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First of all, I would like to thank YGS for accepting my story.

Back in 2003, I worked at a piggery farm somewhere in Bulacan. It's too far from the market and it was very remote (liblib in Tagalog). The pig's houses there were buildings made up of concretes and metal and other stuffs. It contained huge cages of pigs.

Each building had a designated worker... One worker for every building. There are 24 buildings in that farm. And on the 6th building, there's a pond. The first caretakers created this fish pond with crawling plants (kangkong) which love wet places.

Before 6 pm when the light and darkness collided (not too dark not too bright) ... As I walked toward the cage where I work, suddenly I heard a very loud sound. It was like a train coming towards me so I stopped, and looked where the sound came from.

And I noticed that the sound came from the pond, so I decided to check it out without a doubt. I walked silently (just like a ninja) to the pond and the sound continued and it became louder and louder, and before I took the last step, the thing whatever it was, seemed to notice me coming so it stopped.

I watched every corner of the pond if there's something moving or unusual. After a few seconds I continued to walk back, and started to go where I was heading to. But, before I was able to approach the door of the building where I work, I heard another sound and this time its like a humming girl so I look back again where the humming came from and followed it.

I thought my co-worker were just trying to scare me or were playing tricks on me, but I remembered I don't have a female co-worker.

I was really wondering who that might be. I'm was not scared of ghost or anything related to that. So I continued walking silently again just like before and slowly peeked inside the building, but there's nobody in there and I saw it clearly because it's not too dark so you can see it if there is a human being hiding there. All I saw were pigs lying and sleeping. So, I said to my self that may be it was just the snore of the pigs, so I turned my head around and went back to my place.

As I got in, I took a sit to stock of feeds piled in the middle of the hallway of the building. We put it in that place because it was the easier way to feed the pigs. I sat down wondering what was those sounds?

And then again I heard it again but this time it came from the roof... Humming from the roof... WTF... And I felt my hair at the back of my head moving upward and felt goosebumps.

I ran as fast as to the point that I was able to jump over the 6 foot tall grills and landed on the mud and snatched the curtain hanging on the other door of my co-worker (that night he was sleeping and he always sleep while being paid for nothing). So, I came to his place pale skin trembling and he said: " (kala ko visor ka) I thought you were the supervisor, what happened?" he asked.

Then I told him what happened.

But up until now, I really don't have an idea what was those sounds and what really happened on that specific night. I swear until now I'm looking for some answers what was that sounds, hope someone will tell me about it.

Thank guy

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eltimur (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-06)
thanks MitoTakatori, the frog thing I agree with that but the cat nah... It doesn't sounds like animal/s, it sounds like human bro. Humming from the other building to the next one and the other and to the roof? Seriously I have 7 cats in my house they sounds different but not like what I heard before, it follows me where building I go... Hahaha every time I remember that it makes me smile... Thanks again MitoTakatori.
MitoTakatori (49 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-06)
For the humming voice, I assume it was a cat. I have experiences where cats make shrilling, spine tingling sounds. My scariest experience with cat sounds is when it sounded like a wailing woman at my back!

For the train sound in the pond, it ma be a frog. Frogs make a weird sound, especially when they mate.

I don't intend to get out the scare in your story bro, but I seem to find a logical explanation for those.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS.

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