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This is a story I thought I would share with you all. Its not really something I tell too many people about - only if I ever get onto the subject of ghost/paranormal will I share my story. I am somewhat a sceptical even after my experiences when it comes to the paranormal world, although I do believe somewhat in life after death. I feel like there could be possible explanations for most experiences and the mind is a wonderful and powerful thing. But as I said - I feel like I want to share my story with you to see what your opinions are.

So some of the experiences in this story are what I experienced. Others are what I have been told. Basically, back in the 90's when we were all between the ages of 6 - 11 my cousins and I would take it in turns to sleep over at each others houses at weekends. There were 4 of us girls (me included). Sleepovers were always full of excitement as kids and we would try and stay up as late as possible much to my aunties dismay.

Now, my uncle was in the RAF and at this particular time my cousins were living in a Military home in Lyneham, UK which was a military/RAF base. I have a feeling it is closed now and out of operation but it is still there. The house itself was a lovely home, I just remember it being so warm and homely and I loved staying there. I honestly don't know the background of the home or the land it was built on, all I know is it was just a military home I am not sure how old it was etc. Nor are my cousins too sure. My cousins lived in the home for a couple of years back in the 90's

It was a Saturday evening and we were settled into my cousins room for the night. We were watching TV and had some snacks with us. As we were watching the TV I heard my Auntie shout "Anna!" from the bottom of the stairs. My cousin Anna's room was at the top of the stairs and the door was slightly ajar so without hesitation she jumped up and walked out the room. She came back in about a minute later and said she heard mum (my Auntie) call her but when she looked around for her my Auntie was sat in the living room quietly reading her book and said she didn't call her. It clearly sticks in my mind because we all clearly heard Anna's name being called that night.

Whilst I was young whilst staying around my cousins on other occasions we would hear weird noises in the night like the noise of rumbling/commotion outside of our room but when one of us would pluck up the courage to investigate there was nothing there. Things were very weird on one particular morning...

So it was about 9:00am on a Sunday morning. Myself and my cousin Bella were always first awake whilst Anna & Jodie were still asleep. We both crept downstairs giggling as we were planning on stealing Anna's cereal before she woke up. We got to the kitchen and my cousins dog Rufus was sat on the kitchen floor, ears back and growling at the ceiling. Bella called Rufus but he wouldn't snap out of it/whatever he was looking at. She tempted him with his bone from the toy basket but he still was intent on whatever was on the ceiling. Was sat at the kitchen table watching him and he growled louder and louder. He then stood up and began to edge backwards as if something was intimidating him. Myself and Bella left the kitchen we were terrified at the time. He was just barking and growling. I know that for about a week afterwards Rufus avoided the kitchen. My Auntie had to move his feeding bowl from the kitchen corner to out in the hallway as he would refuse to eat in the kitchen.

So I think it may have been a year or two later. My cousins and I were home alone one Saturday afternoon whilst my Auntie was at shopping and my Uncle was away at work. My Auntie asked the neighbour to keep an eye on us and she asked that we left the front door open. It was a summer afternoon so we were in and out playing on the green outside the house so that the neighbour could see us. My cousin Jodie was the youngest and I remember she had a phobia of going to the bathroom alone so she asked Bella to go with her. About 5 minutes later I heard Jodie shouting "No Rufus, stop, what is it?! Let me down!" We rushed into the house. Bella was stood at the bottom of the stairs with Rufus. Rufus was growling and barking, ears back and eyes wide like he was telling something to back off. Jodie was at the top of the stairs and she began to cry because Rufus was going crazy not letting her step down the stairs. After a while my cousin Anna ran to get the neighbour. The neighbour came in and pushed Rufus out the way and rushed up and grabbed Jodie who was now crying. The neighbour asked what happened but Jodie was too upset to talk. Rufus would not leave Jodie's side the rest of the day. At bed time we took it in turns to have a bath/shower. My Auntie stormed into the bedroom... "who has slapped Jodie's back? That was really nasty of you whoever done it!" we looked at each other puzzled. I don't remember seeing it but a few years ago I remember talking to my auntie about old memories & she talked about that day... Jodie had a red, painful hand print on her back and she sobbed every time my auntie washed it with the cloth in the bath that evening. My Auntie had thought it was one of us but she remembers it was a 'large adult' hand print. She remembers being angry with the neighbour thinking she had done it that day but we all know the neighbour done no such thing.

My Uncle sadly passed away a few years later due to illness and my cousins moved out of the home. My Auntie passed away a few years ago but she would always tell us her accounts of things that happened in that house. She said she would get the feeling she was being watched but never made us aware when we were younger that she felt that way.

I guess it is kind of creepy looking back, I guess when you are young you don't feel as creeped out. Things happen and then you forget about it an hour later. I am still sceptical myself but who knows!

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ms_st0308 (6 stories) (66 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-20)
I have a theory about the name-calling, but no real proof to back it up, just my personal opinion. I remember as a teenager hearing my name called by my mom. My sister and cousin heard it too, but of course there was no mom in the house and no one else in the house who would have called my name, just us three girls. My theory is, as teenagers, maybe we are a little more "on edge" because of the changing relationship with our parents and our changing responsibilities. For instance, when I heard my name being called, we were downloading music (which, as we all know, is considered illegal!) and my parents were outside working. So maybe our subconscious was coming into play at that moment, and since I was the oldest of the three, I felt more responsibility for our actions that I knew my mom wouldn't really approve of. We argued about downloading music a lot! Haha And the idea that I was goofing off while they were busy? I'm sure I felt like they were thinking I needed to be helping them. Anyway, just a thought.
Dreamdayz01 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-20)
I reckon most people have this experience of having their name called by someone familiar... And at times other people will hear it too, like in your experience. But later it turns out no body did. It is very strange and I don't know why this is so common.
Very interesting post though.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-19)
I especially loved the part where you were giggling because you were going to steal her cereal, it made me chuckle 😆

Especially in military housing, you never know what sort of energy or people were there before you. Maybe there was someone left behind. Thanks for sharing!

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