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Our Creepiest Vacation


Me and my friend, had a vacation on Rome, Italy last 2010. We checked in the hotel named, "Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia", it was really fancy and a little bit expensive. We heard rumors about the hotel being haunted, but we don't believe such as ghosts, so we didn't mind it.

Our first night at the hotel was quite unexpected. My friend woke me up in the middle of the night, saying, "Portia, I saw someone standing beside you, he was really creepy."

"Really? I thought you don't believe in ghosts?" I said and continued sleeping.

"I really saw it! Please believe me! Let's get outta here!" she exclaimed while shaking me.

"Maybe its just your imagination, so quit it okay?" I said annoyed and didn't mind her anymore, at that night she kept on waking me up and at the tenth time I was really annoyed.

"SHUT UP! Please sleep, its already irritating" I said and slept. After that she didn't wake me up.

Tomorrow morning, I saw her packing her things. I asked her why she is packing her things, and she told me how she saw a creepy man standing beside me, I told her it was just her imagination. And at last she quit her nonsense.

But later that night, I didn't expect to see that man she was talking about. I woke up maybe 3:00 in the morning, to use the bathroom. While I was washing my hands, I saw a man standing at my back in the mirror. I looked at my back but there was nobody at my back, so I thought it was my imagination.

I returned in bed, but I saw the same man standing maybe a few feet away from me, he was staring at me. I was about to stand up and wake Trina but I couldn't move or even say something, he was staring at me while I was laying in bed frozen. After minutes, I saw him walk to the door, and before I know it, he disappeared. It took me minutes to recover, and rewind the things that just happened.

And finally, I woke up. I saw the time, it was 7:30 A.M. I couldn't believe that it took me hours to recover. I woke Trina and told her everything and she told me that what happened to her is the same.

After that day, we moved on another hotel.

For us, that was the most unforgettable trip we had ever had.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-03)
Hi, Nice story... Want to ask same question as Haunting_Marie13
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-01)
I can understand that being a creepy encounter, however I think he was just curious about you two pretty girls in his room 😆
Haunting_Marie13 (1 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-30)
What did the man you and your friend saw look like?

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