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I used to live in a bigger town, I lived in a mobile home with my family. My mom, dad and brother who is younger then I. Before I had a cell phone which is like 8 years ago, I had a home phone that was cordless. It was very late at night, and usually I would call my bestfriend and we would talk to boys until all hours of the morning until my phone would die.

Well one night my brother says he remembers the home phone ringing and someone jumping out of the shower (which wasn't running at the time) and run down the hallway (which was hardwood floors) with wet feet. They answered the phone and walked back down the hallway to my bedroom. He even heard the person say 'hello?' I guess it sounded like my voice. I always felt something in that house. I remember when I was younger, like way younger I could always see this really really dark shadow standing above me when I would be in bed. I would always get scared and run to my parents room which was across the house. One night I felt like something was watching me and I decided to get my blakents and and pillow and walk down the hall to their room. When I reached the end of the hallway I saw that my parents TV was on in the room. Which was on the dresser and something was walking back and forth by the TV with it all static. I sat there and stared at it for a second and it was pacing back and forth really fast I thought it was my mom but it was a black shadow. And I remember it stopped and looked at me real fast and opened its mouth really really wide and screamed. It was a peircing scream and I ran so fast back to my room where I hid under the bed until school the next morning. As I grew older I never had any more experiences.

My bestfriend moved in next door, and her mom would wake up at like 3:30 in the morning to get ready for work which she worked at 5 am. She would sit in her kitchen which she could see into my living room. She said that she saw my brother standing in front of the TV with static and a black figure running back and forth so fast, faster than a person can move. She said she doesn't know if it noticed she was looking at her because once she really started to fixate on it the figure stopped like it was almost looking at her. She saw my cat start freaking out and hissing at it.

We would stay up late to try to see this thing when I got older. It never happened. One day my bestfriend was over and we were in our room doing our hair and makeup. When my brother started screaming my name into the living room. I bolted out of the room and ran to wehre he was. He was saying that there is something climbig up the wall. He said it looked like a 3 prong fork. I couldn't see it and thought he was dreaming so I kind of calmed him down and left the room. The next day we saw scratches on the wall to where the fork was. Never could figure out what was going on in the house. My mom would claim that there would be pulling at her shirt when she was cooking or washing dishes.

Before I go any further with my stories. I can feel when there is a spirit in a room, or a house. What have you. I can feel if its good or bad. I never can see them full on. I always catch glimpes of them.

We moved to a new town, way smaller then where I was living. We moved into a older rental house before my parents bought their house. I could always feel something in there. The window shades are the ones you would pull down and it would shoot back up. I remember I was laying in bed and trying to get to sleep before school the nexy day. The blinds were always shut. All of a sudden the thing snaps, and right after that one, the one next to it does the same thing. Scared the crap out of me. When I opened my eyes to look by the window it looked like water was like waving in the air, I looked at it and asked what it wanted. It came towards me and went right through me. Like a big gust of air.

Before my daughter was born, my ex husband had a book shelf full of cars. Like the old cars that people collect. I was sleeping alone, as he worked the night shift and every so often cars would fly off and I would notice it in the morning. One night my ex and I had a huge fight and I was crying in bed. When all of a sudden all the cars flew out of the book shelf and on to the ground. But for some reasons I felt so much more calm almost like the anger was taken out of me. I never said anything to anyone besides my mom, who can also feel stuff like me.

I moved out of the house and moved into my own house, I was in the kitchen making food for my brother and daughter when I saw that SAME black figure that I seen when I was younger standing in the dining room. He looked mad at me, but I didn't feel scared. Just shocked that he was there. A few hours later, my ex husband came home from work and was getting out of his work clothes when he saw something behind him in the bedroom and he said it was almost like it was trying to hurt him.

I knew in the house that there was a older man who was upstairs. I think he died in the house but he was nice. Also a young girl in the house. My daughters toys would start to go off and play by themselves. One day when I was leaving for vacation I was just being silly and told the girl I called her Cynthia. That she would need to watch over my house, my daughters toy went off. I said if that is you Cynthia please let me know you will watch over my house for me and make sure that everything is ok. The door opened on her toy. I never felt anything bad with them there. Almost like they were watching over me.

Then again, I moved out of my old house because my ex and I got a divorce. He was very abusive, I almost thought that the black figure was my guardian angel because he was mean to my ex. Anyways. In my new house I see a younger woman in the house every so often. I always hear running upstairs. Nothing bothers me. My current boyfriend is very scared that I can see them. I have told him that there is something in his house but won't go into detail. My daughter sees them also. She always says bye when we are about to go upstairs, she'll wave to the couch. But its ok. As long as she isn't scared.

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njswan7 (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-01)
I guess I've learned to deal with it ha. It used to scare me. But I've never been hurt. Ii don't feel like it's anyone I'm related to. Because the first time I saw it I never knew of anyone passing. It just feels like someone who is there constantly watching over me & especially now since my daughter is old enough to speak she points stuff out all the time. Just yesterday night she was pointing at my dresser and said girl... I couldn't see anything or feel anything. My boyfriend kind of freaked out because he isn't used to it. I try to let him know it's something nice especially since My baby isn't scared.
FollowTheWhiteRabbit (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-01)
Hi njswan7 thank you for the great read!

Kudos to you, there are not many people who'd be able to cope with knowing spirits reside in their home, let alone see them too! I'm really pleased your daughter isn't scared either!

It does sound like you were being watched over whilst in your previous relationship. I've read comments on here before about spirits being attracted to 'bad energy' so to speak - the bad energy being your ex. Do you think this entity could be a relative who's passed? Or someone who wouldn't have wanted you to be in abusive relationship and was making their presence known?

Would love to hear more of your experiences!:)

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