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The Patient


Despite whether or not you are willing to believe, this story is 100% REAL!

Well, it all started 2 weeks ago, while I was getting my spinal fusion back surgery. I was diagnosed with scoliosis a few years back, so the surgery ultimately would be something new, and sort of frightening.

Anyway, after the surgery was done and my daily visitors all went home, I remember taking the Oxycodone the nurses would give to me to numb the dreadful pain. It was time for me to practice my walking, but when the nurse had received a phone call at the front desk, she left me to practice by myself.

Now, I don't know if it was the pain medication, my imagine, or if it was the real deal, but I felt a presence in the room, like someone was there with me. I glanced at the bed behind me and there was a little blonde girl sitting in my spot. She had a hospital gown on just like mine, and couldn't have been more than 10 years old. She was just staring at me, and I her.

Eventually, she spoke in a low voice and said, "You don't have to worry." I thought she had the wrong room, so I looked back at the door which the nurse had left open trying to find her, but when I turned around to tell the little girl to leave, she was already gone. Scariest shiat that ever happen to me! I looked all over the room and I found nothing. I looked outside the hospital room where the hallway and nurses' desk was and nothing. Of course I told the nurse of the little girl, and she said there was no girl and that I should just lay back down.

After I got discharged, I remember having these awful nightmares, and often dreamt about the little girl for about four nights in a row, and then she just vanished from my thoughts entirely.

Now, almost a month later, I am having the dreams again, but good dreams, about the girl, who apparently is named Jenny, is 9 years old, and has had the same procedure that I had on my back, or so she says in my dreams.

Scares me to this day...

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InTheNight (2 stories) (32 posts)
1 year ago (2021-06-19)
What happened in the nightmares you were having? Was the girl in them, or were they different dreams?
karine (6 posts)
3 years ago (2019-02-11)
This is a really scary story. I would like to speak with you further about it.
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-22)
Personally, both Tylenol and Oxy cause me to hallucinate. It may be you hallucinated the whole thing. It may be there was a spirit there who connected with you. Either way, it doesn't sound like she was a threat but more like her presence just scared you a bit. I'd be curious to know more about these nightmares. A child in a hospital hardly seems scary, to me. But I know how the subconscious can come up with scary scenarios.

As for all the symptoms of spirits troubling people that DreamOfMe listed, I suffer from those things on occasion. There are two ways I can fix these symptoms: Drink a ton of water, and in extreme cases, take St. John's Wort.

I used to take Ephedra for my lethargy and apathy, and it worked pretty well. Apparently Ephedra is a useful treatment against something called "lethargic depression", which I am rather susceptible to.

Dehydration undoubtedly contributes to nightmares, which makes sense. Synapses don't fire as well when electrolytes can't be distributed as easily. So I say, before jumping to any conclusions, drink more water.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-22)
Prince Virgo,

Sorry to hear about your scoliosis and glad your surgery has gone smoothly.

Inclined to believe this girl is, as your title suggests, a patient of that hospital. About what she said to you on the first day you saw her "You don't have to worry" I got the impression she was talking about dying and/or what's on the other side.
I'm curious if you had an idea what she may have meant by this? Did you get an impression in that moment or after?

I think it's sweet she's connecting with you in dreams still. She certainly seems like a well meaning ghost.

As for the cause of her death, I may be wrong here, but I think scoliosis surgery is only performed after a certain age. I think 10 is too young. But I could be totally wrong. I had scoliosis and wore a back brace (thankfully mine never required surgery). Anywhoo that was over 15 years ago and perhaps the surgery age has changed since then.

DreamOfMe, I don't get the impression Virgo wants to get rid of the girl and it doesn't sound like she deserves to be rejected either.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-22)
hi, Prince virgo... Neat story... I am agree with H2oily... Thanks for sharing.
DreamOfMe (9 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-19)
Do this -
- buy incense,
- a pluck a flower,
- take a clean water on a bowl and dip any gold thing in that water,

Burn the incense
Take that flower and slowly circle around you body with your one hand.
Say this " spirits who have followed me or giving me troubles, come to this flower in the name of father of all Gods, I will give you this holy water to you. Take this water where it will fulfil your needs and leave me alone forever."

After circling that flower around your body head to toe, put it on the ground and pour that water which gold have been dipped.
And say this last one more " leave me alone and go away now in the name of father of all Gods ".

Note water dip with gold is consider as pure or holy water in some place. You can use holy water if you have.

This is the way to politely ward off spirits from your body.
Signs of spirits troubling you are
- sudden laziness,
- Yawninh most of the time
- body felt heavy
- having lots of nightmare
- sudden lost in interests or mood off.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-19)
It's possible that, the little girl had died in that hospital room, and you saw her ghost. That may be an explaination for that. I'm not sure if oxycodone can cause something like this, it it did then it would probably be a hallucination. Oxycodone has many side affects and if hallucinating is a side affect then it's a rare one, there are many rare side affects for this also. But I don't think it was the drugs if you want my opinion.
WiniPu4 (207 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-19)
I have had many spine surgeries including a double fusion. Plenty of VERY strong medications and never saw anything unexplainable.
Perhaps this experience opened you up spiritually somehow; at least to the little girl.
Sounds like she related to you and may have followed you home.
I wonder if she crossed over or if she is somehow stuck. You could try praying for the light to open up for her and convince her to go into it. It couldn't hurt. It would be better for her to be with those that know and love her.
Kind Regards,
H2olily (5 stories) (157 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-18)
As you mentioned, you were in an altered state of mental awareness due to your pain, the stress and the medication. However, I am sure that what you experienced was very real to you. She was probably a real patient who did not have the same good outcome to her procedure as you did, sadly.

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