

If your friend wanders into a shop (unless it is lingerin) follow them in and keep looking at your watch and muttering 'It's getting late'.

As you get more annoying, the time taken will get less. 😁

Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-23)
Haha, you funny man, Roy: "Woman's long toilet adventure". (I think Rex-T was nodding his head at you.)

I really don't like clowns. They're creepy. Even before I read Stephen King's book, "It" or saw the movies. As a girl I also mistrusted them because they paint their faces to hide what they really were. 🤡 Do clowns mean comic relief or fun to you? Or do they creep you out too? How you think of them may be what that clown represents in that vision.

You may also have seen a residual of a clown re-enacting his performance. Wonder if you can find any past news photo or something that shows a scene from the past.

The built-in camera phone was invented by Philippe Kahn in 1997, released in South Korea and Japan in 2000. So, the scene where people were taking pictures of the clown with big cameras most probably was from before 1997. 📸

Now, the most important question of all: what was the flavour of the ice cream in your cone? 🍦
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-23)
Hi Roy,

I've tried looking at the normal things first before jumping into the paranormal.

I thought of 'heat stroke' (eyes closed, dizziness, etc) but Jubeele pointed out that you picked up the older style cameras with no smart phones, as well as giving you a balloon sword. Details you would have missed if your brain wasn't working 100%.

I also thought that maybe there was something in the ice cream. If you were drugged to the point of seeing clowns, you would not have been able to 'shake it off'.

There may be other real world reasons but I think you have got one foot on the paranormal side my friend. In that area, I'm definitely no expert but I know there are good people on this site that would be able to give you advice.

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