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Hawaiian Ghosts In Military Housing


My wife and I spent five years in Hawaii while I served in the armed forces. We lived in the officers' quarters and shared a tenement-style four-plex building with three other military families. The apartments had two stories, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and utility room, living room and dining area. We each also had a covered front and back porch.

We had learned that our apartment was sited over an ancient Hawaiian village and that the area had a history of being a site that Hawaiians had used for centuries.

We lived in our unit for about a year before sharing the strange occurrences happening in our house with our neighbors. Apparently, the other families had also been experiencing paranormal phenomena but we did not share our experiences until one night while we were all gathered on the front lawn talking over some beers. It was then that we learned of the strange experiences involving our neighbors.

As for me and Kathleen, we had the mildest occurrences of them all. These included electrical appliances and lights turning on and off mysteriously and drawers sliding open and close at night. I even experienced a light "slap" on my rump one day as I was lying down to take a nap.

Our next-door neighbors were subjected to weekly visits by a strange force that would often come into their bedroom at night while they were both lying there. It would then "sit" on the edge of the bed next to the headboard. The bed mattress would collapse from the weight as if some invisible person had just sat down.

One day, my neighbor's wife had just cleaned her children's upstairs bedroom by putting away their toys and had gone downstairs when she heard her kids playing around upstairs again. When she went up to scold them for leaving out their toys, she noticed that no one was in the room but the toys had been scattered across the floor again and the fans had all been turned back on. She later learned that her kids were at a friend's house across the neighborhood and had been there all day.

Two doors down, those residents would often hear strange voices. These voices were not audible enough to make out words, but there was enough noise to discern two people having a conversation.

One day my wife and the wife next door were drinking coffee on the front porch. Both could clearly hear talking in the kitchen the next unit down but paid it no mind. Several minutes later, the resident's real wife drove up and walked towards her kitchen door house. Both Kathleen and her neighbor told her that they thought that she was already home because they could hear talking in the kitchen. After convincing my wife that no one had been home for the last three days, she relented and confessed that the disembodied voices had been heard in their home ever since they had moved in. She said that they never threatened her or her husband but that they unnerved her enough that she would not stay in the house alone. Whenever her husband left for a few days, she would always stay with a friend.

The most remarkable occurrence at our place happened on the last day that we stayed in the house. It was as if the paranormal forces in the house were bidding us a last good-bye. Kathleen and I had already shipped our furniture to our next duty station and we were living in a hotel waiting for the Army to out-process me from the post. It is required that before the Army let\'s you go to your next duty station, you have to clean your apartment and pass a housing inspection before the next family moves in.

Kathleen and I secured a load of cleaning equipment and a small step-stool and arrived at our house at three o'clock in the morning. Since the inspection was slated for eight o'clock, we figured that five hours of cleaning would be sufficient for passing the inspection. We brought the step-ladder so that we could clean above all the light fixtures and curtains as the inspectors were notorious for inspecting those places for dust build-up.

When we arrived at the house, our other three neighbors had already left for their next duty stations, and as there were currently no occupants living in the tenement, all of the lights had been turned off as well as the nearby street lamp. After fumbling around in the dark, we were finally able to enter the house and begin our cleaning. I began in the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom. Kathleen moved into the dining room and living room area.

After thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, I called out to Kathleen to inquire if she was finished with the step ladder. I knew she had it, because whenever it was opened or closed, it would make a peculiar "screeching" sound. I could also hear her above me in the bedroom moving the ladder around on the ceiling above as she moved around the room to clean above the fixtures. She called back that she did not have the ladder and that she thought that I had it. I was momentarily perplexed because I heard her calling from the living room. When I went into the living room to investigate, I saw her cleaning the floorboards next to the wall.

"I thought I heard you upstairs cleaning the bedroom," I said.

"No, I haven't been upstairs yet. I'm only just finishing the living room. I was just about to ask you for the step ladder. I thought it was you who was upstairs"

"Who's upstairs, then?" I asked.

She gave me a blank look, so both of us walked upstairs to see who was making the noise. When we got into the bedroom that was just above the downstairs bathroom, we noticed that the light was on and that the step stool was in the middle of the room. Kathleen and I exchanged puzzled stares, shrugged and retrieved the ladder.

We passed the inspection with flying colors. By the way, the upstairs bedroom in which the ladder had been found was the only room that did not have any dust above the fixtures.

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LFrog1386 (1 stories) (73 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-14)
It sure does sound like the spirits liked you and your wife- you even got sexually harassed by one! You lucked out when one considers what your neighbors went through.

Disembodied voices? Someone sitting inches from your head while you're trying to go to sleep? No thanks! And its not like you can just up and move, can you?

I can't imagine going to your superiors and telling them you want a new apartment because yours is haunted. That would go over well!
MrsRamsay (guest)
4 years ago (2020-06-27)
Probably my favorite story of all time, Silverthane, and this is from how many military moves from my childhood through four decades of military quarters. Hawaii especially has a spiritual thing going on, but how many other military couples can relate to your move out prep for that inspection, and how must all of the former inhabitants of your quarters have been able to gather together to assist you guys at the end of what sounds like a fun tour? So many emotions are tied to these historic quarters, and the concept of taking care of each other, perhaps even after death. It wasn't until I started reading on this site that I realized... All those fun times with friends who didn't all live through their entire lives, but killed in action. The comeraderie of fellow soldiers, sailors and Marines through generations... It could almost be made into a movie! And as you're living through it, you're just living LIFE, but later when you look back it gains such a sheen. Maybe difficult to explain to civilians? PS, I'll never forget when my Marine husband taught me how to pull apart our range to clean for inspection... You really get that toothbrush thing going when it comes to moving out! 'Cause you GOTTA GO!
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-26)
Hello Silverthane61,

I believe we do experience the paranormal in the most unexpected situations. However, our human brain always tries to debunk the things we see or hear. There are people who have the logical sense to comprehend the events as paranormal but hesitate to admit it.

I'm quite concerned for your neighbours since they had experienced certain large-scale events as compared to yours, but glad to learn that none of those were malevolent in any case.

I must agree with Biblio on this matter, it does seemed like you and your wife were able to create an impression on the entities there. They definitely cared to help you out with the cleaning.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-25)
Greetings, silverthane.

While the spirits were a source of concern during your residence there, they must have appreciated you and your wife; after all, they pitched in with the cleaning.

Great story.


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